Los Altos Hills, California---Dr. Norman Bergrun, a highly respected scientist, engineer and author who has received many awards for his work in aeronautics and astronautics, has made a detailed study of photographic data sent back from planet Saturn by Voyagers I and II spacecraft missions, and has arrived at some fascinating --- and often startling---conclusions.

Applying his knowledge of physics and flight science, Dr. Bergrun has concluded that the photos demonstrate that the rings of Saturn are not natural occurring phenomena, but are the result of immense mobile objects orbiting the sixth planet from the sun. Even more amazing, he presents strong evidence that these mobile objects have intelligence associated with them, and that they have visited Earth's moon and probably Earth as well.

"These are not conclusions you ordinarily would expect from someone with such a traditional background", says Dr. Bergrun, a graduate of Cornell and LaSalle Extension Universities who has done postgraduate work at Stanford, "but upon applying scientific rigor to the study of Saturn, its rings and its moons, the facts keep pushing me toward some inescapable conclusions".

On August 22, 1980, the first Voyager spacecraft began beaming spectacular images back to Earth, giving a window into the universe unlike anything previously available. Dr. Bergrun, a former scientist at the Ames Laboratory of NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (now the Ames Research Center, NASA) worked for the Lockheed Missiles and Space Company and Douglas Aircraft before founding his own research and engineering company in 1971. He watched the images coming back from space when Voyager I experienced closest approach to Saturn on 12 November 1980 and again on 26 August 1981 for closest approach of Voyager II to Saturn. He noticed that the photos taken only about nine months apart showed some remarkable differences --- differences he felt needed investigating.

"That was the starting point for me. I've been researching this ever since", reports Dr. Bergrun.

His book, RINGMAKERS OF SATURN, uses some faurly sophisticated science to arrive at and make some of its points, but Dr. Bergrun has made a real effort to make it accessible to non-technical readers. Thirty nine full-color plates, based on spectacular NASA images, help make his presentation understandable and amply demonstrate the strange anomolies that the author finds so beguiling.

"Most of us were taught that the rings of Saturn could be explained by natural occurrences --- primordial matter or remnants of small broken moons that had collided around Saturn in the early days of the solar system", explains Dr. Bergrun. "Several years ago, a number of folks in the astronomy and physics world began theorizing that these rings had to be much younger than the universe, perhaps only about 100 million years old. But one pair of pictures shows a change in five minutes"!

Sifting through a number of images, what Dr. Bergrun saw at first were unexplained points of light and then, with the help of a microscope, unmistakable shapes of giant cylindrical objects spewing trails of affluent from along their length and at both ends.These cylindrical shapes appear at different positions in the ring system, and it is Dr. Bergrun's assertion that the objects are, at least in part, responsible for the appearance of Saturn's ring system. He believes that the rings are not a natural occurrence at all, but rather a kind of pollution left behind by objects orbiting Saturn. The objects are no "compact models". According to Dr. Bergrun, the Saturnian objects can range in length fron about one to three Earth diameters.

Turning attention to the properties of some of Saturn's moons that have long baffled astronomers, Dr. Bergrun has been able to deduce the electromagnetic character of the cylindrical objects. Some little-understood features of the Saturn ring system, such as partial rings, can be explained by the presence of these cylinders. He also submits evidence that suggests that one of these strange objects may have visited Earth's moon and left an impression of its frontal nose profile on the surface. Other evidence suggests that these cylinders in the vicinity of Earth may account for inexplicable phenomena ranging from unusual weather patterns and newly discovered "dry lightning" to periodic world-wide extinctions and the devastating atmospheric explosion over Tunguska, Siberia in 1908.

Since ancient times, people have gazed into the night sky and wondered, "Are we alone"? Whether you are convinced by Dr. Bergrun's cogent presentation or not, RINGMAKERS OF SATURN, offers a captivating explanation for many of the mysteries of Earth and space.

RINGMAKERS OF SATURN can be obtained in the United States by calling 1-800-597- 5951, or by writing Blue Star Marketing, 1920 Monument Blvd., Suite 534, Concord, CA 94520. Dr. Bergrun will be happy to autograph your copy of RINGMAKERS OF SATURN. Please tell the operator how you would like it signed