The US Air Force,
Anti-Gravitation, & UFOs
© By Dr Pierre Guérin
From Gordon Creighton - Editor
Flying Saucer Review
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(Specially written for Lumières Dans La Nuit and for Flying Saucer Review. Translated from author's original text by Gordon Creighton.)
Note from Gordon Creighton - Literally within less than a week after I had jotted down my revised thoughts on Roswell and Colonel Philip Corso (see Editorial), I was amazed to receive the following astonishing document from FSR's old friend and ally, Dr. Pierre Guérin, one of France's most distinguished astronomers, for many years actively engaged at the Pic du Midi Observatory in the Pyrenees and at the famous Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris. In view of his eminence in his profession and his great knowledge and experience, I would suggest that we take very careful note of what Dr. Guérin now has to say. Dr. Guérin tells me that the article is appearing not only in Lumières Dans La Nuit, but also on the French Internet, and he has expressed the hope that FSR may be able to get my translation of it onto the English-language Internet, too. G.C.
The US Air Force, Anti-Gravitation, And UFOs © By Dr Pierre Guérin
As we all know, "Area 51" (otherwise called Groom Lake, in Nevada) is the most famous of the ultra-secret military bases of the United States.
Its existence is not officially recognized. The security perimeter around it has recently again been enlarged with a view to discouraging the efforts of curiosity-seekers equipped with binoculars or super-telescopic lenses who might be hoping to see UFOs flying there.
And in fact eyewitnesses have indeed, at night, seen strange luminous and silent craft flying there and executing trajectories that could not be the trajectories of aeroplanes.
We know of several cases of people who have apparently been subjected to brainwashing before they could go out from Groom Lake. In particular we will cite the cases of an RAF pilot who was in Nevada for training, and who inadvertently landed on the Groom Lake Base, and of an electrical engineer (Bob Lazar) who had been engaged to work there temporarily in secret Air Force hangars situated in the same zone.
Lazar, conscious of the absurdity of certain recollections that he had retained from his time there, stated that he had been ordered to work on repairing a UFO that had been recovered, and that as working equipment they had given him an ordinary electronic voltmeter without furnishing him with any sensible explanation, and that he had been able to have, and carry around with him, with impunity, a piece of the heavy transuranian Element 115 (unknown on Earth) serving as a base for the craft's anti-gravitational (?) engine.
Such sorts of scarcely credible assertions unfortunately managed to fool a few naive ufologists but, above all, they also served to ridicule Ufology in the eyes of sensible people and - more particularly - to discredit the rumours about the repairing of recovered UFOs at Groom Lake or the manufacture there of copies of UFOs, which doubtless was the purpose intended.
It is worth noting that Lazar remembers having had to drink liquids and to submit to sessions of hypnosis when he was working at Groom Lake.
As for the R.A.F. pilot, he was kept at the Base for several days, and when he came out he had amnesia and could no longer even remember his own name!
T hat this Base does exist, nobody can deny, and for good reason. And matters have now reached the stage that, from time to time, in specialized journalistic circles, certain reports on the activities carried on there even appear officially. Firstly, it is recognized that they are developing the hypersonic aircraft of the future there.
They state explicitly that these planes will be at least 15 years ahead of those already existing elsewhere in the world, and that the details of their performance will not be divulged before that same number of years have elapsed.
Nevertheless a few secrets have leaked out about one of these aircraft -AURORA, said to attain Mach 8 in the stratosphere.
The American authorities have recently laid on an 'Open Day' - assuredly of course not at Groom Lake itself, but on the Nellis Base, which surrounds it - in order to show to a selected public - certain of these aircraft, grounded, but assuredly not the most futuristic ones!
(One may wonder whether this operation was not just another means of 'defusing' the rumours about the presence of UFOs at Groom Lake or at other U.S. bases?)
The aircraft displayed were filmed by a team of reporters from French Television (FRANCE 2).
Seen in profile, the machines shown could vaguely evoke the idea of "flying saucers", but they weren't "flying saucers". It was more a question of "flying wings".
However fast these machines may be, they still behave - at any rate until proof to the contrary is forthcoming - in accordance with the classic laws of physics, although it has already been suggested (Aviation Week and Space Technology, March 9, 1992) that the B-2 was using an anti-gravitational system when flying at high altitudes. In any case, these aircraft aren't copies of UFOs. There is no indication that they can hover silently or zigzag at supersonic speed without producing any shock-wave. Numerous people have seen AURORA flying in the sky over the American South-West. This aircraft seems to be driven by ramjets. It has been said that it "richochets along on the air", no doubt because it leaves behind it a string of little condensations and emits a pulsed roar.
