Chilean TV Airs Video Of 240 Mile Wide UFO Taken By GOES-8
Latest On New MJ-12 Documents From Bill Hamilton
Nick Pope - MoD 'UFO Hunter' Said Abducted By Aliens
UFO Research Teeters Between Science And Insanity
Roswell 1999: What Now? - More 'Deathbed Confessions'
Alleged 1947 St. Joseph, MO 'UFO Crash' Piece Offered For $69,000
Clinton's New Official Statement On Area 51 And Groom Lake
Triangle Captured On Video
E.T. In Quarantine - Isolating Extraterrestrial Material
UFO Sightings Continue In Eastern US - Italy Getting Big Show
Odd Ohio UFO Sightings Continue
Two Important New Triangle Sightings In England
UK Hacker Says He Found Anti-Gravity Engine File At W/P AFB
Argyll, Scotland - The UK's Area 51?
Finally...The 'X-Files' Truth Will Be Known - Maybe
Astronauts Demand New UFO Investigations In TV Special
Heseman: The Meier Case - UFO Contactee Revealed?
Ohio UFO Sighting Thought Linked To Respiratory Ailments
British Police Reveal Their Own Amazing UFO Encounters
CAUS Files New FOIA Federal Lawsuit Vs DoD About ET Craft

Mars Said Confirmed As Source Of UFOs Over Iraq
Norio Posts Clear Photo Of UFO (UAV?) Over Groom Lake
New York Tops List Of Recent Sightings
More Evidence Of Exotic Human Triangle Technology ?
Israel Mid-Air UFO Explosion Said Confirmed
PHOTOS A UFO Fender Bender In Chile
New Facts Revealed About Robert A.M. Stephens ?
Green Fireballs, Booms, Triangles, And Huge Prehistoric Turtles (?)
Silicon Valley CEO Continues Alien Quest Despite Skeptics
Over Half Of All Britons Believe In ET
The Truth Is Out There And Joe Firmage Is Paying For It
Secret Underground NATO Base Discovered? - UFO Dives Through Lake Ice?
Robert Stephens Personal Statement Admitting To Fraud
Stephens Admits To CAUS That He Is A Fraud
Revealed: How Santilli's 'Alien Autopsy Tent Footage' Was Faked
Remembering UFO Casualty Betty Cash
Jet Contrails May Be Sickening People Across The US
Mystery Contrails May Be Modifying Weather
'Rods' - The Latest On Jose Escamilla's Amazing Discovery
Contrail Mystery - Toxic 'Gel' Falling From Sky Explained?

Why Disclosure Of The UFO/ET Subject Matters
Stephens Is Back - Demands Legitimate Debate With Hoagland
Mystery Contrails - Secret Military Operation?
UFOs Seen Over New Hampshire, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, And More
Joe Firmage Of 'Kairos' Fame Quits US Web Over UFO Beliefs
NASA Extraterrestrial Organism Exposure Protection Regulations
Revealing List Of US Flying Saucer Patents
5 UFOs And Finnish Jets In Air Battle? - Sightings In Arkansa, Michigan
Two New UFO Sightings Near Cincinnati
UFO Photographed In Australia 11-06-98
Strange Warning Letter Received By Richard Hoagland
Richard Sauder PhD's Response To The Hoagland Controversy
Landing Of Strange UFO In Michigan Claimed - Weird Lights In Colorado
Weird UFO Report In Georgia - Latest On Ramey Roswell Photo Flap
Injuries Caused By UFO Claim Woman's Life
Project Silverbug - Human Engineered UFOs?
Official USAF UFO Reporting Regulations
Reed Releases Two More Photos Of ET He Says He Killed
Whose 'Black Obelisk' Is It? Dr. Reed's Or Someone Else's?

