Black Spheres, Odd-Shaped
Objects In Contrails,
Disappearing Craft
From Brenda Livingston
Living-Tracer Enterprises

Hi Jeff,
Sending along the Tracer Report -- a compilation of reports sent in to Living-Tracers Enterprises covering topics ranging from strange objects in or near persistent contrails to disappearing/transforming craft.
I am discovering more each day about a pattern of interaction between specific objects and persistent contrails and clouds.
Mystery Object Corkscrewing Through Persistent Contrail
In From David Major
Place - Daylesford, Victoria, Australia Date -17 August 2000 Time - approx 3pm
I wish I'd had a camera on me. I found an image on your site that is so exactly like what I saw that it could easily be a photograph of it. It is identical in shape, and scale in comparison to the trail.
I saw it clearly for perhaps a minute. It blinked in and out of sight several times during that time. It was as though it was moving along the length of the chemtrail, describing a circular path as it went, so that the end result was a corkscrew type motion. During half the of the circle, it was visible, and during the other half it was invisible. It was as though it was periodically going behind something.
It must have been pretty big: the trail was made by a plane that was so high up it wasn't even visible as a dot. This thing was maybe a quarter or a fifth of the width of the trail, which was already dissipating. It must have been humungous!
Yesterday I bought a pair of 16x binoculars, so on the next spray day, I'll be out there looking.
========== Disappearing Aircraft -- Appearing Sphere -- Two Witnesses
In From Doug McGinnis, Salisaw, Texas - August 2000
I have been photographing contrails begining in July of 1999 in the Ft.Worth(Westpoint)/Saginaw,Texas area and I have both seen and photographed sphere type, star type and an ovaltype objects.
I would like to inform you of this most recent sighting; On 8-3-2000 at work in Saginaw,Texas at 6:15 noticed a contrail elongating within a cloud in the eastern sky, then saw a silver 747 type jet emerge going straight up in a westward direction emiting a staggered line contrail. I walked into our breakroom for no more that 2 minutes. I returned to view the jet but it had vanished! I than observed a small white ball in the sky hovering near where the jet had been. I pointed it out to another co-worker who also witneessed the sphere. It moved very slow to the west, where after about 5 minutes it disappeared.
Sphere Report 2 - Three Witnesses - Same Location - A Week Later
Today, 8-11-2000, while at work in Saginaw (name deleted), at around 6:00 pm, myself and 2 other co-workers noticed a white ball in the same place in the sky that we saw last week! It just hovered there with just a little westward movement! But today the sky was relatively clear. I don't think it is "just a balloon". It was the same height as before, maybe around 5000 ft. This is getting weird!
PC/Orb Sightings In CA - Experimental Cloaking Projects In Japan?
I am grateful to you and your fellow workers in displaying the concern for the safety of our citizens. Your webpage is a tremendous effort that conveys the story through photos very well indeed. I too have watched these orbs, chemtrails and invisible tankers over greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. I have a pair of 20 x 80 binoculars [true gun boats] on a tripod and have seen plenty.
I have taken pics of single UFO's the day after a chemtrail spray day hovering in the exact location as do the orbs or UFO's seen in your fabulous photos on Thats right...the following day. It moved much slower than a common Cessna aircraft [15 mph.] with a steady course...appeared an elongated rectangle with no wings. Its outer hull shape was constantly changing form and densities of light. First a soft rose/pink ...them into a black...then to invisible. It was not a C-135 tanker but was approximately the same length.
I have also included some of my research photos of what I believe to be a Japanese military experimental program which appears, after viewing the photos, of an ongoing "Invisiblity/Cloaking/Holographic" program. The photos speak for themselves. Note the bizarre arrays of exotic antennas, the helicopter, and the so-called "rods" in these photos over rooftops, civic centers and countrysides of Japan. Some are in downtown Tokyo. After viewing these photos I see many similarities between "rods" and chemtrails, misty orbs, and UFO's. I have speculated and this is possible, that the Japanese military has been either conducting it's own "Invisibility" programs....or is developing some of this experimental tech for the US military ...perhaps for some time. Then again it was asked on the webpage "Who"? or "What"? are we hiding from. It could be a combinatin of two things. Japan may be highly inclined to hide from China. Perhaps the USA is getting ready to hide from other adversaries or unfreindly nations with bad intentions.
