First Oz UFO Files Of 2003
From Diane Harrison
National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director

Auckland New Zealand 1950
Girl aged 10 years at the time. Witness Noelene K. Sayer
My girlfriend and I went every Saturday morning to the local bakery to but our mother's bread. this particular morning we had a fight so she didn't come. on the way home i just looked up into the sky above me and saw three long gold objects flying very fast. I noticed a neighbour mowing his lawn and I mentioned it to him. By the time we looked up they had gone. The object was very hard to describe because the objects had the sun shining on them which gave them a glowing affect. They were cigar shaped and appeared to be gold in colour. It was such a beautiful clear morning and I was admiring the lovely blue sky when I came to notice the three objects.
My mother's encounter with a UFO.
In Auckland, New Zealand 1969, approximately. My mother who has passed away now, was taking the family dog for a walk at around 8.30 p.m. The house was situated at the top of a slight incline. As she was walking down the road the dog suddenly became very nervous. Mother had a struggle trying to keep hold of the lead. Suddenly the dog slipped the leash and sped off back home before my mother could do anything.
She then noticed a strange light coming up the middle of the road towards her. There were telegraph poles in those days on each side of the street. The light kept coming towards her and mother ducked as it went overhead as she thought it was going to touch her (she felt it was that low to the ground).
When it had flown past her she watched it speed up and disappear towards Whenuapai airport. When she told the family about it she said there was not a sound coming from the strange light. It couldn't have been a helicopter or even a light plane as it was too low, there was no sound, and it would have had to have been small enough to fly between the telegraph poles.
I have a feeling she reported the incident to the air traffic control but unfortunately I never went into it with her. Now of course it's to locate to discuss it with her.
After that incident she believed what I had told her when I was approximately 10 or 12 years of age, regarding the 3 cigar-shaped U.F.O's. I had seen that beautiful, clear morning. I remember at the time she told me my liver must have been playing up because I had spots in front of my eyes.
Regards Diane Harrison National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director
UFO Sighting National Park Road Canungra. Qld
Phyl and Jim Ahearn's sighting at (With a great drawing of the craft at URL)
Date: 1982
Time: DUSK The sun had just set behind MT Wetheren but its bright glow was still well above the skyline.
Place of sighting From the verandah for our house, situated on the Eastern range of Canungra Valley. The house is about 300 meters up the slope from the road. It overlooks Canungra creek and National Park Road, with a clear view of approximately three or four kilometers up the valley towards O'Reilly's.
Our house faces Mount Wetheren which forms part of the great Western Range of Canungra valley. There is only a limited view looking towards Canungra township because of trees.
The sighting- Jim was on the verandah when he noticed bright lights coming down the valley from the direction of O'Reilly's. He watched the lights slowly approaching, thinking it was a plane, until he realized there was no sound. He called to me 'Phyl come quick and have a look at this.' The urgency in his voice made me hurry onto the verandah. From our elevated position on the slop of the hill, I saw this huge object slowly cruising towards us then past us at eye level. It was very close, about 200 meters away.. It was eerie, because there was no sound, just this huge thing gliding past. I had never seen anything like it. The lower section was well defined but the top was impossible to see, because of the glare, it was blinding. I thought at the time, that the glow of the setting sun was reflecting on it.
The part that I could see was like the brim of hat with a row of glowing windows on top of it. The light in the window was whiter and more brilliant than any fluorescent light I have ever seen. I cast my eyes along each window to see if there was any figures visible, but there was only glare. I thought there was something unusual about the window, they didn't look right. It cruised past at the equivalent pace of a car going 15 to 20 kph. It's length was longer than a semi-trailer. It was moving in the direction of Canungra Army Camp. It seemed to be following the line of the Canungra Creek and the power lines and the road, which are all in close proximity of each other.
When it was about to go from our view behind trees, I ran to ring my son who lived on the same property, but his wife answered the phone. I told her to look out the window there's a UFO going past. She said 'oh! don't put that rubbish in our heads'. She would have had a clear view of the 'thing' if only she had looked out the window. I was going to ring Canungra Police but I thought "Who would believe me'.
WE didn't have a film for our camera, therefore we have no photo of the object, yet we had plenty of time to take a photo. Fro months I thought about what we had seen, so in the end I decided to draw what we had witnessed. I could draw the 'brim' and the glare section quite easy. When it came to draw the window section I was stumped, I couldn't work out what was so unusual about them, and why I couldn't draw them. It wasn't until I saw an article on UFO's in the Sunday mail dated 11 August 1996 Did I realize what was unusual about the windows. They were not in a straight line like we are used to seeing on a train of a plane. I had never seen circular windows before I often wonder if anyone else saw the object that evening, but like me didn't report it. END
Regards Diane Harrison National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director
UFO Sighting 1983 Ashburton Vic (NL)
Sighting Time: 11.00 p.m Sighting Duration: 5 min
Mr. Phila a labourer observation: At the time I was in the Army reserves, I was dropped off this night and began walking home (1/2) mile. I still don't know why but I looked up to the sky I saw what looked like 2 car headlights in the sky. A the time I didn't think much of it, but then I saw them moving and I thought Helicopter. But I saw that it had no shape, but the area around it was very dark, darker than the sky. This object seemed to be following me. By this time I was starting to get frightened so I ran home. I never told anyone about this for fear of ridicule, I was later shocked to read in the paper 2or 3 days later that a similar thing was chased by police on the same night. Description: It was silent but was darker than the night sky. No other witnesses, size, it looked fairly large, I would say about the size of small plane at 200 feet it came from the East and went North and was the size of the moon.