Assuredly its conception derives from a state-of-the-art technology that is indeed far in advance of what exists elsewhere, but there is no evidence to prove that the AURORA is equipped with an antigravitational system and even less reason still to indicate that it could perform hypothetical spatio-temporal 'short-cuts' such as the UFOs seem to know how to do.
Yet, nevertheless, among the reports, true or false, that trickle out into industrial and political circles about secret American research in the realm of flying machines, there are some that speak specifically of the study of flight by antigravitational means. (For a very long time past there have been ufologists who,though having no proof of it, have suggested this type of propulsion for the UFOs, for it could account for certain aspects of their movement).
In his book Les Etrangers de l'Espace* (The Strangers from Space) Donald Keyhoe reported that, at the beginning of the 1960s, a certain "PROGRAMME G" had been started up in the United States, mobilizing 7 aeronautical firms and 21 American and foreign universities - including the celebrated M.I.T., with a view to the discovery and the exploitation of the principle of Antigravity.
According to Keyhoe, in 1966, it had to be admitted that this research had still not been successful. But that they have not ceased and that they have even made progress is what we learn from an article in the very serious British review, JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY, which specializes in questions of defence and armaments around the world. I cannot do better than to quote some passages from this article from the review's issue of June 10, 1995:
"Technicians who dabble in the interpretation of visions do not always get it right. Take this example from a specialist US aviation magazine in 1956: "We're already working with equipment to cancel out gravity", Lawrence D. Bell, founder of the company that bears his name, was quoted as saying. Bell, apparently, was not the only one working in this field. others said to be seeking to master this arcane 'science' included the Glenn L. Martin Company, Convair, Lear, and Sperry Gyroscope. Within a few years, so we were assured, aircraft, cars, submarines, and power stations would all be driven by this radical new propulsion technology. Sadly, it was not to be".
The rest of the article passes in review of the various accomplishments in the realm of American futuristic aircraft derived from "black projects" (i.e. projects financed from funds free of any parliamentary control). In its conclusion, the article tackles more specifically the question of the very secret activities that are carried on at Groom Lake:-
Groom Lake, Nevada, is the epicentre of classified USAF research into Stealth and other exotic aerospace technologies. Several years after the collapse of the Soviet threat, activity and investment at this remote, highly secret air base (so secret that its presence is, as yet, unacknowledged by the U.S. Government) is till on the increase.
While research into less sensitive technologies (such as two-dimensional thrust-vectoring and advanced short take-off and vertical landing, ASTOVL) are pursued in the open at nearby Edwards AFB in California, Groom Lake is set to hang onto its secrets. The USAF's recent confiscation of 1600 hectares of public land bordering the facility is consistent with the Pentagon's desire to maintain its lead in quantum leap technologies -some of which, according to well qualified observers in and around the Nevada area, defy current thinking into the predicted direction of aerospace engineering.
That aerospace companies continue to look at highly radical alternative air vehicle concepts is evidence of the ongoing quest for breakthrough designs.
Glimpses into this world are rare, but provide some insight into likely 21st century research activity. The 1990 unclassified "Electric Propulsion Study" ( a quest for an anti-gravity propulsion system by another name ) conducted by the USA's Science Application International Corp on behalf of USAF's ( then ) Astronautics Laboratory at Edwards AFB, shows that USAF's visionaries are still being given free rein.
Until recently, BAe also provided internal resources for its own anti-gravity studies, and even went so far as to outline this thinking with artists' concepts -a case of Lawrence Bell's vision not being so wide of the mark after all.
Before he died, Ben Rich, who headed Lockheed's Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991, was quoted as saying: "We have some new things. We are not stagnating. What we are doing is updating ourselves, without advertising. There are some new programmes, and there are certain things -some of them 20 or 30 years old- that are still breakthroughs and appropriate to keep quiet about. Other people don't have them yet".
Thirty years from now, we may still not know the half of what is currently being tested in and around Groom Lake. -JDW.
