Spectacular UFO Photos Revealed As A

These four photos were received some months ago from an unnamed source.

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By Jeff Rense

They are certainly impressive and have drawn a lot of interest and a number of comments. We have, as always, endeavored to try to validate them as either genuine or unexplained, or to expose them as hoaxes. Recently, I received a phone call from a person who claimed to know the owner of the originals and asked me to contact the man who wanted to protect his "copyright" of them. I spoke to the man, a very nice gentleman indeed, and listened carefully to him explain how he had personally taken the shots with a special camera and lens he had modified to be able to capture the craft at night. "You can't see them without special photographic equipment", he assured me. I asked for details but could get none. I invited him to come on the show and discuss his work and experiences but he was "too busy right now." So, our investigation continued without his help.
The sticker on the back of the pictures reads: "Photographed 9/27/89 in Nashville, TN." Okay, not too bad. We might buy that. But then, further information on the label on one of the photos states the following:
Craft manufactured in the Pleiades. Manned by the Orions from the Planet Almintaka. Confederation of Planets. (c) Cosmic Intelligence Awareness
This 'information', of course, raised eyebrows for obvious reasons. Here are a sample of some of the comments that we have received on the series of photos to date:

 "I have determined that even though the object looks very different in some of the pictures, it is due to the use of lighting, either from within or without. While I highly suspect this is a model, it is a very sophisticated one with many internal lights and settings. If I had to guess, I would say that it's a prop used for Rock concerts, but the Orions would probably be pissed."

"Did you guys receive higher resolution jpgs of the five ufo pics and then knock em down in compression for size? I was wondering because they look considerably "degraded" and I'd love to see the original resolution images."
"I'd like to run about 25 different filters on em, see if I can find the chair or the wires or the closet door or whatever else might "pop up" in these photos if analyzed. :) I'd lay 1 months salary on this model being about 18" to 25" in diameter, shot indoors (or at least on a porch) with access to a source of electricity and whoever made it needs to pursue a career in Rock and Roll stage effects. Ozzy Ozbourne would snatch him up :)"
"All poorly made fakes! The kids at the computer lab at LIU could do much better and they wouldn't need anything more sophisticated than "Photoshop" Check out the enlargement that I've sent you. They didn't even try to size the pixels properly. The ufo and it's background are in 2 different resolutions. The background pixels being huge. They didn't even blend the edges of the craft into the background! They just chopped it out from somewhere and dropped it in to the picture that you see."
"That's because an amateur like whoever made these, wouldn't get hired in Hollywood! Whoever made these is just a beginner. Pros would never present something as sloppy as this as "the real thing". I've been a graphic artist for 18 years and I know from whence I speaketh! Fakes, and piss poor ones at that."
And finally, a true believer: "The photographs of the Spacecrafts from Tennessee were the same ones given to me by 'X' in South Dakota in June, and were recently shown and verified as the real deal by 'X' at the Victorville conference. They're almost too beautiful to be believed. The most amazing coincidence (as if there were any) is that the very one you use at the top of your page, sits next to my computer...it's my favorite one!"

And this
comment by Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.:

Thank you for putting forth the evidence that the Pleiadian ship from the planet Almintaka is a hoax. I have been troubled by these photographs ever since "X" (name witheld) began distributing them at UFO conferences. He gave me a set, but it is obviously not complete if you were given an image showing background stage props and supports. I received my collection of high quality prints in 1995, six years after the date on the label in the image you display on your website.
In none of the images I have can one make out the background props and light show armature/scaffolding. What impressed me initially about these images was that they purportedly show light beams ending abruptly and ionizing the air around them to form an orange brown gas. In my real life photographs of unconventional craft near Pine Bush, I have excellent photographic evidence via time exposures that plasma lights, when intensified, will create such brown gas around them (oxides of nitrogen). Whoever faked these images had to have had a sophisticated knowledge of UFO plasma lights and their affects on our atmosphere. I suspect the CIA. "X" is a retired Navy pilot with extensive background in aerial photography and photographic techniques. He told me that he worked many years in a military photographic lab.
What bothers me about the image you show, which reveals the background hoax environment, is that such a picture is very sloppy workmanship indeed, especially when compared to the other more convincing pictures. Why wouldn't the hoaxer put up a black tarp on the ceiling and walls to cover the background structures? Why would anyone creating such a hoax allow such an image to get out, let alone be published in a magazine, if that is what the date label in the corner indicates? It is almost as if these images were purposely distributed with a time handle on them for revealing the hoax, after many UFO believers had been sucked into the deception.
When I recently talked about these images with "X", I wanted his explanation about the environment, surroundings, and conditions under which they were taken. I wanted to put them onto my website, but he said that he could not permit that, because they were copyrighted and there was no way he could prevent people from taking his images off my website. I now look back at his explanation as his way of saying, "Don't put them onto your website. They will only embarrass and discredit you when it is determined they are a hoax." For his restriction I am now greatly appreciative.
He went into elaborate detail how his photographer friend, whom he would not name, happened to see an unusual light above some trees as he was driving down a highway in Tennessee one night. He happened to have his professional camera equipment with special lenses and high resolution experimental military film in it in his car! He happened to stop and walk towards this light, wanting to take a picture of it from a distance. I thought "X" was then going to tell me how the photographer was treated to a spectacular light show by this craft, but instead he said the photographer didn't see any of these details until he printed and blew up the images in his lab. Then, miraculously and because of the high resolution, fine-grained experimental film he was using, these spectacular images popped out! The more I questioned "X" about this miracle, the more he resorted to technical jargon about how the lens that was used, the filters on the lens, the type of film, etc., could record such detail even when the photographer could not see it because the light he was photographing was too far away! And the camera he said was hand held, not mounted on a tripod when the photographs were taken. That statement confounded me. I know from experience that any telephoto zoom lens of high resolution requires longer time exposures to capture faint distant light at night. Visit my website. But "X" said that the film used was so special that it could capture at great distance what we see in the photographs (vivid true colors) at a fraction of a second shutter speed at night! Really! (I say that sarcastically :-) B&W or Infrared film, yes, but color film?
As much as I wanted these images to be real, I was left with a sinking feeling that "X" had been duped by the photographer. You should hear him talk about the aliens from Venus he has met. Like "Y", he seems to be the pawn in this scenario, not the hoaxer. But thanks to whoever created this model and hoax, we have a fantastic fantasy ship to look at.
Yours truly, Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.
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Recently, someone else sent in another photo....of the very same type of 'ship'! My Webmaster, James Neff, a brilliant analyst in his own right, jumped on the new one, compared it to the original four, and determined that the new photo is indeed a STAGE PROP as you can see from his enhanced computer work. You can see the steel stage rigging and framework holding the 'UFO' in place and a number of the stage lights as well. To this latest series of "real deal" UFO photos, we attach the final verdict: HOAX. (Too bad, they are pretty impressive!) - Jeff