UFOs And Beams Of
Light Over Argentina
From Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
From "El Eco de Tandil" (newspaper) 5-9-00
Residents report witnessing UFOs over the area
Once again, sightings of strange objects flying over the area have been in the news. Several people claim having seen powerful beams of light last Tuesday whose characteristcs do not match those of any machines known to man.
One of these persons is Hugo Macias,60, who works for La Capital newspaper in Mar del Plata for the past 37 years, and has delivered said newspaper every morning travelling along a circuit made up by that community, Balcarcel and Tandil, giving him perfect knowledge of National Highway 226.
"On Tuesday at 5 am, as always, " he explained, I left the newspaper at the National Gendarmerie at Planta Terrena, which is on the way of Puerta del Abra, heading toward Mar del Plata. I travelled some 6000 meters and suddenly heard a very strange noise approaching me from behind, and I feel myself "contained" within a powerful bright light. I say "contained" because the ligth covered a diameter of 50 meters, and penetrated all sides of my vehicle. It seemed to pierce the rooftop."
How long did this last? "Seconds only, but they appeared to be rather long." Where there any other vehicles on the road? "None whatsoever--during the remainder of the trip I may have passed two other cars. It was a light traffic day." So what happened later?
"Well, I returned to Tandil, discussed the event with a group of friends and with a gentleman who belongs to the Army Command and to whom I deliver the paper every day. When I returned to Mar del Plata, I headed toward the Gendarme Station to see if the duty guard had seen anything that night. But he wasn't there. There was another one who told me that on five or six separate occasions [strange] similar things had been seen. "
But the story doesn't end there--Macias went back to Tandil the next day and found the Army man, who showed him a story appearing in the local evening paper. "On the same day, with half an hour difference, a similar case had been reported over Tandil. But this gentleman from the Army Command also told me that the guards on duty the very same night that I had my experience witnessed a light in the sky, with a very strange shape, which had balanced itself in the heavens and possibly descended behind Cerro Leones."
Is the Army ordered not to broach these subjects? "The Gendarmes don't discuss the matter because things can get complicated. If word of this should reach NASA, there would be disturbances and people looking into the subject." Did they tell you what they believed to have seen? "No. People just say what they saw but don't express opinions about it." Are these objects commonly seen here? "On my way from Tandil I made the comment with Sheriff Lopez of El Dorado (on Route 226), who's knowledgeable about UFOs, and he advised me on why the Gendarmerie avoids getting into the subject because it knows how NASA works: they can send an airplane with six scientists anywhere in the world and carry with them an all terrain vehicle in which they can visit locations in person. Many locals don't like strangers visiting them."
My experience was lovely, because what began as fear, at first, is now the satisfaction of having been contacted by something that researchers in the field would like to have seen and never have, " noted Hugo. "I'm convinced that it wasn't from this world. The power of that beam of light is not a power produced by any luminous source that we may the time I felt nothing at all, physically, but for the past two days I've felt headache, laryngitis and many other symptoms....nothing like this had ever happened to me before, nor did I ever think it could happen to me. I'm just happy for the chance to have lived through a contact experience like this one."
Translation(c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).


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