HOAX? Talkshow Guest
Claims Fatima Prophecy Says
World To End 6-30-99
Note - We received several emails from alarmed people after 'Father' Charles Moore appeared on the Art Bell program, 11-26/27, claiming that the Fatima Prophecy was known to him and that it stated the world would be destroyed by an asteroid on 6-30-99. The first email below is a criticsm of Mr. Moore's comments. Following that is an example of the alarm Moore's statement created. Responses are invited.
Hi Jeff,
Since your listeners are jumping in on "Father Charlie" as he is known to many of his established listeners, so will I.
I heard the entire Art Bell show with Father Charlie. Also, Father Charlie has been a frequent guest on a Northern California talk show which is a type of new age spiritual show and very good. Anyway, Father Charlie has been on so many times I can't even begin to count them. Plus, he has been the keynote speaker at two special events that I know of which were held over the past two years in Northern California. I attended both events to personally question Father Charlie, to meet him and to get a better take on him. Here is my report.
There is no doubt that Father Charlie has incredible knowledge about these subjects and far more so than he talked about on Art's show. I questioned him about the Vatican library on UFOs, and also the Knights Templar, and the guy really knows his stuff and is well-spoken. But that is not all.
In person, Father Charlie gets right 'in your face.' He is one of these guys who says a thousand words without really saying anything. And when you are finished with him, you know he has said 'something' to you...and you 'feel' that he has answered your question and given you great information and knowledge.
I suspected Father Charlie to be some type of disinformation expert from the Church...or some other source...and that is why I went to meet him and ask questions in person. My feelings were only amplified after having met and questioned him, plus hearing others question him. This getting 'in your face' strategy can be very intimidating and can easily make someone back off or be satisfied with a partial or misleading answer.
Bottom line for me: I would not trust the guy as far as I could throw him. He is well spoken, extremely intelligent, very articulate and a powerhouse of knowledge. However, his style, his way of doing things, how he says nothing by saying a lot, etc, just make me think he is not being totally truthful...but intentionally misleading instead.
Whether all this is being done on behalf of the Church, I have no idea. If it is on behalf of another entity or agency, that seems possible. It is also possible that he is on the level, but I don't believe it.
This is a guy who requires that you have to have your 'discernment protectors' kicked in full blast. He can out-talk 99% of us and he has knowledge that we don't have - a deadly combination for someone if their job is to mislead, control, direct, or even worse, manipulate for an agenda.
For the record, I am not Christian or Catholic. I am Jewish by birth but perhaps a bit more spiritual (at least I would like to think so) than traditionally religious. I don't buy into the 'end of the world' doomsday crapola that so many people think is about to be upon us. I look for facts and evidence and have a strong faith and spiritual bent but with tons of common sense and, I hope, discernment.
I also believe in 'good' and 'positive energy' and while I can't explain why horrible things happen to we humans around the world, I also am unable to make the leap to a doomsday explanation or prediction. While I can be duped, and no doubt have been, I am watchful of those who claim or seem to have "all the answers"...and Father Charlie seems to fit right into this latter category.
As far as the show goes, it was entertaining and Art always advises people to use their own common sense and judgement. To the degree that people take this information as the gospel truth and have it ruin their day, perhaps that says more about the listener than the guest, which in this case is Father Charlie ( but could be any number of others).
For me, I love both your show and Art's, but I don't set aside my brain or my heart when I hear the various guests talk their talk with either Art or you. Having written a book, having a PhD, being an "expert," having more information or knowledge than me about something, and being on your show or the Art Bell Show, does not automatically mean that the guest is truthful, factual, correct or a host of other things. Regardless, it can always be entertaining and it can always be educational for there is something to learn from just about everything, even nonsense.
Having listened to your show and Art's for years, I have learned to be a much better thinker, to be independent in my analysis and thought and to exercise a high degree of discernment. I suggest that all listeners to these shows and others like them learn to use their same skills for not to do so leads to fear, manipulation and truly 'bad hair days' in some cases.
Good forum and keep it up.
Jack Schaefer

Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 00:05:44 -0800
From: Joseph Gill <
Dear Jeff Rense,
Below are my comments on Art Bell's show of Nov. 26-27 with "Father"
Charles L. Moore...