Triangles Over Baghdad & NY - Disc, Cylinder, Diamond UFOs Elsewhere
Canada's Defense Dept Releases Latest UFO Files
The UFO-Mafia Connection
British UFO Studies Centre Annual Report
NASA Engineer's Analysis Of The STS-48 Anomalous Objects
Roswell Revelation! Interview With Authors Of 'ICEMAN DOWN'
NASA Contractor Robert Stephens Continues To Speak Out On UFOlogy
UFO BLITZ Confounds Northern Kentucky Area
Latest UFO Sightings - Roswell Debris Photo Controversy Rolls On
Abduction Phenomenon Hallmarks Listed
Secret Aero Club Behind Turn-Of-The-Century Great 'Airship' Mystery?
New MJ-12 Documents Now Online - Analysis Continues
David Oates Speaks Out On The Art Bell Controversy
New Sightings Reports From Scotland
AF Academy Taught Future Officers About ETs - Also Latest Sightings
Reed ET Story Said Producing Few Solid Leads - No Evidence
Fox TV 'Greatest Hoaxes' Coming - Paranormal & UFO Fields Expose
The 'UFO Letters' Of Senator Barry Goldwater
UFO Mid-Air Crash Said Videotaped In Israel

33 Years Ago Today - The Kecksburg, PA UFO Crash Incident
Frightening Abduction Claim Corroborated By Recent Sightings?
Numerous Recent Graphic UFO Sightings In Pennsylvania
Heavy UFO Activity Over Delaware And Arkansas - Reports Abound
Incredible UFO Encounters With Soviet Navy Ships And Subs
Norio Posts World's First Entire Panoramic Photograh Of Area 51
Linda Moulton Howe More Assured Than Ever About UFO/ET Truth
Daylight Disc Stalks Jetliner In West VA - Hot Sightings Worldwide
Talkshow Guest Claims Fatima Prophecy Says World To End 6-30-99
Wingmakers.com Labeled Hoax...And By The Hoaxer Himself?
David Oates Says Reversals Show Reed 'Alien' Story To Be A Total Hoax
Dr. Reed's Alleged Deadly ET Encounter Drawing Heated Responses
Asian UFOs Increase - Sri Lankan Navy Shoots At UFO - Ohio Silver Disk
ETs Met In Puerto Rico? - UFOs In Singapore, OZ, UK, Argentina, And US
Stunning UFO Sightings In Georgia - Activity Picking Up Everywhere

Amazing UFO Encounters Revealed By Over 20 British Police Officers
Were UFOs Over US Nuke Sites Targets Of Air Force Missiles?
Latest UFO Sightings On Worldwide Upswing
The Mysterious UFO Crash And Retrieval (?) At Moriches Bay, Long Island
Recent UFO Sightings From Scotland
The UFO-Mafia Connection
Curious Articles In The Times Of London From July 1908
Edgar Mitchell On Alleged Astronaut Stories About UFOs: "Pure Fiction"
Ed Mitchell's Apollo UFO Refutation Backed By Montana UFO Witness
Raelian UFO Cult Setting Up To Clone Humans
Peter Gersten - The 'UFO Lawyer' - Posts Very Strange Message Indeed
David Oates' Statement On Hoagland's "December 7th" and "Samson"
Montana UFO Sighting Update - Weather Clears...It's Still There
The Latest Deliberate Israeli ET Hoax
Marvelous Marv's Arizona Beamship Encounter! (humor)
More Than 225,000 Atlantic Canadians Have Seen UFOs
UFO Statements By The World's Top Military Leaders

