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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #51 12-18-2

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SHARPSVILLE -- On December 8, 2002, I was driving on the Charleston Road at 7:45 PM, with my friend when I saw two definite aircraft hovering in the West. It appeared a beam of light emanated from one of the objects. They disappeared after the beam ceased.  
PITTSBURGH -- The witness and a friend were doing some training for cross country track by running a few miles on this abandoned strip-mine near our houses at 4:00 PM. We were running along on November 19, 2002, when I looked up, and saw an almost elliptical object that came within fifty feet of us. It was right above us and barely made any sound. Then all of the sudden it made this rumbling sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
BALTIMORE -- A 50 year old steelworker reports that on November 19, 2002, around 5:20 AM, he witnessed something that he could not explain. He says, "I was observing the meteor shower, as I was looking up I noticed a large object moving across the night sky from north to south and the object was five times the size of the moon. It had a line of 8 to 10 lights across it, and also had four lights in a circle on the right side. I lost sight of the object as it went overhead. Peter Davenport spoke at length with this witness, and we found him to be quite credible. PD))
CNN announced, "Two Air Force F-16 fighters were scrambled Monday, December 16, 2002, at 10:30 AM, after radar detected a potential violation of the 15-mile restricted flight zone around the nation's capital, said officials with the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Officials speculated either a flock of birds or an anomaly caused by high winds resulted in the radar reading, which indicated a possible flight violation 18 miles northwest of Reagan National Airport. F-16s maintained a combat air patrol over Washington for at least an hour, and air traffic was halted briefly. 
WBAY ABC Channel 2 News in Wisconsin reports that later that night, Two more fighter jets were scrambled on December 17, 2002, to intercept a small plane over the nation's capital. The plane had flown into restricted airspace over Washington, but officials determined it posed no threat and called off the intercept. The plane later landed in Martinsville, West Virginia. Since the nine-eleven attacks, fighters have responded to more than 600 airspace security incidents. Thanks to Kenny Young.
Editor's Note: Bill Bean and others are regularly videotaping unknown flying craft over the area that is likely being picked up by radars. Any radar operator knows the difference between a balloon and a UFO intruder.
LEESBURG -- Alexander Zikas MUFON VA investigator and who has a masters degree in engineering evaluated the reports of UFOs and high paranormal activity and has determined the probably cause is misidentification of the airport traffic, stars, and street lamps. The witness lives on a high hill overlooking the entire area and has double paned windows which can explain the reflective moving lights. As he conducted interviews with the witness she pointed out aircraft strobe lights as possible UFO activity. There had been reflections of moving lights in the windows that again were probably aircraft landing at the nearby Dulles Airport. Videos taken by the witness appear to be unusual lighting patterns on some landing aircraft. The remarkable speed of the objects was likely caused by the zoom-out effect of the camcorder rather than jerking of the camera. The witness claimed the lights were jumping and could not be aircraft lights. The investigator felt the jumping lights were caused by eye fatigue. Her camera batteries mysteriously became drained by the jumping lights. This may have been caused the radar/radio signals from Dulles airport tower that can be seen from the home.
The investigator was able to photograph orbs at the eyewitness' street corner named after the Ball Bluff Battlefield, which is allegedly active for "ghosts". The witness appears to have a heightened awareness of the paranormal and may be witnessing what a lot people are seeing lately, called "Shadow people". The house is situated on a hill that may have been an old settlement for a frontier settler or Indian camp. The family has a history of psychic ability and has recorded very high electrometric biofield readings that are much higher than normal. The daughter had exceptionally high readings and may be picking up various spirits or may be the cause of paranormal activity. Thanks to author of Greek Future, Alexander Zikas
LINCOLNTON -- While watching the Leonid meteor showers , looking straight up there was an area where most of the meteors seemed to be coming from on November 19, 2002. I noticed a satellite moving into this area at 5:40 AM, then there appeared two football shaped objects each with 5 or 6 orange lights traveling north-northwest faster then the satellite, but slower than the meteors. They lasted about 25 seconds. Then the one on the left moved directly behind the other and began moving extremely fast and erratic side to side, forward, and backwards that aircraft could not do. I'm 48 years old and have never seen anything like this. 
GRIFTON -- Jana Clancey of the The Daily Reflector writes, "Creatures from outer space may have been checking on the affairs of Pitt County residents Friday night. Several people from Farmville to the southern tip of Pitt County reported an odd light racing across the night sky. J.K. Butler, a former Grifton volunteer firefighter, was sitting in the old Red and White parking lot about 11 p.m. Friday. He was there with three fire department friends when the sky around them lighted up, coloring everything from the ground to the trees to themselves a strange shade of green and blue. The light passed over them, he said. And when they looked up, it was so blinding they couldn't identify the object. "We all just looked at each other like, 'What in the world was that?'" 