As for alien ufos .....I can only refer to the old TV Series "The Invaders" where Michael Renee depicts the Illuminist alien leader and... has a meeting with NORAD and NATO to explain their atmospheric test of the release of AR-5 anti-radiation agent was to be released into our atmosphere to save humanity from all our H-bomb test fallout. In the end it proves out our hero, David Vincent, discovers it is a plan to actually alter our atmosphere so the aliens can live here among humans without discomfort.
Thanks To Jack Petersen (Living-Tracer Enterprises)
Aussie UFO Researcher: Why Over Populated Areas?
"I have just finished reading information on you web pages, very interesting to say the least, scary infact, I am looking into this subject very seriously inconjuntion with other ufo researchers here in Australia. I have a question that I can't explain (actually there are lots), why are these Contrails - Chemtrails being conducted over high population areas?
One would expect if it were for some secret reason that "they" would conduct these operations over the middle of the Atlantic ocean or other scarcely inhabited areas.So it would seem that maybe 1. we are supposed to see what is going on 2. we are being inoculated/poisoned ? 3/ they don't care what we think and are conducting these operations were ever they choose. 4/ if they are breeding some thing -- see my initial question.
We reportedly have had spraying's over Adelaide here in South Australia on the August 3rd this year, two planes were pumping out this stuff over 2 days, I am awaiting confirmation on this, also Adelaide experienced it's first such Chemtrail 2 years ago... Thanks To Peter Johnson Australian UFO Research Network South Australian division AUFORN S.A. (Living-Tracer Enterprises)
"Winking Out" UFO Over Canada Military Base
As early as 1972 - 1974, summer, around 6PM, while in military, we were driving from Belleville, Ontario (Canada) towards Trenton, where our base is. About 3 miles from Trenton, we suddenly saw a very large golden globe, actually looking like a mini-sun in appearance, approaching in sky, from our right, continuing on diagonal path in front of us and flying over CFB Trenton. As it approached Trenton base, it winked out 3 times in rapid succession, totally disappearing. We were amazed by its speed, shape and oddity, whatever it was, and both of us, having military experience at an operational flying base, could not begin to fathom what it might have been.
The following morning at my office, I mentioned this and discovered Sergeant B., who lived on the far side of the base, in Frankfurt, had seen this thing approaching her house as they sat outside on their patio. She said it had winked off and on three times, then remained on, as a round golden globe, flying over their house. She could not begin to explain what it might have been either.
I reported this to our Air Traffic Control but received no response.
Can't tell you much more than that, but I wanted to add my report simply because this happened between 1972 - 1974, so this "blinking out" technology has been around for quite a while. B. Lauzon I don't have the answers. My skill is in finding them. ....P. L. (Living-Tracer Enterprises)
Noisy "Bird-Like" Craft Witnessed In NH
For the past few years, we here in Mt Washington Valley, NH, have been exposed to a strange type of craft. It always comes when it's cloudy and very overcast. What is exceptional about this craft is it's constant roaring engine/s. I once described it in the local paper as 6 Harrier Jets, just hovering over the valley. Then got confirmation from other locals on the other side of the valley. Many blamed it on "snow guns" until it happened in the middle of the summer.
Today, 11/28/00 in the afternoon, I was working on the computer when my dog Molli started barking. I listened and then heard the engine. She knew this sound would get me outside. I went to the back porch and looked up to the clouded sky. This time I heard something else for the first time. The sound of a turbine, revving up, right along with the constant jet sound. I wanted to get my camera which was only 5 feet away but also didn't want to miss something, like the craft coming out of the clouds.
Standing there, trying to follow it by ear, I heard it leaving. As I followed it, I saw a break in the clouds and what looked like a prehistoric bird, wings cupped below it, in a glide mode. I then realized this was the craft as it did not change wing set or course. It was very high up and I could not get a good look but what I did see was strange as hell.
Not much doubt it was "ours" but not yet time to show us.
