Alleged UFO Crash
On Video Tape
Submitted by Skye Turell
From the Farsight Institute BBS.
Posted by Larry on Sunday, 10-26-97
From: Dave Everett
Last night on Channel 10 news (here in Australia) they showed a short video clip that I believe is being shown at the Brisbane UFO Symposium.
The video camera tracks a glowing object (looks cigar shaped or disc seen from the side) as it travels from right to left. The object follows an arc toward the ground, strikes the surface and bounces back into the air, following a parabolic trajectory before hitting the ground again and exploding into many glowing pieces.
The whole trajectory is reminiscent of a stone skipping on water.
The object is travelling at a high speed and appears to be quite large (forgive me for those precise technical phrases).
Does anyone have more information on this video or have the faintest idea what I'm talking about?
-Dave Everett.
The videotape segment you refer to was indeed shown to the audience at the Australian UFO Symposium, organised by the Queensland UFO Network (17-19 October).
The (colour) tape was soundless and ran for approximately 15 seconds.
It depicts a fairly bleak desert landscape, similar to White Sands, mountain ranges in the far distance. It is daylight.
A very large, white glowing object appears from the right of the screen at low altitude, almost skimming above the surface, at I would guess no greater range than one to one-and-a-half miles distance from the camera.
The speed of the object is very fast, probably 200-300 mph.
The object travels horizontally for a short period, then dives below relatively minor sized hills in the foreground before rising up to continue what is a fairly erratic course.
Finally, the object hurtles into the ground and 'explodes' into hundreds of bright, almost flare-like fragments.
No vapour, no smoke no flames (even at the point of impact) were discerned.
As the object travels across the desert, at least two wooden telegraph poles flash by - I noticed a jerky movement of the camera at the point where it passed behind the second telegraph pole.
My immediate impression?
Very difficult to form any definitive conclusion on the basis of one, and then several further private showings where the tape was played over back and forth.
If it's a fake, then it's a good one. I can see how some conventional test plane might be masked over via frame-by-frame photo shop techniques. The fact that the tape starts and ends so abruptly and is devoid of anything which might further complicate a hoax i.e., people, vehicles, buildings etc, should be noted.
The individual who brought the tape to Brisbane is Jonathan Eisen [sic] who speaks with an American accent but gives his address as Auckland, New Zealand.
Source of tape is confidential at the moment, but Jonathan surprised me when I asked if he could tell me when it was shot - he said it was filmed this year.
He did share with me a number of computer enhanced images which he claimed had been derived from intensive study of the footage - I believe he said that some three weeks had already been spent on analysis.
It will be interesting to discover more about the background of the film, and what conclusions are drawn from those currently investigating its properties. No one should get too excited at the emergence of what is claimed to be the world's first videotaped footage of a UFO crash, until as such times as the full facts are known and the tape has gone through the 'mincer' of independent analysis.
Interesting footage all the same.
Best regards,
Graham W. Birdsall (Editor)
UFO Magazine [UK]

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