Butler said. "I've never seen anything that color, and it had some good size to it, too, and it was up in the air pretty good", he said. His first thought: the light had come from a UFO. "Maybe it was government-related. If it was, we'll never know," he said. Over the fire-rescue scanners mounted in the volunteers' trucks, calls came in from Ayden and the Pitt County Sheriff's Office. Butler heard patrol cars being dispatched to check for something that had fallen from the sky in the area of Jolly and Abbott Farm roads. Sgt. Marty Burroughs sent three of his deputies to survey for damage, or possibly, a spacecraft between the Ayden Police Department and the two rural roads. They didn't find a thing. Deputies found the houses to be safe and left the area. Snip:
LAGRANGE -- MUFONGA has a source of information from a really sharp, intelligent, and observant female resident whose father is a 33 year veteran airline pilot, and her husband a veteran Marine. This witness indicated that shortly after 6 AM on Monday, December 2, 2002, she went onto her porch to feed her cats. She noticed a stationary blinking light above/through the pine trees across her street, where no blinking light should have been. She observed more closely and found it to be similar to a beacon light and she timed the flashes to about every eight seconds. She added that it appeared to be like a light on top of one of the satellite antennas, but no such array exists in that area. She later described it to her husband who told her of his experience during the same time frame. He arrives at his work location about 6:00 AM, which is about ten miles from home. About 6:25 AM, that morning, he and a couple of his associates were outside and observed some sort of triangular appearing craft silently "zip" across the sky. It was just beginning to get light outside, with only tree outlines visible. The flying triangle had one light in the center and may have been about the size of baseball at arm's length. Thanks to Tom Sheets, State Director MUFONGA
LAKE PANASOFFKEE -- My background first: I am a 20 year AF vet, pilot, and aircraft owner 67 years of age. I have never seen a UFO, although I have been looking for one for a long time. Early this morning, I was out in an open field watching the Leonid meteor showers and about 05:45 AM. I noticed a bright, very high object traveling across the sky. When I noticed the first object it traveled in a straight line ENE across the sky about 80 degrees above the horizon. Since the sun was about to come up I could see the arc of light that the sun made in the eastern sky. It seemed to travel faster than satellites I have seen before. As it reached the upper edge of the arc the sun made it disappear from view. About 5 minutes later another bright object appeared and traveled in the same direction, same speed, and the same altitude as the first. It disappeared from my view in the same area of the sky. All this time I was seeing the meteors as they entered the atmosphere and burned up. The third object appeared in about the same area as the first two about 5 minutes later but traveled more in an easterly direction. I know there is a lot of space junk in orbit so I can't discount that. But I don't think that many satellites would have traveled across the sky that close together in time. It took the objects about 20 seconds to travel the distance that I was able to observe them.
BRADENTON -- My daughter and I had gotten up to watch the Leonid Meteor Shower this morning (November 18, 2002) for her science project and were facing northeast when she saw a star move across the sky. She asked me to look and to my surprise, I also saw what appeared to be a star moving across the sky. It was not a shooting star because it was moving in a horizontal direction. A second star moved towards the first and we noticed several of these star looking objects moving all around. They appeared to stay in pairs. We saw them come to abrupt stops in mid-flight, make right angle turns, doing 360 circles. They made a full circle in their area and would make a 90 degree turn or shoot straight across the sky. They appeared to be "dancing" across the sky in pairs except for the lone "star". My daughter and I woke my husband up and he too came out and saw the phenomena. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
LAKEWOOD -- Around 11:30 PM, on November 27, 2002, an amateur astronomer for the past twenty years was looking and caught sight of the planet Jupiter, rather bright and imposing. It was a rather chilly evening so I decided to leave my telescope indoors and just do some 'eyeball astronomy'. After a couple minutes I suddenly noticed an object midway up in the east moving south. Its appearance was that of broadly V-shaped gossamer contrail, three full moon diameters wide, without any lights or form of illumination. The object continued to move south steadily. I lost sight of it after twenty seconds!