Stunning Ronan, Montana UFOs Said To Have Eluded Multiple F-16 Intercepts
New Roswell Evidence Complicates Legend - Latest Sightings From Across US
Triangular UFOs Over Rishon Letzion Israel
Chinese Air Force Pilot Chases UFO
Enormous "V" UFO Astonishing Encounter With US Navy Nuclear Sub
Major Massachusetts Daylight UFO Sighting 'Sent Shivers Down My Spine'
Professor - 'Ufology Is Going To Be The Next World Religion'
US UFO Sightings For The Week - Deer And Pigeons Acting Weird - More
Fatal UFO Fire In Brazil? - Bizarre Events And UFO Sightings Worldwide
25th Anniversary Of Truly Scary Pennsylvania UFO Encounter
Scientist-Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Reaffirms ET Visits To Earth Are Real
Public Urged To Attend Upcoming November Hearings On Area 51
Fireballs And Orbs Dominate Week's Sightings
Ohio UFO Sighted With Strange Cone-Shaped Glow
Rough Guide To The New UFO Religions
Churchill's Fears of UFO Invasion
Maccabee Calls CIA'S UFO Explanation Preposterous
The Walthamstow Sightings - Strange Golden Orbs Seen
KAIROS Website "Publisher" Answers Questions About 'Free Book'

UFO Videotaped Over Kunming, China
US UFO Sightings Vary Widely - Many Interesting Reports
Space Coast UFO Conference Luminaries Rip NASA And The News Media
The Sunday Times - Edgar Mitchell: US Covers Up Aliens For 50 Years
UFO Reports Pile Up In Europe And Oz
Interesting Denver Daylight UFO Photo
New "Alien" Implant Surgery With Dr. Roger Leir
US Sightings Increase - New Jersey And The South Predominate
Nikolay Subbotin's Report On New Expedition To Russian UFO Crash Site
Details Of Secret Military Disks Beginning To Be Revealed
Spain Declassifies 83 Military UFO Files - Triangles From Italy To Fresno
Did A Huge UFO Crash At 'The Devil's Grave' In Russia?
The New NAZI ET Lie
PHOTOS Kal Korff Receives Alleged Russian TNT/KGB UFO Fragments
UFO Comes Back To Haunt Oz Islanders

The UFO Cover-Up - Flying Wing "UFOs" - Important CIA/FBI Documents
UK University's Interesting Course Offering In UFOlogy Clarified
Huge UFO Leaves Its Mark On Israeli Corn Field
TNT KGB Russian UFO Crash Recovery On Film?
KGB UFO Files Film Irregularites Pointed Out By Cinema Expert
TNT's Secret KGB UFO Files - A Russian-Born Observer's Independent Analysis
Europe UFO Sightings Continue To Be Plentiful - From Orbs To Triangles
Fascinating Must Read Interview With Abductee Betty Hill
European Sightings Increase - The Latest
British Researcher - Roswell Crash May Have Been A US Built Aircraft?
Big Roswell Ramey Photo Breakthrough? - Sightings On Upswing Worldwide
Vanderhoof, British Columbia Crop Circle Update

Ghost Helicopter Draws Attention To Wright Patterson AFB
Former British Air Defence Chief Believes UFOs Are ET Operated
European UFO Sightings Increase - The Latest
UFO Researcher Jason Leigh Released From Custody - Awaits Sentencing
It's Not A UFO - Get Ready For New Pulsating Airline Landing Lights
Big UFO Ground Sighting In France - Craft Videotaped - Multiple Witnesses
Strange Events In Gulf Breeze - Another Implant Removed - Latest Sightings
Eyewitness Account Of Huge Triangle Sighted 9-4-98 In New York State
Dr. Bruce Maccabee's Graphic Analysis Of Mexico City UFO Video
The Incredible Story Of "Chip" Tatum - The Pegasus File
The Curious Kecksburg 'UFO' Crash Continues To Intrigue
Canadian Crop Circles Update
Close Encounter With A Black Triangle In Seattle