Source: UFO Sighting UFOR NSW online report form Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW
UFO sighting Canberra ACT
Sighting Date: Unsure March 2000 (NL) Sighting Time: 5.30 - 6.30 PM Sighting Duration: 1-minute approx.
Mr. L, occupation Bartender, observation: I was stuck in traffic on my way to a rugby match at Canberra Stadium. It was still light out, but approaching sunset. I looked out the window into the sky and saw a obviously metallic, circular object making it way slowly across the sky at high altitude. The sun was glinting off it. I thought it must have been a balloon of some sort as it's pace was slow and constant. I was still watching it about a minute later when it suddenly zoomed off at an incredible speed towards the horizon. Literally a second later it was gone. It struck me as strange as balloons don't usually increase speed like a cannonball. Description: Metallic, circular. It was too high to see any other details. Location: Aranda/Bruce ACT it was about the size of a commercial jet when they pass over at very high altitudes and at that altitude it had to be at least as large as a truck, almost certainly bigger. The object was about cruising altitude of commercial jets, it came from the west travelling East.
Source: UFO Sighting UFOR NSW online report form Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW
UFO sighting Rotterdam, NSW (NL)
Date: 9 January 2003 Time: 11:15 am Sighting Duration: 3 minutes
Mr. Prem Observation: I saw two white UFO the third one was not white of colour but shinning as a aeroplane and not moving in the first place. The white object moved fast and came together. Then again moved tree times and all disappeared.
Source: UFO Sighting UFOR NSW online report form Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW
UFO Sighting CAMPBELLTOWN South Australia (NL) CALL IN CODE 02809 11th January 2003
Sighting: on 12.1.03 Time: 4.15 - 5.15am Duration: Approx one hour Object: Very bright white light larger than the brightest star he's seen Movement: None, stationery Trajectory: Static, low on horizon east of southern cross Conditions: Clear, before dawn Witnesses: 1 Reportee: Tim, 35, Security Guard
Tim was driving home from night shift when he noticed a particularly large, bright white star. Having done night shift for a long time he had not seen this star before, and has not seen it since. He felt that if it was a star then it should have been there the next night. The star was larger and brighter than Venus, in fact he stated several time she had never seen a star so bright and he had done night shift for a long time. He watched it until dawn.
Interesting note: He reported the object at 4.15 in the morning. It was still dark and Adelaide Airport has a curfew from 11.00pm until 6.00am, being in a residential area. Around 40 minutes after his call to the hotline, a jet was seen (5.00am) in the area of the "star", followed about 30 minutes later (5.30am) by another jet. Reportee says they were not passenger aircraft but more like military jets.
Debbie Payne AUFORN Adelaide
UFO sighting PORT PIRIE, South Australia (NL)
21st January 2003 PORT PIRIE, South Australia Sighting: approx 3 years ago Time:late night Duration: 5 minutes until lost sight of Object: 2 x Star like bright orange lights, about the size of a large star Movement: Slow across the sky Trajectory:First North to south, then did an acute right angled turn heading east Reportee thought that a plane would bank, but not do such a sharp turn Conditions: Clear. Witnesses: Only reportee Reportee: Alec, age 52 (49 at time of sighting)
Alec was outside in his backyard late one evening when he noticed two bright orange star like objects moving towards him from the north. He watched them pass over Port Pirie silently and slowly, moving south and away from the town. He thought they may have been aircraft, but had never seen aircraft with one orange light. What changed his mind was; they both suddenly turned right on an acute angle heading east. He said he had seen many planes bank left or right but that this was a very sharp turn. Very unlike an aircraft. He has thought about this incident often and finally decided to report it.
Debbie Payne AUFORN Adelaide
UFO Sighting WULLAGI, Darwin NT Julie (CE-4)
21st January 2003 This woman did not have a UFO to report, but rather wanted someone to talk to about strange incidents with her daughter (4 years old) and the "frogmen".
Reportee: Julie T for friend called Axxx aged 40. Axxxx is unable to relay her story as she has a speech impediment.
Julie called mainly to report an unusual occurrence with her friend Axxx's daughter.
Rxxx is 4 years old and declared to her mother and friend last week that the frog men came and visited her again.
When the adults asked her to explain the child said, the frogmen (3) came through her window in a mist and saw her again. They have big eyes and frog skin. They poke her arms, legs and belly. She tries to wake her mother who sleeps in the bed with her, but she does not wake up. The dog on the floor makes no sound or movement.
When questioned about this turn of events the mother said she heard noises, the bushes outside the window were "rustling" and the dog was unusually quiet, but that she was paralyzed and had no other recollection of events that night.
The women examined the area around the window and found a scorch mark on the lawn (brown mark) and foliage on the trees had been burnt.
Recently Axxx (mother) had a TB X-ray. The doctor found a small white square, embedded in the tissue between her armpit and breast. Although he thought this unusual and Axxx had no memory of trauma to this area, the doctor assured her it was nothing to worry about.
Debbie Payne AUFORN Adelaide
Thank you to everyone that contributed to these reports --
Regards Diane Harrison
National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director
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