Yukon UFO Investigator Kept Busy
From The Whitehorse Star

Note - Martin is a frequent visitor to our program. Congratulations to Martin on not only his outstanding work but on being honored with this story.
WHITEHORSE (CP) -- There are more unidentified flying objects sighted in the Yukon than anywhere else in Canada, says a UFO investigator.
Just last weekend two sightings were reported to Martin Jasek, one of two UFO investigators in the territory.
Jasek and his neighbour both belong to Vancouver-based UFO B.C. and both investigate sightings.
"The people I interview are very sincere and they seem normal to me," said Jasek. "What's so nice about the Yukon is that everybody knows everybody, so you often get one story, and then they say, 'Oh, I know so and so, who saw something,' and it just keeps going and going."
Jasek works for the federal water resources branch by day. But in his spare time he chases stories of the unknown objects.
"When I was growing up as a kid, I was always fascinated by outer space, and then I went to university and became a little bit more skeptical," he said.
But some television programs on the subject sparked his interest again.
He has been a UFO investigator for about two years and has investigated about 40 sightings, but only recently did he see what might have been a UFO during a trip in Manitoba.
"I was driving down the freeway, and this white ball came up between the trees," said Jasek.
The ball was about a third of the size of the moon, and it disappeared behind the trees, he said.
"That's pretty minor compared to some of the stories we do get," he added.
Jasek recalls one man who was working on Montana Mountain near Carcross in 1988.
The man was staying on the mountain with his dog, when one night, a big saucer came upon him casting blue light all over.
The man's dog got scared and hid under a bed, and after the saucer left, the man wrote the incident up in his work journal.
This account, along with other Yukon stories, can be found on the Internet at
"I think the world should know what's actually going on, how extensive the sightings are, how common they are," he said. "They're not just lights in the sky. There's really up-close stuff happening."