UFO Sightings From New Jersey To Brazil - Frightful Oz Creature Reported
UFO Landing Physical Trace Case Photos
The Carolinas Remain A Hot Spot For Flying Saucers
Big Triangle UFO Flys Very Low Over The Ardennes - Scores Of Witnesses
Latest Remarkable UFO Sightings All Around The US
UFO UpDate - The Ashland/Wayne County, Ohio Flaming UFO Of 8-29-98
Thousands Join SETI Search For ET On The Net With Home Computers
Alien Implant Removals - Before and After Effects
Father Balducci's New Book Repeats His Pro ET Position
Wild UFO & Flying ET Sighting In Italy - Big Chupa Attack In Puerto Rico
Remarkable Evidence Of Secret Black Budget Technology
Rendlesham Forest & Bentwaters - The Unresolved Mystery
Huge UFO Flies Next To Pacific Jetliner - More Triangles - Latest
Area 51 In Mainstream Newspaper Article
Crop Circles - Messages From ET?

The US Air Force, Anti-Gravitation, And UFOs
New Call To Seek ET By Looking For Flashes Of Light In Distant Space
More HOT Canada UFO Sightings From UFO*BC
UFO Orbs Captured Clearly On Film Over Yukon Lake
Forged Reuters Dispatch Smears UFO Luminaries Rense, Lindemann, & Campbell
Mass Sightings Of Triangles In Chile Amaze Populace
Very Strange Craft Visits Ripley, Illinois
UFO Activity On The Increase - Latest Sightings Reports
John Velez Ponders Whitley's Upcoming NBC Special
New Jersey And East Coast Remain UFO Hotspot
German Secret Weapons: The Horton Brothers HoIX

Illinois Man Convinced He Saw A UFO 75 Years Ago
Highly Controversial UK UFO Researcher Levels Broadside At UFOlogy
Phoenix March 1997 UFO 'Scared the Hell' Out Of Scrambled F-15 Pilot
Mystery Man Robert Bigelow Gives First Interview About UFO Pursuits
More Insider Evidence Confirms UFO And EBE Cover-Up
UFO 'Angel Hair' Dropped - More Huge Triangle Sightings
Latest On UFO In SF Bay Area Tuesday 8-4-98
Falling UFO Makes Blazing Appearance In OZ
Amazing Letter To Scientific American Issue December 18, 1886
UFO Sightings Are Increasing - Get Your Cameras Ready

Scientist Claims Definitive Astronautical Proof Of UFO/ET Reality
Records Prove 1800 Civilians Employed At Area 51
Top Russian Researchers Update Russian Roswell Case
Triangles - Fireballs - Sky Booms - Sightings Galore
American Scientists And Labs Confirm Israeli Encounters
UFO Sightings Matching The Weather - Hot And Heavy
Dr. Bruce Maccabbee On UFO Electromagnetic Propulsion
Whitley's New Encounter Places Him In The End-Of-The-World Camp
Strange Brazilian Tunnels/UFOs - Big Germany Sighting - 3 In Jacksonville
UFOs Avoid Heat - Big NY Neighborhood Sighting - UFO Propulsion Systems
Black Helicopters Active In Many Areas Of The US
Four New Cattle Mutes - Triangle Over Sedona - Glowing UFOs In CA
UFO Shadow Man Bigelow And The Utah Ranch From Hell

USGS Live Volcano Cam Catches UFO Flying Near Mt. St. Helens
Is Anyone Apologizing to Gary Webb?
Torrent Of Crop Circles Coming Down In USA And UK
Latest UFO Sightings Span Europe & The US
SETI Ham Radio Expert Volunteers Search Non-Stop For ET
Col. Corso - 'Day After Roswell' Author - Leaves At 83
Plasma Craft Photographed - Moon Monoliths - Latest Sightings
Balls Of Fire Stalk U.S. Fighters In Night Assaults Over Germany
War Games Mistaken for UFOs
Nick Redfern's New Book Probes FBI UFO File Revelations
UK 'Z' Mystery Lights In The Sky Raise Controversy
The Surrey Saga In BC Continues - More Strange UFO Events
Original US Military Remote Viewing Training Manual Published
Hot New Sightings In The Yukon From UFO*BC
Phil Klass & CSICOP Respond to SSE Call For Official UFO Study