DENVER -- It was a 'v' shaped object with a main set of lights on the front at 1100 PM, on December 13, 2002. I couldn't count them. Possibly about ten. Behind these lights there were several dimmer ones possibly defining more of the object. It looked like there may have been smaller lights around it. It was fairly large and it was moving east to west just above the tree line. I estimate that it was moving at 200mph. It was about 200 yards up and 1/8th of a mile south of me. It didn't make any noise and it completely disappeared. Thanks to <>NUFORC
BELLINGHAM -- On December 8, 2002, the dogs went crazy at about 8:45 PM, with the amazing light display on a cold, but clear night. The witness was standing out side watching my husband chopping fire wood, when all the dogs of Sudden Valley started howling. I heard a strange loud eerie hum that went low to high then back to low. I asked my husband what was that and we heard it one more time. My husband yelled, "That's what made the noise!" There was a flash of lights circling a ship that was standing motionless a 1000 feet above us. Then it began to move and the lights on this object flashed different colors. A red light that made the shape of circle seem to come from the top of the ship cascading down to the base of the ship showing the true size. It was Huge! Then once the red circle reached the base of the center of the bottom of the ship four lines on each side of the circle in the center of the ship went from the center to the outer part of the ship four on each side. The lines of light went from the center to the outside then lights completed a circle of the outside of the ship.. It was an amazing display of a light show that kept repeating the pattern of lights. It was flying south then in seconds it was going west like the shape of an L.directly down our street. I ran down the road too keep it in sight. I saw the side view and it was the shape of a huge top hat with a circular base that was at least 200 feet in diameter. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
HAYWARD -- It was about 4 PM, when the witness saw what looked like a planet or star, but it didn't shine like one. On November 19, 2002, he ran into the house and grabbed his binoculars (12x50) and saw an object about the size of a dime at arm's length. It was "egg shaped" like Billy D said, that had a strange black "scaffolding" structure behind it. The object was pale yellow and was seen for ten minutes. A flash of light appeared below it. An orb like object streaked to the left at an incredible speed, and at arm's length it appeared to be the size of a dime. I was surprised and moved trying to show Billy D as the object streaked away and headed out over the bay. A minute later an object flew over head leaving a huge loom of chemtrail almost in the same spot the UFO was hovering! Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
PACIFIC OCEAN -- A couple was on board their yacht, about 60 miles west of Acapulco on November 23, 2002, when they saw a soundless flashing object cross the sky in five seconds, moving ENE to WSW at 9:09 PM. The object was intermittently flashing a bright white light. My wife thinks it was very high up; if so, its speed must have been enormous. The object may have had more than one light flashing. 
CARACAS -- On November 22, 2002, I received a phone call from Zuly Suju reporting a sighting at about 7.40 PM, in nearby Santa Mónica. The object was spherical and about 40 meters in diameter and its lights were rotating in slow motion, but very intense. The object was hovering and with improving the vision, she noticed that it moved very slowly to the east/west zone. The next day, when having breakfast at the Encuentro Iberoamericano de Redluz. Miranda told me that an object was also sighted there at about the same time, about 85 km from the former location. Then a couple Romayra y Reinaldo León, just arriving from Caracas said that they live at the west side of the city and they noticed the object at about 7.35 PM. Thanks to Martha Rosenthal
SWADLINCOTE DERBYSHIRE -- Whilst driving along a country road from to Swadlincote, I was aware of a very intense flashing above my car. I pulled over and both myself and my girlfriend looked up in amazement as three objects flashed at a slow rate and moved faster than I had ever seen. at first we thought that they could be fireworks but they started making a whirring noise not dissimilar to an electricity substation.
CONGERSTONE -- On December 12, 2002,the sky was bright over the fields we could see the northern lights at 10:56 PM. To our right hovering stationary for 5 to10 minutes just above trees, we saw a shining a bright light. It was very difficult to see any shape, because the light was so bright. Then it rose slowly and gracefully into the air a few meters away and came overhead, very low and very quietly, gliding above us and disappeared out of view. We ran outside to watch as it went over with its colored blue, red yellow and white lights that were fairly dim now. We think it was a Diamond shape and a second craft followed its path, but this had a more familiar shape.
POLICE FORCES ON UFO ALERT -- European police appear to have a new interest in UFO reports with a possible connection to combating terrorism. Reports of UFOs are rising during the holidays that is normally a slow period.
HALLS GAP (NEAR MELBOURNE) -- The witness was sitting on the back balcony of the Hall's Gap Tavern after a day seeing the sites. He had just taken a picture of a commercial jet traveling west towards Perth simply because he liked the look of the vapor trail at 2:56 PM on November 16, 2002. He spotted what he thought was a white feather or possibly a thistle down floating in the in the air 20 degrees above the horizon. The quite odd thing about this object was that it wasn't floating about aimlessly like a wind born object, it was going dead straight from west to east across the sky. It was difficult to focus on because it was a fair distance away. I stared at it for a few seconds before realizing that I'd better take a picture. I moved out onto the lawn I took one photograph despite the size and distance. As I stared at it longer it diminished in size and eventually stopped eastward movement. I realized that it was a light metallic colored sphere heading directly upward from my position. Its movement was possibly an arc from the point I first observed the object to the point that it disappeared from view directly above me. It made no noise. Left no trail. It appeared to be round in shape with no wings. No man made object I've ever seen can move like this thing did. It took 20 seconds to traverse to a 90 degree position directly above me at an estimated speed of 6,000.
