New UFO Filmed Over Popo Volcano
By Santiago Yturria
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Hi Jeff,
The ufo activity over the mexican volcano Popocatepetl recently erupted continues attracting the attention of the people here in Mexico.
Something rather unusual seems to be happening these days and now the live cams captured again an amazing event where a huge white cigar shaped ufo approached the volcano in a direct maneuver to hit the crater at relatively slow speed. According to the source Vicky Byrum the sighting took place last February 14, 2001 while monitoring the Popo's activity. The whole event was also filmed by the LiveCam and a oval shaped ufo appeared during the sequence.
Numerous reports of ufo sightingh on this area were also received by the agency and more images are expected to be released. Several mexican skywatchers around the area said that the ufo activity has increased since the memorable giant's eruption last December 18 and the expectation among the ufo enthusiasts is better than ever. These are some stills of the ufo sighting sequence taken by the agency livecam and one of the stills show both ufos.

Combined images from 13:22:29 to 13:53:46 shows path and time span
Byrum said that the cigar shaped ufo has been seen several times around the area these days and promised to supply more evidences.
Santiago Yturria
OVNI Investigaciones


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