Another Israeli Crop
Formation Found
By Barry Chamish <>
On the afternoon of March 20, a significant crop formation was discovered in the Jezreel Valley village of Betlekhem Hagalili. It was the third formation found in the Jezreel Valley in the past year. The formation was barbell-shaped with two circles of 9 meters diameter joined by a straight line also 9 meters long and 90 cm. wide. Eight hundred meters away an 11 meter diameter circle was found.
The formations were made in a large wheat field and the circles were spun counterclockwise. In classic crop formation fashion, the nodes of the wheat were bent but the stems were not broken. No physical residue was found in the formations. It is not known if the barbell and circle are part of one huge formation or if the circle is a more modest afterthought. Over seventy photos of both were shot by Gil Bar and Shaul Burgman.
Betlekhem HaGalili is located barely a mile from Bet Zarzir, site of the first formation last April 12th. The next formation was created six months later on October 20 in Tel Adashim, some twelve miles distance. Both the timing and locations of the formations might be significant.
The Jezreel Valley boasts numerous important biblical sites including Har Megiddo (Armageddon) where the final battle before Judgement Day is prophesized and Mount Tabor, where Jesus meditated for forty days before beginning his ministry.
The circles were formed in an approximate six month cycle. The first circle was formed on Passover evening last year, the latest was left a week before the beginning of this year's Passover festival.
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