We have to remember that Art's show is strictly entertainment with some
occasional truths mixed in. If you forget this, just remember:
1. The alleged color pictures of the 'Face on Mars' from the so-called 'JPL
employee' (a bogus story which I helped Hoagland clear-up. He referred to
me as "my unnamed investigator in Hawaii")
2. The alleged 'physicist' from the University Of Hawaii who said, the
FERMI LABS south of Chicago were going to blow up the entire solar system
outward to some 30 light years (wherein I called up this supposed
physicist's boss who promptly told me he was an embarrassment to the entire
University and because of tenure was hard to dismiss. Further, he said the
man was in the Psychology Deparment, NOT the Physics Department)
3. The Hale-Bopp 'companion' fiasco courtesy of Courtney Brown
4. The hoaxed recent EQ Pegasi 'radio signals' from an approaching
spaceship deep in the cosmos, and the pending December 7th 'landing' in
Arizona per Richard Hoagland's ever-imaginative predictions.
5. Ed Dames' litany of 'remote viewed' Doomsday scenarios.
6. The current Dr. Reed 'dead ET' and 'obelisk' charade.
7. The infamous Area 51 phone caller who was supposedly 'obliterated' while
talking on the air.
8. Etc., etc., etc
Some truth...and a lot of fiction.
Some of my observations of "Father" Charles L. Moore ARE as follows:
(NOTE - the time of his comments during the Art Bell show are read from the
Real Audio timekeeper i.e. (1:43), so you may go hear them yourself more
1) There is an approaching asteroid that will hit and destroy Earth June
30, 1999 (1:42)
A. States this event is revealed by Graham Hancock in his
recent book "The Mars Mystery" (1:43). An interesting book, as I have
found to be the case will all his books, both nonfiction and fiction.
Moore says this will happen in June, according to Hancock, when we pass
through more meteor showers but has not checked the date himself (2:10)
but yet is releasing this end-of-the-Earth prediction to millions of
listeners without checking!
B. States this is revealed by Nostradamus to happen July 6,
1999, for which he gives NO reference! (1:43)
C. States this is revealed by the recently released 'Third
Secret of Fatima', for which he gives NO reference and says it was from
"Some news release that he can not remember." (1:41). Later, he tells Art
he has no intention of finding this official release from the Vatican, but
in the mean time he will continue to scare the Hell out of everyone.
D. Moore confesses there are major problems with predictions,
even Revelations itself (3:45).
2) Moore claims Noah's flood was the previous such extinction event and
that it happens every 30 million years. Then he says shamans have been here
3.5 million years and man was created 300,000 years ago (1:44-1:48). Do
you really believe Noah's flood was 30 million years ago?
3) Moore said when the asteroid hits the earth's oceans it will send giant
waves over the world for a full year. He says, "this information is from
those 'people in the know'" for which he again gives NO reference
(2:13-2:14). I can comment here that with my own background as a teacher of
Earth Sciences at Harvard University that such ocean waves would calm well
within the first month. Simple logic would make you question Moore here.
4) (1:08 & again at 1:36) Moore says he was ordained as a priest in 1964
and was an attorney trained at Stanford (what an appropriate combination).
Moore later defines priests as per the "Forbidden Secret" (2:48) as THE
SACRIFICERS and goes on to say:
A. The Priest's tool is the knife.
B. He is the sacrificer and he kills.
C. He obtains his POWER by getting his victims to consent to being
D. His job is to give God a good reputation.
Later, (4:10) he says, "The church is giving God a bad reputation." I note here from my own study of hundreds of books and years of world travel that priests of Egypt, the Mayans, Celts, and Hebrews, etc, all were THE SACRIFICERS; and this is still happening today, both in reality and symbolically. So, the Question is, do you think we should trust a SACRIFICER and an attorney who can not give references about the alleged date of the end of the Earth? The Judas goat (priest) gets his flock of sheep in his parish to run in blind terror.
Jeff, you know from my three visits to your fine radio show ( that I am NO Christian, but have devoted my life to searching for the single TRUTH, and have a massive private library of thousands of rare books and have traveled to 70 countries, been a Professor, and been a Director at the prestigious Sotheby's, the largest art auction house in the world.
Perhaps Moore means well...but he seems woefully ill-prepared to make any announcement concerning the alleged upcoming end of the world as we know it. Sitchen, for whom I have great respect, I am sure would be disappointed in Moore's comments.
Joseph Gill
I invite you to post this to your web site
Joseph O. Gill
88-1651 Papa Bay Estates
Captain Cook, Hawaii 96704
Phone 808-328-2628 OR 328-2465
Note - The following in an example of some of the email reaction to Mr.
Moore's statements. We have not corrected the typos.
Subj: NEWS FLASH: G Hancock et al., PREDICT 6/30/99 END OF THE WORLD!!
Date: 11/27/98 6:39:29 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (on file)
Dr. Charles L. Moore is a Catholic priest in good standing with the
Catholic Church and is an attorney. He has had a close relationship with
Zecharia Sitchin for several years. He believes and AVOCATES both the
accuracy and REALITY of ALL of Sitchin's translations.