So. Cal. Green Fireball Case Solved
Black Helicopters Attack? - New Sightings - Surprise Meteor Shower
Update: The Sheffield Incident
Update: NY Post Rebukes Panel Calling For Serious UFO Study
Sarah McClendon Says UFO Pressure Building On Congress
More SSE Fallout - Interesting NJ Sighting/Encounter? - Latest Reports
Fireballs - SOHO Gone - Chile Action - New Sightings
UFO Study - Believers Say It's About Time
Stunning UFO Photos from British Columbia!
Another Amazing BC UFO Sighting
Mainstream Review Of David Jacobs Ominious ET Book "The Threat"
Stunning June 20 Crop Circle Formation In Avebury
Sightings Proliferate - From Cigars To Sombreros - The Latest
Dead Cows I've Known - Part 3
New Doubts About Santilli's Roswell 'Tent Footage'
Col. Philip Corso Suffers Near-Fatal Heart Attack
Roswell Photog Critiqued - The Wit and Wisdom of J. Bond Johnson
Report And Proposals Made At First Area 51 Rally
Popular Mechanics Accuses US Government Of UFO Cover-Up

Weird Close-Up UFO Events In New Jersey - Sightings Increasing
Sightings Reported In Europe, Canada, & US - Circle In Croatia?
LA Jazz Singer's Book Deal To Reveal Her Sex Life With Aliens
Russian Cosmonaut Reveals Being Followed By Structured UFO
Police Chase Big Ohio UFO - 911 Dispatch Tapes Aired On Sightings
UFO Sightings From Europe To US - Bigfoot Seen In South Carolina
Newest May UFO Reports From Australia
The Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment 50 yrs Later
Major Close Encounter By Oz Pilot
New Sightings - Adbuctee Controversy Hotter - Roswell Photo Update
USAF Nuclear Powered TR-3B Flying Triangle Revealed
Are Some Ghosts All In The Mind?
New Angles To North Sea UFO Case - Many New Sightings
Unconventional Flying Objects' by Dr. Paul Hill - A Must Read Book

Giants Return To Israel
Super Enlargements Of Roswell Photos Will NOT Go On View
Photos Of Non-Saucer UFOs Over Phoenix AZ Roswell Week 1947!
Billy Meier Admits 'Asket' and 'Nera' Pics ARE A Fraud!
New Jersey Sightings Probed - Other New Reports
Major New Roswell Revelations - General Ramey Cleared
Current Sightings - UFOs From Indiana To Sweden
The Sheffield Incident
Billy Meier's 'Asket' ET Pics Came From The Dean Martin Show!
Children See UFO & Alien In New Jersey - Activity Coast To Coast
Sightings And Strange Crater In Europe - Pyramid In Illinois?

Bizarre Peru Double Murder - SoCal Skybooms - Mystery Lights
Amazing 1897 Encounter: Arkansas Deputies Meet Aliens?
UFO Roundup: French Missing Time Case / New Cow Mute / Sightings
'UFOs Are Not Only Real - They Are Already Here'
Interesting Facts About UFOs and the USA and UK
House-Sized Space Snowballs Said Raining On Earth
A Pentagram And Quarry Said Seen In Mars Viking Photos

Billy Meier Said Exposed In New TV Documentary
Sightings Roll In From US To Sri Lanka
Anglican Bishops Believe In Alien Life
Nick Pope On RAF UFO Story - "The Events Did Not Happen"
Brand New Report Of UFO Crash In Russia
Embalming ET - A Practitioner's Close Encounter
Remarkable UFO Sighting/Landing Reports From Sri Lanka

Big California Sighting: N.J. Woman Sees UFOs In Field - Elsewhere
Impressive New Review Of Belgian Triangle Sightings 1989-90
Three Israeli ET Abductions
Did ET Visitors Monitor the Chernobyl Disaster

