Conspiracy Of Silence
Report On Expedition To Tian-Shan
By Nikolay V. Subbotin <>
Copyright by Nikolay Subbotin ø 1998
Russian UFO Research Station ø 1998
Note - We have gone through Nikolay's English translation and smoothed out the entire text for reading and comprehension. This took a number of hours. Great effort was made to protect the intent and substance of his original report.
The Secret of a UFO crash in Tian-Shan remains not solved.
The usual ufology case about supervision a UFO has turned to almost detective investigation. I never to meet such avalanche of the inconsistent documents and attempts to deform the information. As soon as I have heard the story from Emil Bachurin about the accident of a UFO in Tian-Shan and told it to friends on the Internet, some interesting versions began appearing. These versions appeared quickly and were made so professionally, that it produced the idea of a conscious attempt to deform the information. Here some of these versions:
1) Version of Nikolay Romanov:
"On April 22, at the Cosmodrome Baikonur was carried out an unsuccessful attempt to launch the Russian portion of international space station "Alpha", being a key in the series of launches within the framework of creation of this project. The launch was carried out with a rocket of a class "Energy A".
On the fourth minute of flight, with switching work of systems of the ship to the second stage, there was an emergency refusal of automatic control of the launch first stage which a consequence that there was an explosion and destruction of a working part of the second stage of the rocket, failure of control systems, and the subsequent fall of the ship in the difficult mountain district Central Tian-Shan places.
The launch of the space station module which was intended to a conclusion in an orbit, contained the basic modules of power installation of the future space station, and in particular system from four portable nuclear engines of a class IZOTOP-660-II specially developed within the framework of the project.
With the failure, what followed was a partial destruction of the rocket carrier in stratosphere, and resulted in strong pollution at the place of the crash of the the module by components of rocket fuel. The access to the place of the fall of the ship is complicated because of wood fires and adverse climatic conditions.
>From available information, in area of the crash there was significant emission of radioactive substances presumably because of destruction of one of the space station sections, damaged when fall of the module of station took place. Available Ministry of a Defense of Russia snapshots of the place of accident made by companions, shows that with failure of the rocket carrier has broken up to two parts laying from each other a distance approximately in 26 kilometers. The first and second stages practically are completely destroyed with failure. A top part of the rocket with the space station payload and not separated at the moment of fall along with third and fourth stages of the rocket are in the partially destroyed condition.
The head section of a the rocket breaks in several places. The general area of fall of fragments of the ship and potential sites of pollution of an earthly surface makes up about 140 kilometers. Nowadays area of fall of the ship is under the control of the military. There is an evacuation of the local population from villages close to place of accident. At the place of the crash, the special brigades of Ministry of Extreme Situations and Ministries of Defense were sent.
The above stated information was received from a personal friend - an officer of the Main Staff of Air Forces."
This version appeared just two days after my declaration on the Internet about a UFO accident in Tian-Shan. This information by Nikolay the Romanov is completely false. Actually start of the space station was planned for a later time, and the information on its failed launch has not proved to be true.
Such frank distortion of the information caused an alert. Was it not clear from whom this distortion of the information could came? If the fact of crash of a UFO really has taken place, would not the military find it necessary to suppress interest in this theme? Or, the military wanted to have more time to hide fragments a UFO? It is quite possible that is what happened. Three years ago, I interviewed the Russian military, which was headed in a rocket troop group behind supervision and registration with UFO. I was shown the confidential order, which described the order of registration, and granting of the documents in the special confidential military parts.
2) Version of the assumption of an accident of a dirigible balloon with the nuclear engine was stated. Dirigible was to carry radar equipment for detection low flying of planes. The version was rejected as very fantasy. Though such projects were considered.
3) Accident of a UFO. This version was subjected to the greatest study, as all facts confirmed it. The description of the UFO was already known as a kind of UFO recognized in world ufology. And the location of the accident was well known. We decided to check out this last version. The witnesses, place of accident of the UFO, the route and many other details were known which helped to us to organize the expedition of August 19-28, 1998. Before leaving on it, we detail thought in detail about the route of expedition and planned the basic goals:
> 1) To find the place of the crash of the UFO; > 2) To try to photograph the place of the crash of the UFO; > 3) To bring samples.
We left Moscow for Almatis on August 19, 1998. That very day we found German Svechkov's son - Vasily Svechkov. We managed to find out that his expedition to the UFO crash happened in 1992. Svechkov really has suffered and was severely sick after this expedition. Vasily Svechkov was very much alert and talked to us nervously, as if something had made him afraid.