Moore reports that the Third Secret of Fatamia has been released recently
by the Vatican to Italia (I am trying to locate it).
He reported last night on the Art Bell Radio Show that it marks JUNE 30,
1999 as THE date for the the END OF THE WORLD, i.e., "ALL BUT THOSE DEEP
UNDERGROUND WILL PARRISH." (We assume he means 'perish' here -ed) He also
claimed that this even/date was also predicted (complete with statistical
work-up and documentation) by G. Hancock in his recently releases book.
This is a mind blower report that is archived and available via Real Audio at:
Thur/Fri Nov. 26/27
Real Adio's Real Player may be downloaded free at (long route):
Web Site Services
Radio Program Archives's Art Bell Page (about 1/3 down the page)
Art Bell Archives
Nov '98 (Thur/Fri Nov. 26/27)
I highly recomment listening to the entire 3 plus hours of Moore's
appearance on Bell's show last nite...IT IS WORTH THE TIME!!
James Neff

From a purely Christian perspective, I would like to note that whatever the so-called "third secret of Fatima" is (or is not), there is little chance that it pertains to the absolute "end of the world," much less the notion that anyone that is not living deep underground will perish! This is by no means part of judeo-christian prophecy.
First, the entire purpose of the Apocalypse of St. John is to make it abundantly clear that despite the inevitable periods of tribulation to come upon the earth, both from the wrath of Satan (having been cast down) and that of God in the great tribulation upon a recalcitrant, faithless, evil world in unified opposition to Him, there will be survivors of all nations who enter what is known as the "kingdom period" (when Christ returns to rule the earth in peace and righteousness) mortal, alive and in the flesh; And these are never depicted as people who lived underground! This time will include a refurbishing of the earth, an end to pollutions and war. (note: the 'final" and ultimate cataclysm which renews the heavens and the earth in fire, as shown in 2 Peter and Revelation chapter 20-22 take place -after- one thousand years of peace and the reign of Christ as king on earth. Not imminent at all!)
Second, the Lord Jesus Christ makes it clear in Matthew 24 that despite all the terrors and troubles of the 'last days' that even at the time of the "great" tribulation -- "such a time has not been upon earth since the beginning, nor shall be again" -- those days have been "cut short" in the plan of God "for the sake of the elect, lest there be no flesh left alive upon the earth." The so-called "end of the world" is averted by the coming of Christ, and Christ and the prophets make this clear. "World without end, amen" is one of the cornerstone teachings of the church. Yes, the world as we know it will come to a close, but a cataclysm against mankind, in his present state, which entirely wipes life off the earth save those who live underground is nowhere in Jewish or Christian prophecy.
We have several of the horsemen of the Apocalypse with us now and have for many centuries, slowly, gradually bringing mankind toward the consummation of the ages. War, famine, pestilence and eventually global economic collapse and restructuring under the authority of a end-times "king" of great evil who will meet his end quickly. Yes, there will by cataclysms... many of them, according to the Revelation of John and the other prophets. But by no means is it the 'end of the world'. It will be the beginning of an everlasting kingdom of peace and truth, by Christ the perfect victor of all, who will rule the world in justice.
Fatima Schmatima! We've got bigger problems to wrestle with on earth than the so-called "end of the world" preached by some questionable spiritual apparition in Portugal. Also note, that when Jonah was told by God to prophecy against Nineveh regarding impending judgement, and refused, he wound up swallowed by a great fish. The Fatima documents were to be revealed to the world in 1960 and the Pope at that time refused to do it. Just something to think about in comparison.
From Jason Leigh
< 11-29-98
Dear Jeff,
Allow me (if you will) to make a response to the "End of the World" article posted herein, concerning the prediction of one Mr. Charles Moore, taken from an appearance on the Art Bell Show.
First. I would highly recommend (and agree with) James Neff's posted 'response' to everyone, as he very masterly relates his beliefs; based upon Holy fact.
Second. It seems that there are too many of these "Doomsday Seers" lurking about upon the airwaves of late. This worries me - none in the least - fore it could be one on the "signs of the times."
Third. Mr. Moore and a Mr. Morton (both on the Art Bell Show) seem to base their 'predictions' upon careful study of the great, Nostradamus (Michael de Nostradame), who has an accuracy rating of between 80 to 84%.
Fourth. It has been related by Mr. Moore that the Earth will be bombarded by an "asteroid" on July 30, 1999.