SoCal UFO Sightings Plus Tubular, Fluorescent, And Cigar UFOs Seen
British RAF Officer Announces UFOs Are Real?
Latest MUFON UFO Report - Sightings Galore
Huge UFOs Overfly Big Argentina City
Bizarre Chupacabras Report From OZ
Israel Receives Its First Crop Circle
A Scholars Guide To Wizards, Elves, Witches, and Sorcerers
Researchers Debunk Legendary Black Magic Manual
Latest UFO Sightings From Here And There
Did Giant Triangular UFO Shoot Down Attacking RAF Fighter?
UFO Knocks Out Argentina City's Power - More Sightings

HOAX: Neil Armstrong and Mr. Gorsky
U.S.Sightings And New 'Secret KGB UFO Files' TV Special
Vatican and ET Story Said A Hoax - Balducci Reaction Here
Astonishing Smithsonian Grand Canyon 'City' Coverup?
Encounters With Underwater UFOs
England's First Crop Circle Of 1998!

Betty Hill Disavows Modern ET Abduction Research And Hypnosis
Greer Gives Up On Congress - Announces Direct Public UFO Disclosure
Vatican Says ETs Are Real
Dr. Steven Greer's Update On CSETI Project Starlight

The Abominable Swampman Of Florida
UFO Cover-Up Fading Says Legendary White House Correspondent
Scientist Hikes Unnoticed In And Out Of Area 51
The VERY Strange Galician Meteor Mystery
HOT NEWS: Major Indiana UFO Sightings - Triangle Craft And Lights
UFOs Over Italy-France - Major Florida Sightings Continue
CAUS Files Lawsuit Over Roswell
UFOs And Jets Over Scotland
District Attorney - Nevada Lab Investigate Cattle Mutilations
'Danger In Our Skies: The New UFO Threat' W/Mex Video April 6 On UPN
Kal Korff Announces UFO Document Repository Initiative

Huge 20,000 Item UFO Collection Goes To Roswell Museum
March Australian UFO Report - Sightings Galore
Spectacular Triangle Sighting In UK - Cigar UFO Seen From CA Airliner
Planetary Scientists Hunt Around Cosmos For Water
The World According To Zecharia Sitchin - Our Annunaki ET Heritage

A Return Visit To The Famous "Joplin Spook Light"
Did Clinton Put USA On UFO Alert Regarding 'Phoenix Lights'?
The "Best" Canadian UFO Cases of 1997
Brazil UFO Follows Bus And Wows Passengers

Hawking's UFO Statement - Sightings Florida To Las Vegas To Samoa
UFO Photos In Brooklyn - Mail Carriers Site Large Craft In Utah
Things Are Looking Up - 10% More UFOs Seen in Canada Last Year
Major Mass UFO Sightings In Florida

Major UFO Sightings In New Jersey, New York, Alabama, Australia
Amazing Korean War UFO Report From Candian Naval Commander
What's Up Pussycat? 'Half-Cat' Mystery Deepens
Latest UFO Sightings - Canada - U.S. - South America
New Loch Ness Photos Stir Waters Of Speculation

Two New Jersey Men Spot Landed UFO And Then Lose Time
Oz Train Crew Watches Giant UFO Take Off
Latest On Brazil's Amazing ET Capture Case
Black Helicopter Stalks UFO Over Iowa Farm
Vivid New U.S. Sightings - SA and OZ Waves Continue

Strange New UFO Reports From Australia
UFO Proof Found At Edwards Air Force Base
ET Earning Huge Advertising Profits
UFO UpDate: The 'Rendlesham Forest' Case: A Sham?
Big Sightings Flurry In Florida
UFO ROUNDUP: Volume 3, Number 7
More Fireballs Seen In The West
Battle of LA

Museum Guard Says Ghost Chased Him Out
Sightings: From Hovering Fireballs To Mile Wide 'V' Craft
Area 51 - Alive, Well, And Said Expanding
MUFON Scandals, Scientology, And The FBI
Multiple Florida And Arizona UFO Sightings
Chupas In PR, Triangles, Strange Lights, Wild Monkey Attack(!)
Stanton Friedman Speaks About "Lake County" And UPN
ET Photo Hoax

