How Sophisticated Crop Formations
Might Be Hoaxed

From Steele Studios

I was looking at a picture of one of the latest crop circles and then it occured to me how much more intricate the designs are getting. Having said that, I came up with a theory of my own. :-)
I thought, 'How could someone possibly produce such an intricate formation?" (And I am sure I am not alone in notcing how much more complex they are getting.)
Well, I am in the GIS field (Geographic Information Systems) and as such I am exposed to some of the technology used in mapping our globe. Well, maybe not the globe, but I am involved in a small part of the globe.
Ever heard of GPS? :-)
Of course you have! Who hasn't?
Anyway, as a GIS person and a CAD Draftsman, I know that it is theoretically possible to design a very intricate pattern, design or what have you (even a digitized and vectorized human face) in a CAD program and transfer/ superimpose the design from the CAD world into a Geographic Application with an accurate map for future transposition into the physical world by way of GPS technology.
One would have to place the design and identify/ define geographic points of reference to the real world in order to accurately reproduce a real world scaled version of the CAD design by way of GPS technology using georeferenced graphics. Georeferenced graphics would be graphics that are linked to known real world coordinates.
I am sure that you know that GPS data comes in several levels of accuracy. The small pocket sized units don't give the accuracy level and lack the functionality to be of much use for such a task.
So, in my estimation, using both GIS and GPS technology, one could theoretically pull off a very intricate design scam and wow a lot of people that are not familiar with the technology and it's capabilities.
Not a bad theory huh?
GPS technology is becoming so advanced all the time and I do know that the accuracy of GPS in terms of placement and location of existing and new entities (including virtual node points on a man made design or graphic of Mickey Mouse or even Jeff Rense) is totally possible.
Once all the ground work was done (on the computer that is), and a location selected. One would merely have to walk the route at the chosen physical location following the GPS hand held device and flatten the crop as you go. You would not need anything more in terms of rope or survey equipment to accomplish the task, and you could complete a very intricate pattern in record time.
Essentially you would be tracing out a giant template or stencil of the design and the GPS hand held unit would be your guide and you wouldn't even have to lift your head up until you were done.
I would love to try this out to prove that it is possible, but I do not currently have access to the hardware to do it. Perhaps someone out there in Cyberspace can test my theory for me. :-)
Now don't get me wrong Jeff, I definately believe that we are NOT alone in this unuverse. In fact I totally believe that this Galaxy is literally crawling with intelligent civilizations. I just do not really see a point to Aliens drawing pictures in our crops to get our attention or to gradually desensize the human race t the possibility of the existence of Aliens with superior technology.
I don't see a point in a species having a prime directive. Especially if the Aliens are kind, benevolent creatures. If they were hostile and malevolent beings, then I'm sure we wouldn't be having this conversation. We'd all be enslaved or worse.
Derek Steele


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