US Judge Sides With
UFO Activist Group
Against DOD
Washington, DC - In a decision with the potential to redefine "reasonable search" under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a U. S. District Court Judge in Phoenix agreed yesterday with a UFO activist group and ordered the Department of Defense to provide by March 17 additional affidavits detailing search specifics used to service an FOIA lawsuit.
Previously, on February 7, in a packed courtroom, Chief Judge Stephen M. McNamee heard oral arguments on the government's Motion for Summary Judgment in the FOIA lawsuit, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) v. Department of Defense (DoD).
CAUS attorney, Peter A. Gersten had submitted numerous affidavits from witnesses who had observed massive, black, triangular shape craft with extraordinary flight characteristics. But the DoD continued to maintain in court it could find no information confirming the existence of such objects. Gersten was seeking an additional 90 days of discovery and an opportunity to depose DoD personnel.
During the 30 minute hearing Gersten argued the government's search for relevant information lacked the necessary element of "good faith." He claimed the DoD's mishandling of the initial request raised an "inference of indifference" on the agency's part and tainted any subsequent search.
Apparently the Judge agreed. He declined to dismiss the case and elected to consider CAUS's claim that the government failed to conduct an adequate search. A written opinion would be issued within 30 days.
Now the Judge has asked the DoD to provide additional affidavits expanding on the methods used by the DoD to service the FOIA request. These will be reviewed in support of the forthcoming ruling for dismissal or further discovery.
CAUS is one of many groups applying pressure for full disclosure by the U. S. government as to the facts regarding UFO/ET phenomena.
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