JFK, The Assassination,
& UFOs?
Review By Robert M. Collins <>
On the History Channel - "The Men Who Killed Kennedy." A five part series totaling 5 hours and a must see for anyone interested in the Kennedy assassination. If you think you know all about the Kennedy murder scenarios then please see this 5 part series. It might just change/alter your opinion.
THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY is a balanced, unflinching look at the many loose ends and troubling facts surrounding the assassination of JFK. Exclusive interviews with hundreds of people involved, including police and government officials, point to many problems with the official findings, and independently conducted studies cast doubt on many of the conclusions of the Warren Report.
From the mysterious background of Oswald to the schizophrenic behavior of the Secret Service and FBI, every aspect of the case is examined, and new evidence exposes the sinister forces behind the brutal murder of JFK.
See The History Channel for details about the program videos
and the following link for a possible UFO connection:
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