Parade Magazine's 'Ask
Marilyn' ET Comments

Dear Friends,
This morning's Sunday paper Parade Magazine featured a question to columnist "Marilyn" asking if ETs were visiting Earth. She dismissed the question with this answer:
"I think it is likely that other forms of life -- intelligent or not -- exist elsewhere in the universe. After all, the cosmos is vast and varied and utterly unexplored. But I doubt that Earth has ever been visited by outsiders, because I've heard no credible evidence to suggest such a thing, and we know our planet and its history very well. Anecdotes abound, but they're more amusing than plausible. Consider the example of 'crop circles': If aliens were smart enough to build a spaceship to travel here, why would they spend their time stamping patterns in wheat fields?"
I just published an article in UFO Magzine in the current Feb/March issue called "Tim Coleman: Media Censorship of UFO News" and this Parade thingis very upsetting to me. If it has upset you please consider taking a minute to respond to her column by e-mailing her at:

Hmmm...let's try an Ask 'Mensa Marilyn' Quiz:
Mensa Marilyn is:
a. so arrogant, elitist, and taken with her own 'IQ' she can't stomach the possibility of other intelligent species which might make her 'gift' comparatively look like those of a slug
b. obviously doing a little disinformation service (voluntarily or otherwise)
c. demonstrating she has been 'turned' like Carl Sagan appears to have been early in his public life
d. revealing yet again that wisdom and intelligence aren't necessarily bedfellows
e. showing she has never read or seriously studied the mountain of visual and written evidence of ET visitation throughout recorded history
f. utterly unacquainted with the over 6,000 solid, physical, evidential UFO 'trace cases' in the Ted Phillips/Hyneck UFO landing files
g. ignorant of Peter Davenport and the thousands of eyewitness archives at the National UFO Reporting Center
h. equally as ignorant of the Mutual UFO Network's nearly 40 years of extraordinary UFO investigations i. unaware of the compelling work of the National Institute for Discovery Sciences
j. dismissing, out of hand, every single UFO sighting (countless millions) throughout history as being 'mistakes'
k. ignorant of the solidly documented UFO/ET/crop circle scientific strangeness documented by the BLT research team
l. devoid of any knowledge of the work of people like Stanton Friedman and countless other blue chip
researchers who have spent the majority of their lives documenting visitation m. a charter member of Stan's 'Don't Bother Me With The Facts - My Mind Is Made Up' club
n. afraid of the truth
o. all of the above

Dear Marilyn,
While I respect your right to believe that it is unlikely that extra-terrestrials have visited earth, I must take issue with your statement that "we know our planet and its history very well".
1/ It has over the last few years become apparent to astronomers that organic compounds are synthesised inside interstellar gas clouds. This means that these compounds did not have to slowly build up over millions of years of earth's pre-history before life could evolve. This revelation throws our previous "knowledge" of the history of life on this planet out by a billion years or more (and incidentally increases the statistical likelihood of life evolving in other systems by orders of magnitude).
2/ Recent discoveries support this by indicating that life was actually present on earth hundreds of millions of years before scientists had previously believed possible.
3/ Geological evidence points to hundreds of reversals of the earth's magnetic poles having occurred over the last few million years. These events remain unexplained by the scientists who you believe know the earths history so "well". The only theory which adequately explains these (and which although supported by Albert Einstein has been ignored by mainstream science) has vast and profound implications for life on Earth. This is Earth's Crust Displacement Theory.
These are just the first three examples to spring to mind of how imperfect our understanding of Earth's history is.
If you believe that we understand earth's history well because it makes you feel happy and secure, fine you have the right to do so. If, on the other hand you were genuinely interested in finding the answers to riddles such as why the earths poles have reversed so frequently, why there are frozen Rhino in Siberia, why there are petrified forests in Antarctica, why geologists say the pyramids are 10,000 years older than Egyptologists can accept and why every culture on earth has a Noah myth.... I strongly recommend that you read Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock.... and find out just how flawed our accepted "knowledge" of Earths history has been (and remains).
Tim Woodill
Computer Engineer
Wellington New Zealand

I sent this to Marilyn with the big brain. I hope she likes it.
Dear Marilyn:
In regards to your story in Parade magazine (see below) concerning aliens visiting earth, it is painfully obvious how closed minded you are and uneducated you are concerning extraterrestrial life forms.
Having a high IQ can sometimes make a person less inclined to have an open mind concerning unsubstantiated theories or events. The scientific mind seems to believe that what has been proven scientifically is all there is. I will call this the Omega syndrome. The scientific mind seems also to become a slave to their over inflated knowledge in their belief systems. This without doubt is egocentric behavior very likely combined with a low belief in spiritual thought.
If you had lived during past civilizations, I have a hunch you would have advocated the world was flat or possible stood by while Copernicus was burned at the stake for his outlandish discovery that the earth orbited the sun.
For your own advancement and continued education I urge you to visit some alternative websites such as or In your search you will find many more. Hopefully.
In your position you have a responsibility to your young readers to explore events that you may not personally believe in. I'm sure you will continue to grow and change your thinking in your mind opening exploration of uncharted territory. I have a hard time believing that you could think otherwise and that you know everything there is to know.
If so simply change your column name from "Ask Marilyn" to "Ask God".
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