As one can see, this text refers very clearly to certain entirely new research that represents "a leap into the unknown". This research, launched with the help of big American industrial firms (plus, according to Keyhoe, several universities), is said to be directed in particular at "antigravitational propulsion" (baptised as "electrical propulsion" -and we shall soon see why) and is said to have commenced soon after the end of World War II.
According to the text, this research would have quite rapidly yielded som results which are still kept completely secret, and are unknown to other countries, without our being told clearly whether antigravity properly called has yet been mastered, and whether or not certain of the machines tested at Groom Lake are already utilising this method of propulsion -but there is independent suggestion of this in the descriptions given by eyewitnesses positioned around the Base, and to whom we have referred above.
Obviously there is no mention in the article of the allegation made by ertain American ufologists dubbed as "the Lunatic Fringe", such as John Lear, according to whom aliens are said to be occupying underground laboratories in the Groom Lake Base, and allegedly are giving the American Military scientific and technical help in exchange for silence about the mutilations of animals and the abduction of humans.
It is all going on as if there is under way a progressive preparation of American and world opinion for the announcement of major advances -and obviously of purely terrestrial origin- in aerospatial science and technology, carried out in the greatest secrecy by the USA (and possibly Great Britain) over the past 30 years or more. Antigravity, it is indicated, would be at the core of this research.
U ntil now such revelations have scarcely ever triggered off any waves in the realm of theoretical physics, and shortly you will understand why this is so. On the other hand, there is good reason to think that they might be taken seriously in Intelligence circles, but I fear that the latter do not perceive the extremely grave implications that follow from it.
For matters aren't as simple as they might appear, and these revelations need to be examined from a critical point of view that, it seems to me, has scarecely been taken into account until now.
The problem which is posed is this: Is it realistic to believe that, via the distribution of countless sums of dollars to feed planned ultra-secret research, the discovery of the theoretical physics of antigravity ( not to speak of its practical application ) could be achieved in any reasonable period, starting out from the fundamental basics of our terrestrial science, without the rest of the scientific community knowing about it, and, above all, without the appearance of any prior signs of a crisis in physics obliging us to modify or enlarge those basics? I insist that the answer is NO. And here is why:-
Far too often people confuse fundamental physics and applied physics ( the latter leading to industrial applications ). This confusion carries with it the risk of leading too many responsible politicians and Military to cite the example of, say, the Manhattan Project, in support of the idea that, simply by "going all out" on a project, the Americans are capable of achieving a decisive breakthrough within a reasonable period of time, and yet still keep all the research secret.
Well now, the Manhattan project was in fact merely a technological project to build the atomic bomb. Certainly it was indeed gigantic for that period, but in no way whatsoever did it call into question the very foundations of theoretical physics. Quite to the contrary, it was entirely founded on them and, more precisely, on the theoretical principle of the equivalence of mass and energy (E = mc^2) which derives from Einstein's Restricted Relativity, added to which was the experimental fact of the chain-reaction of neutrons in a critical mass of uranium or plutonium, discovered already as early as 1939 and known to all atomic physicists from the start of World War II onwards.
If there was a secret, it was initially the secret of the nature of the project itself. After that, it was the secret of the techniques to be developed in order to achieve it: the separation of the uranium isotopes, the manufacture of the plutonium, the experimental determination of the critical mass (which cost the lives of several researchers who died from radiation, etc).
It was possible to keep such a technological piece of research as that secret for a period -which was in any case only limited -by maintaining all the different branches of it so compartmentalised that only those who had conceived the project knew what the final objective was.
BUT, on the contrary, the development of a system of antigravitational propulsion would imply that its theoretical bases have already been discovered! At the present time the theoretical bases are completely unknown to terrestrial physicists (even though some may suspect that they do know what they are) for the simple reason that they apparently do not derive from the bases of our own established physics, and at first sight seem to contradict them.
In the three-dimensional model of Space (which is the visible Universe in which we live) "gravity" -which Newton called "the force of attraction" of masses of matter -is inherently present in these masses which, in the modern framework of General Relativity, actually bend the "geodetics" of Space-Time (i.e. the trajectories of the mass bodies) as though a "force" were being applied to these bodies.
All matter attracts other matter in this fashion, deforming Space-Time, and today we know that even antimatter, in our universe, is attractive, and not repulsive, as at one time was thought.