New Sightings From India To Netherlands To The U.S.
Report From Russia: UFO Roswell In 1989
UFO Crash In Ukraine?
UFOs Over Scotland, Oz; Pigs Mutilated In Colorado
Brazil Ocean UFO Crash Still Drawing Interest
"UFO" Mutilations, Mad Cow Disease & the U.S. Gov

Ed Mitchell's Remarkable UFO Statement
The Case for the Secret Exploration of Space
A Tribute to Shari Adamiak from Steven Greer
Nazi Saucers Described In Atom Bomb Classic
New 1998 Phoenix Mass Sightings
A UFO "Fender Bender" In Chile...Pieces Recovered
Sightings Everywhere!
Biblical References To UFOs & ETs

Balloon Crash: AF Allows Live TV Coverage This Time!
Dulce Base Legends Takes Another Hit
Moon Base Photo Said Seen By Top Security AF Vet
Area 51 Workers' Toxic Waste Suit Slammed By Fed Court
Brazil Pilot Circles Giant Mothership 3 Times!
Remarkable Report From Navy MP Who Saw Too Much!
Stunning Israeli UFO Evidence Emerging

Crystal Skulls Continue To Baffle Science
UFO Sightings Abound Across U.S.
Stunning Israeli UFO Evidence Emerging
Remarkable Report From Navy MP Who Saw Too Much!

The Rockefeller-UFO Connection: An Alien Conspiracy?
U.S. Navy's Recommended UFO Reading List
Huge Triangle Over Pennsylvania; Horse Mutilated In Colorado
Amazing Daylight Costa Rica UFO Sightings
Chupacabras Deadly Attacks Return To Puerto Rico
Modern Man Traced To Mutant DNA - ET Intervention?
The Dark Gods - The ET Origins Of The Human Race

2,000' Long Cigar UFO Sighted By British Jetliner
Interview With UFOlogist Jacques Vallee
Alien Autopsy
Ghost Prowls Cambridge College - Staff Seek Exorcism
The Man Who "Outed" The U.S. Saucer Program

300' Craft With Portholes Seen By 3 Carloads Of People
Hot Vancouver BC UFO Sightings For November
The Vancouver-Colorado NORAD UFO Connection
The Philadelphia Experiment: Finally The Whole Truth (?)
New Worldwide UFO Sightings
Fairies Wear Boots? Sighting of a "Sprite"
Dan Sherman Book & Review

Military Admits To Having A 'Flying Saucer'
Major Wire Service Story On ET Abductions
CIA Plans Indirect Disclosure of UFO Cover-Up
Korean War Vet Tells Astonishing UFO Battlefield Encounter
The Mexico UFO Video Data Page
Expert Says $5,000 Can Produce Flawless UFO Video
Jetliner: "I Think These Damn Things Are Going To Hit Us"
Expert Defends Patterson Bigfoot Film

Orange Fireballs/Bizarre Weather In Oz
Col. Corso and Son Named In Lawsuit
Photos of the Seattle Lights of 11-14-97!
Phoenix Sightings Update
The Phoenix Lights - Update From Peter Davenport
Varginha, Brazil's "ET Capture" Case Still Strong
Large Triangle Seen Over Santa Barbara Channel
Mexican UFO video
"UFO" Mutilations, Mad Cow, and the U.S. Goverment!

