Ohio UFO Sighted With Strange Cone-Shaped Glow
By Kenny Young <>

Subject: Alleged sighting of object with a 'cone-shaped glow' Location: Gratis, Ohio (Preble County) Camden/West Elkton Road Date: October 22, 1998
Witness: Samuel XXXX (Name withheld, on-file), forwarded a report detailing a suspected UFO sighting from the small community of Gratis, located in Southern Ohio. His e-mail message, dated Oct. 22, 1998, states:
I saw something interesting tonight on the way home from work. My wife and I were on Camden/West Elkton Road, just north of Wayne Trace, when we noticed a bright light in the sky, flying low headed eastward. We recognized the light as the headlight of a bright aircraft, yet it pulsated instead of blinking on and off.
As the craft got closer we notice two blinking lights on both sides of the center light. We parked our vehicle in the middle of the road and just observed the craft as it came closer. I was out of the car listening for the recognizable sound of a helicopter. I knew it couldn't be a plane, as it didn't travel like a plane does.
As it came fairly close into view I noticed that it didn't make any noise like a plane, jet or helicopter. This craft "Hummed." I also noticed a bright rear light as it passed. I asked my wife how she would describe this bright light in the rear of the craft and we came to an agreement that it was yellowish/amber in color and it illuminated the rear section of the craft.
What was strange about this rear light was how it was illuminated in appearance. At first I thought I was looking at a jet engine flame, but there was no sound to support this, so it had to be a light that created this cone shape glow. If this was a rear illuminating light, I could not tell you what the shape of the tail section was.
I know this sounds confusing, but at first I thought it was a helicopter, with no sound but only a hum. After watching it "HUM" off into the distance, I believe it possibly could have been a chopper that uses some for of Silent Mode ability.
Samuel is an E.M.S. rescue coordinator. He first reported 'strange lights' previously seen by his wife and daughter near Gratis, Ohio in an e-mail message dated November 17, 1997. A separate, unrelated individual also reported a UFO near Gratis, Ohio on February 5, 1998. The details of these sightings are located at:
Investigation: The Preble County Sheriff's Department was contacted (937-456-6262) at 6:20 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 23. A female dispatcher who handled the call would not assist in the investigation, and when asked to check the logs reference any other reports similar to above, the dispatcher remarked: "I don't check logs."
Additional Comment: Gratis is 41.5 miles southwest of Fairborn, Ohio, home of Wright- Patterson Air Force Base.
This same area is also the locality of a very mysterious incident happening on September 8, 1998, in which an alleged helicopter was reported down in Preble County. A truck driver reportedly overheard a plea for help from a crashed helicopter pilot who requested that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base be alerted, a farmer in the area reported hearing aircraft engine sounds, and Dayton International Airport officials detected an E.L.T. (Emergency Locator Transmission) distress signal all within the same time-frame. A search and rescue operation conducted by The Butler County Sheriff's Office announced that no trace of a crashed helicopter had been found. For details on this incident, go to:
Samuel speculates the sighting of the object, which he frequently terms 'craft,' to be caused by some sort of 'stealth helicopter.' With this speculation, he also adds that he was unable to visually perceive any shape or form through the illumination caused by the unusual light (Would a stealth helicopter fly with lights? --KY)
Samuel has been sent a follow-up message with additional questions such as specific time of sighting, height of object, direction of travel and departure path, etc., requesting further details about the suspected sighting.
Filed; October 23, 1998 Kenny Young -- UFO Research