General Relativity is evidently not the last word in science, even if up till now it has been confirmed with great precision by numerous consequences that one can deduce from it. It is possible that tomorrow certain experimental tests may produce a set-back for it. But we aren't at that point.
Moreover, quite a number of variations of the theory have now been proposed,still within the framework of a Universe of three dimensions. None of them has prevailed over the rest so far, but in any case all of them retain this fundamental property of the gravitational effect being inherent in mass. Moreover, the new attempts at the modelisation of spatial complexes with a Universe of several "leaves" (such as Dr Jean-Pierre Petit's idea of twin universes which would permit the discovery of spatio-temporal short-cuts for travelling in space) still retain this fundamental property of gravity.
So -at first sight- gravity does not seem at present likely to be cancelled out by any means whatsoever in the present state of our best established theoretical knowledge, unless it were possible to cancel out mass itself, which is nonsense. In fact, however, certain physicists do suspect that there may be a way out which would amount to considering gravitation as a consequence of electromagnetism, and not as a separate force on its own. Whence comes the idea that certain electromagnetic devices would enable weight ( i.e. attraction ) to be nullified without, of course, nullifying mass. ( Maybe this explains why the journalists who talk about the Air Force's secret projects always mention "research on electrogravity". )
Among the known attempts made in this direction by certain university researchers, some have turned out to be mathematically erroneous. Others are not open to the same charge, but under no circumstances can they lay claim of being a structured scientific theory analogous to Relativity or to the Quantum Theory:
At the very most (Puthoff, Haisch) they are exploratory perspectives that are more qualitative than mathematically established, and still totally unsuited for experimental exploration, and even less for an industrial one.
Such -in short- is the present state of the knowledge of the academic community of the world on this matter. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that an experimental plan, and an experiment, are said to have been carried out in 1992 by Podkletnov and Vuorinen of the Tempere University in Finland. These two authors are said to have produced an antigravitic effect yielding a 2% reduction in weight of objects placed above a core of superconductive ceramic in rapid rotation. (New Scientist, Sept 21, 1996).
No explanatory theory for the phenomenon was furnished by the authors who, curiously enough, were refused publication of their paper in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, despite the contrary judgement of the three referees commissioned to examine it. Podkletnov is said to have claimed that he was subjected to pressure not to divulge anything before a patent for commercial exploitation had been issued.
Just as Nuclear Physics is not a chapter in chemistry, but transcends chemistry, so the physics of tomorrow will transcend General Relativity ( or the improved theory that in the near future will replace it ). Maybe a so-called "unitary theory" will finally be worked out which will reconcile gravitation and quantum mechanics, and will be the prelude to a new scientific revolution opening the way to the electromagnetic concept of antigravitation. At present this concept remains outside of the classic bases of the physics that is taught, and is not truly on the agenda in the institutes of theoretical physics.
Such a revolution, of importance at least equal to the importance of General Relativity or Quantum Mechanics, could not take place in some university's theoretical physics laboratory without being known throughout the entire world, because all the specialists in these matters know each other personally, exchange ideas, publish their papers, and meet each other at international congresses.
This is the very condition required for their creativity. To impose secrecy on those of them who would get contracts with the Armed Forces would be both prejudicial to that creativity, and totally unrealistic.
The research worker in theoretical physics does his job with paper, a pencil, his intuitive sense, and his mastery of his mathematical tools, and also -nowadays- a computer for testing numerically the results derived from his models. He has to let his ideas ripen slowly and freely. And the minute he finds something he has to tell about it.
As one of my colleagues said to me one day: "It is more difficult to confine a theoretician to his office than antimatter to a bottle!"
I have no knowledge whatsoever of what is going on at Groom Lake. I have no idea whatsoever whether "Little Greys" are installed as bosses in underground levels of the Base. I have no idea whatsoever whether the Americans are repairing recovered flying saucers there, or whether they are themselves building them in entirety there. I have no idea whether they are contenting themselves with testing military material there of a very advanced technology calling for an exotic physics. BUT, ON THE OTHER HAND, WHAT I THINK I CAN AFFIRM IS THIS:-
EITHER: The snatches of information that the American Air Force permits to filter out regarding the research on antigravity that they are allegedly pursuing there are disinformation (and this cannot be excluded in view of the analysis that I have just given above ).
But then -why this disinformation? Several answers come to mind. The most immediate one is that they simply are trying to mislead those who are trying so hard to know the truth about the Air Force's secret projects.
