UFO Videotaped Over
Kunming, China
From Stig Agermose <>
UFO Over Kunming
By Alan Zhang
Guangzhou Morning Post
Published by Guangzhou Daily Press Group
Vol.002 No.067
(Kunming is situated in a high mountaineous area in the southernmost part of China, near the border with Burma, Laos and Vietnam. -Stig)
At noon on October 3rd, an unidentified flying object (UFO) moving across the sky over Kunming has been photographed by a man named Han with his video camera.
The UFO transforms constantly in the air, sending out dazzling light. First it flies in the shape of a blazing ball sandwiched by two pieces of black rubber and then five diamond shaped objects flying in a diamond formation, says Han. This process continued for more than ten minutes.
The Han family was in the graveyard paying their respects. At about 11: 50, Han took a look far into downtown Kunming and all of a sudden discovered an extremely dazzling object flying over the city. He observed the flying object with his video camera and shot about 3 minutes video tape of the UFO.