Mr. Moore, perhaps, is reflecting a prediction, or predictions, from Nostradamus and from NO OTHER SOURCE.
Point-of-fact: Nostradamus relates, in Century 1, Quatrain #16: "When the fish pond that was a meadow shall be mowed, Sagittarius being in the ascendant, Plague, Famine, Death by the military hand, The Century approaches renewal."
* Professor Henry C. Roberts, the leading interpreter of the Quatrains of Nostradamus from 1947 suggests the following meaning for #16: "In 1999, as the old century is about to expire, between November 23rd and December 21st., the climactic War of Wars shall be unleashed."
Does "Famine," seem to be a mistake by Nostradamus with "Fatima?" That could be a defense by Mr. Moore. ;)
In Conclusion:
A) "Famine," seems logically to follow, "Death." Not, "Fatima," nor the 'prophecies' thereof. This is nothing more than yet another, "Doomsday" approach to instill fear and malcontent, which influences certain people to buy books along that line: to support the author. B) God's truth - is free of charge . . . C) Being a 'proven clairvoyant' myself (and somewhat dubious of the term) allow me to present Century VIII, Quatrain #16, from the Great Nostradamus: "In the place where Jason carried his ship to be built, So great a flood shall be and so sudden, That there shall be neither place nor land to save themselves, The waves shall climb upon the Olympic Fesulan." * The recent floods in southern and central Texas? (Central America)?
And from Century II, #46: "After a great human change, another greater is near at hand. The great motor, reneweth the ages, Rain, blood, milk, famine, sword, plague, In the Heavens shall be seen a running fire with long sparks." * Leonid meteor shower?
** There is another mention of the month of July, 1999, by Nostradamus, which I will gladly post here as a follow up...or, we can leave that to another scholar of the Great Prophet, Nostradamus, who was actually a very righteous man--with God - and his fellow man and woman.
*** An "asteroid" Will NOT destroy the Earth on July 30, 1999. This is my prediction, based upon my own 'feeling' of this date.
Sincerely in Truth,
Jason Leigh
November 29, 1998 AD
Art Bell's Father Moore Interview
I bet that Father Malachi Martin would have a stroke--Art Bell's Father Moore----a catholic priest-----who says that it is his opinion that Jesus is not the Son of God----yet he endeavors---he says---to celebrate the Mass each Sunday---?????? (Art, something is going on.....)
Next, we learn that the earth is in peril every 30 million years ( true enough), but it turns out that the peril has to do with the Leonid Meteors which pelt Earth every year and severely every 33 years - and which have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the 30 Million year cycle of the Sun's transgression of the plane of the Galaxy---a strange mixture of science fact concerning Earth catastrophies at approximately every 30 million years, and fiction-related to the Leonids in the service of misinformation and sensation.
AND HEY - THE 3RD SECRET OF FATIMA IS REVEALED - BUT IM NOT INTERESTED ENOUGH TO GET THE TEXT - okay. The only danger to intelligent life on Earth here is from all the Bull Bolus being tossed about out of Parumph.
Fatima "Secret" - It's Not What You Think
By Leonard Marks < 11-30-98
Enjoyed seeing the latest news stories on your website. I listen to you Sunday nights on KFAB out of Omaha, and your program is never boring...sometimes wierd, sometimes hilarious, but NEVER boring!
I am writing because of the recent story your website posted on the "third secret of Fatima". I am a devout, orthodox Roman Catholic who is devoted to spreading the Fatima message. I work under the guidance of the Blue Army, which is an apostolate consecrated to sharing "Our Lady's Peace Plan From Heaven". As a Blue Army volunteer, I regularly encounter individuals and their followers who claim to know the Fatima secret, or the "real truth" behind why the secret was concealed, etc.
To set the record straight: the "third secret" (actually a third part of a secret, the first two parts of which have already been revealed) was addressed to "the Pope of 1960", and to be read by him only. It was never designated by the Virgin Mary to be revealed to the world. John XXIII, who was Pope in 1960, read it and declared "this is not for our time" and sealed the secret in the Vatican archives, leaving it for his successors. To claim that the third part of the secret was for all the faithful everywhere would be like saying that all Sightings listeners have a "right" to read your personal mail!
If, in fact, the "third secret" had been revealed, it wouldn't have been reported in some obscure article that the speaker could not remember. It would be printed and reported throughout the entire Catholic press, and we wouldn't be wondering if it were real or not.
