Cattle Mutilations
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I had a little time Tuesday night to check various news sources and found this interesting article (worth posting) from MSNBC affiliate Channel 4 in Albuquerque New Mexico. It seems that the cattle mutilations are continuing. _____
Officials Baffled By Cattle Mutilation Cases
New Mexico - There is a shocking phenomenon that's plagued New Mexico ranchers for many years. Why dozens of cows are mutilated every year, still remains an unsolved mystery.
It's a horrifying sight too many ranchers have come face to face with.
"I haven,t been able to rule out space aliens yet, but we,ve ruled out Satanic ritual. We,ve ruled out predators and scavengers, said Paternoster.
But even after studying dozens of cattle mutilation cases, Taos County District Attorney John Paternoster still can,t come up with any answers.
Paternoster has been to three mutilation scenes, treating each like a homicide.
Paternoster says one incident in particular causes him great concern.
An 11 month old torito was healthy one day and mutilated the next.
"The next morning I went to check on him and I found the bull dead, said rancher Manuel Archuleta.
"The animal had its lips, tongue and sex organs missing. It's tail was gone, said Paternoster.
On the bull's outside, there was only a hole the size of a bullet, but on the inside, there was something much larger.
"My blood ran cold when we lifted the skin up. There was a hole the size of a bowling ball in its neck, right through the bone, the grizzle and everything, said Paternoster.
Witnesses claim they,ve spotted black helicopters near mutilation scenes, leading to speculation the government is involved in a covert operation.
With no evidence of human involvement, there's also the theory of UFOs.
John Paternoster will keep looking for answers.
"Everybody loves a mystery and even clings to hope. I hope we,ll be able to solve it, said Paternoster.
Cattle gave been mutilated for more than 25 years in New Mexico.
Paternoster says every year about two dozen cows fall victim to the mysterious killer.


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