Billy Meier's Son,
Methusalem, Speaks Out
For The First Time
A Interview With MAGAZIN 2000 Plus
From Norm <>

Methusalem, your parents are divorced, and your mother is inflaming public opinions against your father. What persuaded you to take sides in this "War of the Roses?"
Actually I am of the opinion that the divorce is purely a personal matter between my parents and is none of my business, and I should not interfere. After all, my relationship with both parents is not affected by the divorce. But when I read Luc Bürgin's interview with my mother, I was extremely upset and was forced to change my mind in this regard. Once again my mother is up to her old foul play. She is telling Bürgin things for which I have proof that they are not true. She is lying when she says my father has been cheating people for years and that she has helped him in the process. I can testify to the fact that she, too, had numerous sightings at different times of the day and night.
Cross your heart ...what do you think today of your father's UFO contacts, now that you have moved out of your parents' home? And: Did you ever have your own doubts?
My opinion of my father's contacts has never wavered over the years. I am just as convinced now as I ever was that his contacts are real, and this is a logical consequence resulting from my own experiences. After all, even as a small child I already had opportunities to attend sightings, at which my mother and occasionally also my brother and sister were present. These sightings have always stayed in my memory because they were so impressive for us all. I actually never had any doubts although I have extensively and intensively pondered Papi's contacts, which seems to me only natural. After all, I had to associate everything I experienced and heard with my surroundings, and for this reason I inevitably probed everything I was experiencing and hearing.
Were you ever witness to UFO sightings or any unusual incidents which convinced you that your father was actually having contacts with extraterrestrials?
In an earlier answer I already mentioned that I had various opportunities to witness sightings, even as a small child. Several of these sightings are still very clear in my mind. They have imbedded themselves indelibly in my memory because of the surrounding circumstances. As far as unusual incidents and the like are concerned from which one could conclude that my father actually maintained contacts with extraterrestrials I have plenty.
The earliest experience I can still vaguely remember was a sighting in June of 1976, when I was not even three years old. We were with my mother, my brother and sister, Hans Schutzbach, and Amata Stetter in a nature reserve in Hinwil. I can still recall that it was a sunny, warm day and that Hans Schutzbach began running around very excitedly when a large silver disk was departing. He photographed it nervously, but by then it was already quite far away. We watched with great interest for a long time as the disk flew off.
In the summer of 1980 I was present in the Sädelegg when we were given an opportunity to record the whirring sounds of Semjase's beamship. I was standing next to Mami, in view of my father, when the whirring sounds began. They were so loud that even neighbors who lived about 4 kilometers [2.4 miles] away came to see what was going on. Mami was with her recorder in such an advantageous position to the source of the sounds that she was able to make the best recordings of all.
One year later in early August, together with several others, I observed at night a formation of six light objects on the horizon above the Bühl in the Töss Valley. Based on their unusual flight maneuvers, there was no way they could have been regular airplanes. The "show" lasted for more than half an hour and in addition to my mother, my father, my brother Atlantis and sister Gilgamesha, several other people observed the display too. The ships performed various formation flights and very unusual flight movements before some of them simply disappeared; we could still watch the others until they blended into the darkness.
Later on, in September 1982, when I was barely nine years old, I was standing next to my father when a small foot bridge was being cemented across a drainage ditch at the driveway of the shed. As soon as the work was completed we left the construction site to bring material for cordoning off the area to protect the freshly cemented foot bridge. Silvano, who had gone ahead of us, suddenly came dashing around the corner of the shed and called out to my father, because in the meantime someone had actually stepped into the fresh cement. Papi griped and ran to the construction site where we noticed, only at second glance, that the imprint of the shoe was exceedingly large, namely more than 42 centimeters [16.5 inches] long.
Have you ever experienced or seen anything that would indicate that you father wanted to deceive others?
No. I have neither experienced anything like this nor were there indications that he had faked something. It is not his nature to fabricate anything for other people or to cheat them. I am certain that my father is telling the truth in regard to his contacts, and this also coincides with my own experiences.
What do you personally tell those people who accuse your father of being a fraud?
There is an old saying one can learn how to lie from hearsay. This applies to most of those people who call my father a fraud. Very few of them have ever convinced themselves of the situation by going to the actual locations or delving seriously into these matters. And if they have actually done so, they often showed their jealousy because they couldn't handle the fact that another person can experience something that didn't happen to them.
My father withdrew from the public eye over the years partially because of my mother [Kalliope Meier] but also to give her a chance at playing top fiddle. By letting her have her way in this manner, he was able to satisfy her urge to be "top dog." In keeping with his character, he certainly didn't mind this at all, because by doing so he could avoid some people fawning over him since they looked on him as the great master, a guru or something special. However, he finds such idolization repugnant and extremely unwelcome. For this reason he continues his life withdrawn from the public.
Thank you, Methusalem
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