Triangular UFOs Over
Rishon Letzion Israel
By Barry Chamish <>
In early November two residents of Rishon Letzion, some fifteen miles southwest of Tel Aviv contacted me through my UFO website. Both had seen impressive triangular UFOs over the skies of the city. Rishon Letzion has become Israel's premier UFO hotspot over the past year. Last November, 16 year old Gil Bar filmed an Israeli Air Force F-15 chasing an elliptic-shaped UFO over Rishon Letzion in broad daylight. He publicized his accomplishment and this led to his collecting of four other UFOs filmed by Rishon Letzion Residents. On November 5 of this year, Gil and I visited the two latest witnesses. Our first stop was at Adrian Dvir's apartment. Dvir, an electrical engineer by trade, is convinced that aliens guide his hands while healing ailing patients. He has gathered around him a group of five other "alien healers" and on October 9 while they were meeting together, a UFO appeared in the sky and they filmed it. Now I interject. Adrian tried his "alien healing" on me and, to say the least, I remain a total skeptic about his claims. Nonetheless, his film is the genuine article. It is a splendid amateur film of a craft with no shortage of background perspective backing its veracity.

The finest moment on the film is a closeup of the craft revealing three beautiful balls, one orange, the others silver and white in a perfect triangular formation. This is one of the finest UFO films taken in Israel and that is saying a great deal. It has been my experience at UFO conferences on three continents that Israeli UFO footage is the most compelling and genuine in the world. Our next stop was at the nearby home of Avishai Granot. He is a twenty year veteran of the Israeli Defence Forces who is now a computer graphic artist. He prepared a graphic of the UFOs he witnessed for us. They were two triangular craft which flew over the eastern section of Rishon Letzion on October 16. They matched Dvir's description and his film. Granot told us, "The UFOs came from the north at lightning speed, hovered over the city for about a minute and disappeared in a flash making a suction noise as it went." When he saw Dvir's film he immediately identified the craft captured on the screen as the same ones he had seen." Initially Granot would not say what his function was in the army. He only hinted, "I know every craft and weapon we've got and what I saw wasn't one of them." Over the evening Granot, a very intense man, warmed up enough to admit that the military and police used his parapsychological gift in many ways, including in the location of missing soldiers. He is most reluctant to detail his gifts but gave us examples of what can best be described as autokinesis. He has long given up the practise of parapsychology bcause of the strain it put on his life. Gil and I left, perplexed to say the least. He was even more skeptical of Adrian Dvir's claims of alien healing talents than I was, and I was the one who suffered through a demonstration on his healing table. Yet both of us acknowledged that Avishai Granot was a most stable and serious witness. And we agreed the evidence we had collected was superb. Dvir's film was beautifully corroborated by Granot's graphic. In an area of 100,000 people, the only witnesses to this most remarkable triangular UFO claimed extraordinary mental powers. Dvir and his fellow healers boasted of theirs, while Granot reluctantly admitted that his had been recognized by the Israeli military. "What do you think it means?" asked Gil. I confidently answered, "God knows."
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