Follow-up Report
It was above the clouds and I saw no chemtrail. Color was a little darker grey than the clouds. I was amazed to read this digest today. When I first saw this object *I THOUGHT IT WAS A SEA GULL*! SHMG. Then I realized that I was in the middle of NH. I have lived most of my life on the Atlantic and know a sea gull when I see one. Then I saw the wings had a "curl under" on each end. It wasn't until it went back into the clouds that I realized it was the craft that made the noise. Some one asked me to sketch it and I may try. I called it a prehistoric bird as that was my last impression.
Now reading these posts just gave me another (U heard it here first) thought. Perhaps the noise of the engines is fake, used to throw us off and to make us think its our technology. The revving turbine, a nice touch. Like the indians wearing a buffalo hide to sneak up on the herd.
Thanks to Phil Marie Sr. (Living-Tracer Enterprises)
Santa Barbara "Seagull" Craft Tracking Contrail
My wife and I are residents of Phoenix, AZ. We may be at "ground zero" for Chem/Con trail activity. Many others would be able to make that claim for their areas, sadly. We visited my daughter in Santa Barbara, CA last Thanksgiving. The sky over Phoenix was relatively free of trails the day we left. We kept a careful eye on the sky while going through AZ and CA. There was zero activity all through the drive to my daughter's home until we reached Ventura, CA, when we could begin to see trails forming to the North over Santa Barbara. We stayed there for three days and watched PC activity everyday.
About 10 AM, day after Thanksgiving, myself, wife, daughter and her boyfriend were watching trails form from the North to the South in neat straight parallel lines. The aircraft were the typical gray KC-135s. While observing one of them, I thought I saw a sea gull following a new trail being laid down. Nothing unusual about sea gulls in Santa Barbara. Then, while observing another new trail starting, I again noted what seemed to be another sea gull following it. That captured my attention and I grabbed a pair of binoculars and tracked the "bird".
All 4 of us saw this and we all agreed that the gull was not very "gull like". It was white but, displayed NO wing movement. It was absolutely rigid and remained quite close to the PC, following the track and speed perfectly, of the aircraft producing the trail. All of this is un-remarkable really, except that others seem to be observing similar "unknowns" in and near PCs. By the way, my daughter's boy friend works for a defense contractor and is building highly secret remote sensing devises. Syncronisity here?
In Phoenix, I see and photograph many un-expainable images during our super PC saturated skies and have recently started to run a video cam pointed at the sky near the edge of the roof. Good grief...try it and play the tape frame by frame. It is a mind blower.
Thanks To Sid Pennington (Living-Tracer Enterprises)
Note: Might these bird-like objects be similar to those photographed by myself & Doug McGinnis in Texas skies? (see & Or Phil Marie Sr.'s sighting above?
================= Black Spheres In Texas Skies & Monster Contrails
On Thursday (Jan. 4, 2001 ) afternoon at work in Saginaw a co-worker and I stepped outside about 5:00 and we were stateing how the sky has been very clear over the last few days when we both noticed in the western sky a round black object which seemed to be floatlng slowly overhead, coming towards us. It was about half the size of a thumbtack held out at arms length.It then started easing towards the northeast and appeared to shine like a star or something reflecting light and seemed to shrink in size at times. Then it would appear round and black again. This occured for about 4 to 5 minutes, then it was gone.
Also. just 2 weeks ago, 3 of us saw a round object while strange circular type contrails were being made. This time I managed to take a picture of it!, which I am sending very soon, along with some pics of some MONSTER SIZE contrails, these are the longest ones I've ever witnessed!