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UFOs continue to be sighted in unusually large numbers indicating the world is under scrutiny by watchers, guardians, tricksters, angels, extraterrestrials, or who ever they are. My research has indicated there are various groups of aliens with different intentions, their motivations may be very different and they often appear to be fighting one another. Most religions of the world agree in the concept of Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness, good angels and evil ones, good aliens and bad. It is my opinion the ancient writings give us an excellent understanding of our visitors. Their visits have often been interpreted in religious terms, but the data is essentially truthful and often the best we have.
Perhaps it would be useful at this time of year to step back and look at our world through alien eyes. It is quite possible that our wars and crime are considered a serious threat to other life forms. A case can be made that they sent messengers to help establish a peaceful humanity by providing a moral code to live by that has its basis in the Ten Commandments, that we should love one another. The foundations of western culture are both Judaism and Christianity while Islam is prominent in many other parts of the world. Islam believes in essentially the same Ten Commandments and all the great prophets of Judaism and Christianity. Islam honor's Christ, as second only to the Prophet Mohammed himself.
During the last decade the world has changed a great deal as the West triumphed in the Cold War and Communist countries changed their governments and scientific atheism was essentially defeated by Christian cultures. Most Communist countries are now allowing freedom of religion. China and Cuba remain Communist, but are changing as well. The very foundations of the Roman Catholic Church are being cleansed with the removal of many priests and bishops. A war is likely to occur in Iraq and the threat from nuclear biological or chemical terrorism grows. The US and Russia are building a space station and our satellites are being sent out to Mars and other planets. A joint Russo -Ukrainian space agency will launch a series of spacecraft for the Moon's exploration and landings next year. China is ready to launch men into space. Heavy fighting continues in Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine and various other hot spots. Pakistan and India have set off nuclear weapons. Terrorists are blowing up buildings and killing people around the world. Many cities around the world even without the threat of terror are dangerous to live in due to the high crime, drugs and shootings.
Anyone watching Earth, could easily come to the conclusion Earth is a very dangerous place and humans should not be allowed to venture into the Cosmos. To some extent we are involved in a religious war. Certain elements claiming to be strong Islamic Fundamentalists have chosen to declare a Holy War against Christian countries using terrorism. They point to western aggression and the Crusades as evidence of western aggression with more recent attacks on Iraq and Palestine.
According to the Bible which is the foundation of Western Culture angelic messengers were sent to provide humans with a morale code that would allow us to live peacefully in the Cosmos. The Ten Commandments and other religious teachings all provide laws that if followed would allow humankind to join the other intelligent civilizations in the universe. The Bible provides some amazing concepts of a world view. The God of the Bible is the God of the Cosmos located in the Andromeda Galaxy, Creator, and supreme ruler of the heavens and the Earth. The Bible, Torah and Koran informs us messengers or angels have been sent on a regular basis to provide us with teachings. No where in the Bible is life, limited to this Earth, in fact it speaks of cities, armies, animals, houses, horses, and the like in heaven. It strongly implies there is extraterrestrial life in the Cosmos. Hebrews 1 states, "God who at sundry times and in divers manners spoke in times past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds." 
If intelligent life was found today on Mars, people could simply dust off their Bible and point out many passages, that clearly point to extraterrestrial visits such as the wheel like spaceship that landed near Ezekiel. In some cases we may have to go back to the original Greek meaning of words because throughout the Bible the Greek word Kosmos has been changed to world during translation. Kosmos means the Cosmos or universe just like it does today and is used 169 times in the Bible. It is obvious that the watchers are aware of the threat we present to the Cosmos. 
We celebrate Christmas because, "For God so loved the world (Cosmos) that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16) Jesus last words were "Go into all the world (Cosmos) and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere." After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. (Mark 16:15&19) The Great Commission of Christianity is not only to spread the gospel throughout the world, but to spread the gospel throughout the Cosmos. Does our Christian President have a plan to fulfill prophecy of the Bible? My hope is that there can be peace on Earth. Then this Biblical mission can be carried out. The final promise of the Bible is: "And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory."
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Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. James 1:17
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
George A. Filer


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