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Said Captured By UK Man
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Researchers at the Cheshire-based British UFO Studies Centre, which recently celebrated its 20th birthday, have been shocked by the emergence of a new and remarkable video film of an anomalous object captured by a Northwich man last on Sunday afternoon, July 9th 2000.
The man saw the strange object in the sky at around 1400 and asked his wife to bring his video camera out so he could try and film the phenomenon. He was able to capture what experts at the British UFO Studies Centre say is the "best ever UFO film". UFO Magazine,Äôs Russ Callaghan saw the footage on 16th July and says that it is ,Äúthe best footage I have ever seen.,Äù
The witness also recorded traffic using his frequency scanner which clearly indicates the presence of civilian passenger aircraft in the immediate vicinity at that time. There is a suggestion that aircraft may have been diverted away from the area. BUFOSC believes that this raises urgent issues relating to air safety.
This sighting was followed on 12th July by a major incident over nearby Stoke-on-Trent, where witnesses report seeing a UFO being ,Äúchased by three aircraft and a Chinook helicopter,Äù. (There are a number of major military exercises currently underway in the UK.)
Eric Morris - BUFOSC Director - and Tim Matthews, well-known author and researcher of mysteries both ancient and modern - have both been amazed by the quality of the images, the clarity of the material and the object itself. Morris notes the incidence of strange phenomena in the South Manchester area and adds that Air Traffic Controllers they have spoken to are aware that, in the past, military test vehicles strayed into civilian airspace.
"The best-known similar case was the so-called ,ÄòManchester Near-Miss,Äô in January 1995 where two airline pilots made an official report to the Civil Aviation Authority about a wedge-shaped object that shot past their plane whilst on approach to Manchester International" said Morris.
But the researchers are not coming to any conclusions yet; they have contacted the Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope, the man who shot to prominence after challenging his employer's official line that UFOs are of "no defence significance." Morris, Matthews and Pope, who is actively assisting BUFOSC with its enquiries, all believe that UFOs are of Extreme Defence Significance.
There does not appear to be a prosaic explanation for the object seen on film - and it is very similar to UFOs captured on film in and around the Nellis Test Range, home to Area 51 in the Nevada Desert.
Although the vast majority of UFO sightings - around 95% - are misidentifications of mundane phenomena, occasionally something like this fires the imagination. Checks with Manchester Air Traffic Control, the MOD and other official bodies are continuing but thus far nobody has been able to shed light on this mystery.
It is, of course, BUFOSC's view that if objects like this are able to appear at will and operate in or near busy and restricted airspace, then somebody must have an answer. Nevertheless, answers are not often forthcoming...
This may become the most famous UFO footage of all time.
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