Thanks To Doug McGinnis, Saginaw, Texas (Living-Tracer Enterprises)
==================== UFO Sighted With Smoky Contrail
[B]eing a stained glass artisan, I usually take the time to notice every detail of something that intregues me, just in case I decide to use it for a future stained glass window........such was the case when our family sighted a ufo four years ago. We were traveling at night, following a friends car, to northeastern Wa. Somewhere near Moses Lake area we spotted a ufo in the sky. There were whitish/grey clouds all around, but the ufo had protruded out of a black cloud, which looked like a fluffy rain cloud. It was disc shaped, and the silver texture was rather crinkley, like wadded up tinfoil, .........boy, this texture is hard to explain! I wanted to do a stained glass piece about this sighting, and it actually took me two years to find silver glass that even remotely matched the texture I was trying to achieve.......... It had and also had a row of colored, strobing lights, completely around the circumfrance of the craft, which not only strobed, but were set to strobe in a sequence almost like Christmas lights can do......the colored lights were red, green, white, red, green, white,etc...........while we were taking all this in, the craft itself, shot out of the blackish cloud, and as it did so, it emitted a trail of blackish smoke (or whatever) which was very pronounced. It then proceeded to zig-zag up and down and sideways, in a manner that definately told us it was high tech, then took off (and up) at an angle and then straight down, giving us all a bedazzling show........ it was very awsome in a way, because while it maneuvered about, the color in the strobing lights were being picked up as a reflection in the ( contrails /smoke being emmited by the craft)........the bottom of the craft had lights on it also..........plain lights like what regular lightbulbs give off. After it maneuvered about for awhile......... it took off so fast, that the colored reflections of the lights in the contrails it emitted turned from red to pink, and there was a mixture of bluish,green yellow too. we were all somewhat in awe, and stopped at the next gas exit, and exchanged ideas of our sighting with the people we were following ......... what we thought was 15 minutes at that stop turned out to be 2 hours............ Ellie Christian
Sine Wave Contrail Over New Hampshire
Yesterday, 9/23/00 I had company from CT up and here in central NH the leaves have turned (early season) and thought it was a great day for a country ride. Decided to circumnavigate MT Washington. This took us from N. Conway to Twin MT, to Gorham then back to NC. My visitors were well aware of chemtrails and it was a banner CT day. From the start we saw row after row being laid down. It was a beautiful clear blue sky day so they really stood out. But ho hum, what else is new?
Eventually we found ourselves on the north side of MT Washington and heavy trails in the sky. Looking to the north I was taken back but a surrealistic sight. There in the sky was a sine wave with chemtrail making the center straight line. I thought, what the hell, am I losing my mind? I slowed down and in just a few seconds the wave part dissolved but not the straight line chemtrail..
Then I saw what looked like MacDonald arches form and rapidly disappear. I pulled over and stared, digi camera at the ready. But like my bear encounter, totally consumed by the event and the camera not really on my mind.
Next my friends and I were witness to something that blew our minds. This fast single engine jet started out at a low altitude and shot *straight up into a small puffy cloud, did a u turn and shot straight *down* in a dive that looked like it could only end in a crash. Within seconds the contrail (not chemtrail) disappeared. What a hair raiser!
Thanks to Phil Marie Sr. (Living-Tracer Enterprises)
Note: For more mysterious wave-form PCs
See Snake-Like PCs at
Living-Tracer Enterprises
"Tracers"--a project of Living-Tracer Enterprises--has a search and discovery missionto explore and investigate possible links between unidentified aerial objects and persistent contrails.
One central "key" to unraveling the contrail mystery and revealing hidden human and UFO technologies may lie in the understanding of these enigmatic aerial objects and their inter-action with persistent contrails, clouds and the atmosphere. Searching for "traces" in the atmosphere, water and at ground level -- possible evidence of these mystery objects is the focus of the Tracer Project.
Although this emerging field of study is relatively new Tracers has sparked the enthusiasm of both UFO and "chemtrail" researchers/ groups who have joined in the search reporting sightings of their own.
Brenda Livingston presents sighting reports and photographs sent in by other researchers and the public including anomalous objects in and near persistent contrails, unusual trail-makers, amorphous objects and aircraft-UFO interactions. A striking pattern of interaction between associated objects and persistent contrails and clouds has been recently observed and documented. This research and analysis to date will be presented at various engagements during the year.
Articles and reports about this project have been distributed via the latest edition of the HUFON Report , Jeff Rense (, George Filer (Filers Files), the MUFON Journal, Paul Anderson (The Millennium Project), UFO City/Peter Robbins, Ian Punnet with Coast to Coast in addition to the ever expanding Tracers website (
A new book "Tracers: Mysteries In the Sky" by Brenda Livingston will be available in the coming months.

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