Mind Boggling Sculpted Rocks
Found In Puerto Rican Cave
Beyond Boundaries' Joyce Murphy Reveals Photos
Joyce L. Murphy, President of Beyond Boundaries UFO Research revealed to Jeff Rense and Sightings On Radio/The End of the Line some photographs of mysterious allegedly ancient sculpted rocks found in a secluded cave in Puerto Rico that if scientifically-dated to a period thousands of years back, represent truly an astonishing archeological discovery. It is suspected that the rocks, if genuinely ancient, might be from Atlantean or even pre-Atlantean times.
According to Murphy, who leads her selected small groups on expeditions all over the globe, the rocks were discovered by locals in caves that outsiders know very little about.
Clearly visible on the larger rock as shown here are: a pyramid, an eye, and a classic Adamski-looking UFO. The pyramid stands in true three dimensional form jutting up off the surface of the rock with a pearlized seashell as its capstone...the very top of which had broken off revealing an inside view which showed the pyramid was hollow part of the way down. The seashell capstone was clearly set into place much like the setting of a precious stone into a ring. The all-seeing eye is a symbol common around the world today and is most closely linked historically to Horus, the Egyptian Falcon God. Joyce was informed that locals have found many objects over the years which some believe may be pre-Atlantean. There are at least two other rocks, allegedly taken from the same caves, that Joyce was shown, one of which depicts a humanoid looking face on one side and a skull on the other.
If the rocks weren't amazing enough, Joyce was told that in one of these caves, perhaps the one that the pyramid, eye and ufo rock came from, little alien beings are said to dwell. For years, the locals have heard buzzing noises occasionally coming from inside the case while standing at the entrance which they say are most definitely not bees (remember the reports of the Varginha aliens making a 'buzzing' noise?). They say the cave has not been fully explored to date.
Located at the bottom of the mountain in which the caves are situated is a usually dry river bed, where, when there is water, locals have done their wash over the course of many generations. One woman of 50 told Joyce that when she was a small child she once went to the river with her grandmother to do the laundry. When they arrived, her grandmother warned her to "only PLAY with the little people", that under no circumstances was she to go off with them because "they might not bring you back." The lady described the little creatures as looking like the common grey aliens but decidedly white in color. This was just one of several reports given to Joyce about the "little people" living in areas of Puerto Rico.
Further, Joyce was told of a tunnel and parts of which are claimed to glow as in Erik von Daniken's book "Gold of the Gods." Joyce will be leading a Beyond Boundaries Expedition back to Puerto Rico soon to veiw the rocks again, try to arrange scientific dating and analysis, and to attempt to do more research on the mountain caves from which these intriguing artifacts were reportedly taken.
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