The other point to keep in mind about the Fatima message is that it is directed to leading people to a lifestyle of repentance and reparation. In my wife's words, "the Fatima message is really boring!" And it is, in terms of entertainment value, and every one of the "Third Secret Revealed!" stories that I've read seem to be written for their entertainment value. Our Lady doesn't write for the National Enquirer...= So many of the "third secret junkies" are hyped on the apocalyptic nature of the Fatima message, which is miniscule in compariason to the overall content...but, as my wife so wisely points out, screaming about asteroids hitting the earth (or plagues being unleashed on mankind, or demons swarming the surface of the earth--other "Third Secret Revealed" texts that I've read) is interesting and makes people listen. Prayer, repentance, a steady and consecrated lifestyle...who wants to read about that?
The actual story of the Fatima apparition is fascinating, and I'd love to tell you about it if you'd like to know sometime. Either way, though, thanks for taking the time to read this and keep up the good work!
Evidence to support Father Charles Moore's
claim that an asteroid hitting earth is part of
the "Third Secret of Fatima"
By David Sereda ,
1. Ballantine Books "Meetings With Mary, Visions of the Blessed Mother" by Janice T. Connell. There is a story of a young woman from Akita Japan who has numerous meetings (apparitions of Mary and bears "Stigmata" on one of her hands. On page 117-118, the presiding Bishop in Akita Japan believes: "The Third Secret of Fatrima was never publicly disclosed. Fifty-six years later, at Akita, Japan, the Blessed Mother gave a secret to her children on October 13, 1973, the anniversary of her great cosmic miracle at Fatima. The presiding bishop of Akita, the Most Reverend John S. Ito, announced that he believes the following message given in his diocese is the actual third secret of Fatima, communicated as a divine warning once again for the entire world: "If the people do not repent and better themselves, God the Father will allow a terrible punishment of their own making to fall upon them. All humanity will be involved. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as has never been seen before on earth. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing not even priests. The living will be so desolate they will envy the dead. The only arms that will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Great Sign left by my son." These apparitions were the first to be fully approved by the church in over 50 years. 2. Italian Stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni has suffered the Stigamata (wounds of Jesus, crucifixion) for over 8 years. He bleeds every day and has had some 700 meetings with Jesus Christ and several with Mary. During a video taped lecture at the August, 1998 UFO Congress in Nevada, he revealed that has been told many phenomena and much wisdom by Jesus and Mary, among which Jesus told him of the potential for an asteroid to hit earth if humankind does not change its ways. Giorgio also has learned that Jesus appears to beings all over the universe and makes the extraterrestrial connection to beings visiting us from other planets, all whom will be part of the Long Awaited Second Coming of Jesus. Shockingly to The Judeo-Christian-Muslim Rites, Giorgio says Krishna. Buddha, Mohammed and countless other saints of all religions will be with Jesus Christ during the great event, all to happen before the year.. I know the answer and I have it all on video in an interview between myself and Giorgio Bongiovanni.
David Sereda
(310) 455-8725,
22076 Topanga School Road,
Topanga, CA 90290
Fatima Redux
From Leonard Marks <
Just read David Sereda's response to the whole "Fatima third secret / asteroid" thing--two questions come immediately to mind:
1) If the Akita apparition cited in David's response is actually stating the third part of the Fatima secret, then why hasn't the Vatican just said "sure, that's what it is, it's not a secret anymore"? In other words, when reliable, orthodox sources within the Vatican are questioned on the nature of the third part of the Fatima secret, not one that I know of has ever said "Just read the Akita apparitions". Neither, for that matter, have any of the fringe groups that claim to know the "real third secret" concurred with this information from Akita.
2) David writes that "Italian Stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni has suffered the Stigamata (wounds of Jesus, crucifixion) for over 8 years. He bleeds every day and has had some 700 meetings with Jesus Christ and several with Mary." And the bishop's name who has validated these apparitions is...? In Catholicism, the validity of an apparition is determined by the local ordinary, usually the diocesan bishop. So, for example, the validity of the Marian apparitions at Fatima, Lourdes, etc., were all thoroughly investigated by their diocesan bishops and proclaimed valid. Conversely, the local diocesan bishop of Medjugorje has investigated that series of "apparitions" and proclaimed them not valid. So who has investigated and validated this Giorgio Bongiovanni? Who has put his "imprimatur", if you will, on this man's message? The stigmata alone are not considered enough to be valid. If I sit in the lotus position, it doesn't make me a Buddhist, any more than having stigmata guarantees the sanctity of the speaker. If he is a valid, orthodox stigmatist, I really don't believe he'd be speaking at UFO conferences. If he is orthodox, then certainly the mainstream traditional Catholic press would have covered him long before now, and yet no one I know has ever heard of this fellow.
Just my .02, may include this rebuttal on your website (if you're not sick of the whole thing by now!)