New Ohio UFO Triangle
Sighting Police Report Acquired
From Kenny Young <>
Fremont, OHIO (Sandusky County)
March 14, 1999 - 11:36 p.m.
Police document, witness interview
Courtesy of Tim Hagemeister, NACOMM, a UFO sighting from Fremont,
Ohio (Sandusky County) was passed along. The report alleged that
UFOs were spotted the previous evening, March 14, 1999.
UFO SIGHTING Fremont, OHIO (Sandusky County) March 14, 1999 - 11:36 p.m. Police document, witness interview
Courtesy of Tim Hagemeister, NACOMM, a UFO sighting from Fremont, Ohio (Sandusky County) was passed along. The report alleged that UFOs were spotted the previous evening, March 14, 1999.
In an attempt to determine if others in the Fremont, Ohio area also reported strange sightings, a phone call was placed to the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office (419-332-2613) at 8:15 a.m. Monday morning, March 15, 1999. Deputy Cunningham handled the call and acknowledged that a previous UFO sighting from last week (from Clyde, Ohio, 6-miles southeast of Fremont) was referred to the NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER.
Details of this report can be found at:
When informed that details of a more recent sighting were sought after, Deputy Cunningham then said, "At 23:36 last night, March 14, a deputy went out to investigate a UFO sighting and did report a strange array of lights in the sky, describing them as being clustered together. The officer observed the cluster of lights and made a detailed police report, and that report was requested for public disclosure.
The call was transferred to Connie, a kind employee of the Records Department. Connie agreed to forward the full report on both sightings. Below is a transcribed version of the "Calls for Service by Agency Type/Incident #" report, which is entitled: "Suspicious flying object:"
--------------POLICE REPORT------------------
Incident #:99001950
Activity: 132
Incident Locn: SW OF 712 CR 126
Township Code: BALL
Grid Code: FRE
Patrol Area: C
Street: CR 126
City: Fremont
State Code: OH
Zip Code: 43420
Shift: 3
Dispatcher: 7253
Response Code: 2
Agency Code: SCSO
Officer Code: 7234
Disp Code: 003
Recvd Date: 03-14-99
Recvd Time: 23:36
Dispatch Date: 03-14-99
Dispatch Time: 23:39
Arrive Date: 03-14-99
Arrive Time: 23:47
Clear Date: 03-14-99
Clear Time: 23:50
Day of Week: 1
The complaintant called dispatch and indicated that he was observing a
strange array of lights in the sky that appeared to be southwest from
his [deleted for privacy purposes] residence. The complainant described
the lights as being clustered together and multi-coplored.
As I responded to the area of the call, I first observed the cluster
of lights as I was on the west end of the bypass. They appeared to
be red, green, white or yellow in color. I continued south on SR 53
and then west on SR 12. The lights did not appear to be getting closer,
so I pulled my cruiser over at the intersection of CR 12 and SR 12, in
order to retrieve my field glasses from the trunk.
I was unable to identify the object through my field glasses. The
lights appeared to illuminating in a steady fashion. I did not observe
any flashing or change in brightness.
The unidentified flying object did not give me any indication that it
was anything else other than an airplane or helicopter. Although the
lights did not appear to be moving at a high rate of speed, the height
and distance from my location made it difficult, if not impossible,
to estimate.
The object did not appear to be posing a threat or acting in any way
that could have been interpreted as hostile. I returned to routine
Deputy Amor
------This concludes the police report dated March 14, 1999--------
The witness, whose name, address and phone number was listed in the
police report [deleted for privacy], was contacted this morning at
9:00 p.m.
While requesting that his name not be used in any report, he went on
to explain that his wife and daughter had also saw the strange lights
as well. The objects, he said, were visible from around 11:30 p.m.
until almost 2:00 a.m.
"They were not stars," the witness assured soundly, "they were
cigar-shaped, oscillating lights. Several of them were sitting way
out to the west of us sitting in a triangular pattern. They were
not airplanes or helicopters.
"One that was closest seemed to have a white light underneath and other
light on top. We did not see any structure, they were too far away, but
we could see that there was some shape to them.
"The most I ever saw at one time was about 5 or 6 of them, most of
the time there were 3 in a triangular pattern. Each individual object
would be visible for a lengthy duration of time, and would move around
in different parts of the sky. One moved to the east. They were not on
the horizon at any point."
When asked again about the possibility that the witness could have
been observing twinkling stars, he stated: "These things were
traveling the wrong way for stars. Stars were disappearing in the west,
the objects we saw traveling in all different directions, some to the
east. In the beginning when they were closest to us we heard a hum."
The daughter, who also came to the phone and discussed the event,
described a quiet, low noise heard while the objects were closest to
their location. The humming sound was not high pitched, but a somewhat
low, steady droning noise.
The objects were still visible at 2:00 a.m. when the family finally
decided to retire to bed, even though they were farther off in the
"I have no idea what this was," the witness said, "I've seen twinkling
stars before, there is no way this was stars. They were cigar shaped
or oblong lights and made a humming sound."
The witness, who does not own a camera, said that he had "the shit"
scared out of his family because of the incident. When asked why they
were alarmed, he said: "We've never seen anything like this before."
The witness contacted the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office, took his
report but did not respond to him otherwise. "They never came out,"
he said.
He also reported the sighting on-line to the on-line UFO report
site NACOMM, directed by Tim Hagemeister [it was due to Hagemeister's
forwarding of this report that began this investigation].
He also tried calling WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE in Dayton, Ohio,
but did not get any answer at their phone number. He also tried to
call the control tower at the Toledo Airport, but could not get
The weather conditions at the time were clear skies with cold
March 15, 1999
Kenny Young
UFO Research