OR: The Air Force or the Pentagon really are carrying on at Groom Lake (and no doubt at other sites too) ultra-secret research on antigravity -a "major leap into the unknown", and one that in practical fact is totally unknown to the entire scientific community of the whole world.
Such an ignorance on the part of the world's scientists implies that this research is proceeding in a closed circuit, devoid of any exchange whatsoever with the other physicists of the entire world. The very fact that, despite this handicap, they could have arrived -( in a record short time! )- at the creation of a new kind of physics that permits us to conceive of -or even to start embarking on -the construction of revolutionary antigravitational flying machines -why, that would be to fly right in the face of the method by which our own terrestrial science has always proceeded right from the very beginning of its existence.
Such a result, then would imply that the US Air Force has managed to "leap-frog" ahead, and possess access to theoretical information other than what is provided by the known fundamental terrestrial physics.
Some will, of course, at once think of the crashed craft at Roswell, but personally I find it scarcely possible to believe it. For the mere analysis and study of one machine, whether damaged in an accident or not, can hardly enable one to grasp the basic physics of its operation when those physics aren't even within the framework of any known theory -as was certainly the case back in 1947!
Well, there it is. Everyone will decide according to his own preference. AS FOR ME, -I'VE MADE MY DECISION, AS YOU WILL HAVE GUESSED. But I do admit that I am not able to base it on any decisive argument. I MERELY STATE THAT, WHATEVER REPLY THEY GIVE US, THEY ARE DECEIVING US. BUT WE'VE GOT USED TO THAT NOW. EVER SINCE THE UFO BUSINESS STARTED!
I t is amusing to note that, in his enthralling book, Revelations, Jacques Vallée, who himself lives in California, and knows the whole story of ufology right throughout and has investigated the "Lunatic Fringe" in order to denounce their credulity and the fashion in which they are being manipulated, does himself supply -( not intentionally, of course )- some arguments, even if not decisive ones, in support of the thesis that there is non-human technology at work at Groom Lake!
For in fact he admits, very objectively, that things have been seen flying over that Base "which it would be very difficult to differentiate from real saucers" -things which in fact are the cause of the reports referring to "spectacular sightings similar to the movements of true saucers". Obviously, of course, in his view those were merely craft of "an advanced terrestrial technology".
Supposing these telecontrolled "drones" come in several sizes, from little mobile discoidal platforms, almost totally silent and one metre wide, full of sophisticated electronics and with immense manoeuvrability, up to larger arial reconnaissance craft as much as several metres wide, some fitted with searchlights and some not. (It could have been a craft of this type that allegedly landed in December 1980 near an Anglo-American base at Bentwaters ( i.e. Rendlesham).
That "UFO", it seems, was already expected by the military authorities who, before the landing, had already deployed troops from the Base to proceed to the landing-site, as though in order to test the troops' reactions (a plausible enough interpretation that I won't contest.).
But, just as Vallée (anxious to ridicule those who believe in the existence of a great subterranean base, peopled with aliens, underneath Groom Lake) puts to such folk the question: "WHO COLLECTS THE GARBAGE?", I will return the ball to him, and put to him a question that is possibly far more embarrassing, namely:-
Rocket engines are always noisy, require a heavy load of fuel, solid or liquid, if the flight is to be of any duration.
Propulsion by rotary turbine (for lift) can be almost silent if the power source is electrical, and it would account for the faint hum of the objects. But as it is a flying machine, the weight-power relationship for the batteries producing that energy would be prohibitive, and the same is also true for a nuclear reactor.
Finally, propulsion by MHD (magnetohydrodynamics) -which would account for the objects' luminosity at night and for their performance, would require even more electricity, and would presume the problem of controlled fusion to have been resolved -which, in these closing years of this century, twenty years after the Bentwaters affair, it still isn't!
SO THEN HOW CAN THE FAKE UFOs AT GROOM LAKE AND ELSEWHERE FLY IF THEY AREN'T USING A TECHNOLOGY BASED ON ANOTHER KIND OF PHYSICS? I'm waiting for Vallée to give me the answer. Maybe, of course, there is one! But I confess I haven't found it yet...
I have all Donald Keyhoe's books, but put away in storage, and I can't access them easily, so I am unable to suggest which of the books it is that has been rendered into French as "Les Etrangers de l'Espace." G.C.
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