Former AF Sgt. Reveals ET Contact Program
A Funny Thing Happened In Arizona Last Spring!
British Air Marshal's ET Encounter Published
Anomalies on Martian South Peak?
South Peak: Where Are The Anomalies ?
Two NATO Jets Pursue UFO Over France & Much More!
HOAX: 100 Year Old Cattle Mutilation Story
Great Ghost Photos!
Famous People Talk About The UFO/ET Issue

Promising Roswell Eyewitness Gets "Intercepted"
Oz Police Photograph Daylight Black Triangle?
Did "We" Shoot Another UFO Down?
Voice Of Russia: UFOs Back To 9th, 10th, 11th Centuries
Alleged UFO Crash On Video Tape
Brazilian Colonel Commits "Suicide" After Revealing UFO Truth
Astronauts Mitchell, Musgrave, and Anders ET Statements
British Navy Ship Encounters Huge UFO?

Incredible UFO Encounter/Cattle Mutilation 100 Yrs Ago!
"Alien Embryo": Hoax Or Disinformation Ploy?
Varginha, Brazil's "ET Capture" Case Still Strong
Cancer "Epidemic" Striking Key UFO Researchers"
US Aircraft Carrier Stopped by UFO
MUFON Skywatch Investigations August 1997

UFO Spooks Oz Rescue Chopper; Gigantic Craft Reported
Swiss Miss: UFO, Weather Balloon, or Missile?
HOAX! Finally! Some Sharp Daylight UFO Photos
HOAX! HOAX! Famous UFOs Photos Exposed As Fakes!
Important Phoenix Sightings Update
JCS Chairman Says U.S. Safe From Aliens
Very Weird UFO Events In The San Luis Valley
Cigar Shaped UFOs Photographed in Sweden
New Australia-New Zealand UFO Sightings

Santilli Autopsy Film Controversy
MJ-12 Revelations
Mars South Peak Photo Shocker!
Huge Cigar Shaped UFO in UK
Pat Robertson Says Kill All UFO Believers
Opinion: Cast The First Stone, Pat?
Raining Crop Circles In England!
Complete List Of 100 Reported UFO Crashes

Close Encounter With A Black Triangle
Legendary British Air Marshal Claims ET Encounter
200 Russian Soldiers Said Vaporized By UFO
Sightings Guest Reveals Secret Alien Contact Project
UFO Crash Near Detroit Revealed?
New Evidence of Military Involvement In Abductions
Crowley, Hawass, and the Face On Mars...Coincidence?
Many Looking To Bible For ET Answers
Detecting UFOs Using Magnetic Field Distortion
Another UFO Crash Reported in Brazil

Strange Martian Lines Explained
Another UFO TOP SECRET Insider Talks
Oliver's Castle Video Exposed As Hoax
Big Crop Circle Lands In New Jersey
The Ultimate Roswell Revelation Book?
Atlantis UFO Rock Found In Puerto Rico?
UFO's and Black Helicopters Dance Near Dallas

UFO Reality Shift Underway In Phoenix
New 1997 Crop Circles In England
NASA Reverse Speech SHOCKER!
USAF "Final Report"
Would The Air Force Lie?
Co-Author of Roswell Bombshell Book
More On Corso by Dr. Rich Boylan, PhD
UFO Insiders Going Public
Scientist Says NASA Photos Reveal Life on Moon

New UFO Crash In Puerto Rico?
Giant UFO Over Texas May 5th
Was L.A. "Meteor" Really a UFO?
Historic CSETI Congressional Briefing Report
"Alien Interview" TV Feature A Bust
Update On Satellite "UFO" Photo
Bizarre Fireballs Over Australia
LAX Air Traffic Controller Reports UFOs
Giant Craft Seen Over So Cal Desert

Lee Shargel: Applewhite's Heir?
Mobile Cylindrical Objects at Saturn
Chupacabra Attacks in Southern Cal!
Chupacabra captured in Texas?
Boylan Blasts UFO Cover-Up
Black Triangle Blackout
Awesome Crop Circles of 1996
The Poltergeist Machine

National UFO Reporting Center - June 1996
National UFO Reporting Center - May 1996
How To Videotape UFOs In Your Own Backyard
South Korea UFO Photos
UFO Daylight Farm Encounter

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