On our request to give the address of his father, German Svechkov, he has answered with a refusal. He said that in Almatis one more participant of expedition 1992 still lives but he has forgotten who it is. Emil Bachurin had offered to find German Svechkov before we left, but the chief of expedition Anton Bogatov, had given up. Anton hurried up because of the economic crisis, which has arisen in Russia. He has left his business >without a reliable chief and was afraid, that in his absence the business >can deteriorate. Anton Bogatov was our main sponsor and had allocated for the >expedition about $3000. The sum was very insignificant and forced us >to work quickly and prudently.
I am sure, that the decision to not search for German Svechkov was an error. I till now can not understand why the Anton was against this meeting with German Svechnov. It was as if someone forced him to not do it. As has appeared later, that decision has resulted in the failure of the expedition.
In the evening on August 20, we left for Karakol. It is small city, approximately 400 kilometers from Almatis and 250 kilometers from the UFO crash site. We wanted to rent helicopter there to reach the crash place quickly and to put camp to begin researches.
We spend the night in local hotel; in morning we go to the airport. We meet with the chief of air group. He speaks that they do not have the helicopter. Last helicopter, which was at a border station, had broken two months back. This news made us very despondent. The was only enough money left to rent a helicopter and return home. The chief of air group says - we can rent a helicopter at a camp of climbers, which is located only 50 kilometers away; interesting for us. But for us to get there a special sanction is necessary which can be received only from a border guard (this place is very close to Chinese border).
We were against a wall. It was necessary for us to receive the special pass. The place the UFO crash is in a border zone and to go there it is necessary to have the special sanction.
We again collide with problems. The chief of border group directs us to branch of militia. At branch of militia we are told that first we should be registered with a passport service of Kazakhstan. By the passport service of Kazakhstan, we are told that we should at first visit the local KGB. From the KGB we are again sent to the militia. We were going in a circle. They clearly did not want to give us access to the UFO crash location. By waiting three (?) we still could not receive the sanction to enter the border zone.
Our only option was to rent the small plane, an AN-28, and to fly over the UFO crash site. But in this case there were two unpleasant details: 1) from the plane it is very difficult to make a quality photo; 2) Emil Bachurin warned about danger of approach to the UFO closer than one 1 kilometer, as he said object radiated a field which would work on the devices of planes.
Nevertheless, we have decided to go there without missing the opportunity. We hoped that our journalistic certificates would help us. There was a real danger that that we could be arrested for infringement of a border zone.
Underway, we were overtaken by one more obstacle - our car has broken. We almost stood for four hours under a cold rain. But this stop has brought small unexpectedness. Coming toward us, there was a shepherd. From him we learned that the place we were interested was only in 20 kilometers >from the place of breakage of the car. It appeared that the place was possible to be reached by car but then it would be necessary to pass 10 more kilometers in mountains.
We did not have with the necessary equipment, so we decided to take advantage of the helicopter. The shepherd has told that near this place there is a sacred source...a healing location. There, very many people frequently are treated. A place this sacred for the local inhabitants and they named its Shaitan Mazar - Grave of Devil. One of their legends says earlier there was a gold mine there with a mysterious image but the people who made it have disappeared
On August 23, 1998, we arrived at the border near Mai-Odir. We were lucky, we were not arrested and were even permitted to put tents near the command post.
The next day we took off by the helicopter to search for the UFO crash site. Money remained very low. It was necessary to get to the site as quickly as possible. One of villagers with a videocamera and camera at the right side of the helicopter opened a porthole and began to take video. The freezing wind beat into my person, my eyes dewed. Emil Bachurin in a cabin of the pilots watched instruments and observed the land below. Approximately 20 minutes later we found the place which Emil had told us about. To our huge surprise the UFO was not there!!!
We landed on an equal level. Altitude - 4800 meters measured on devices by the helicopter. We began to survey the place and found a point of contact of the UFO with the surface of a mountain. There was a hole approximately 20 meters in length. No traces of sliding were found. On two equal strips, stones were laid on a slope, as if someone specially has spread out them so. All stones were broken and smooth. The Earth there seem very much fresher than the surrounced area. It seemed that the slope was artificial. Probably, someone has cleaned traces of the crash?
Oleg Murashev found a strange trace on ground, which was very similar to a paw of an animal with three claws. Emil Bachurin further found special labels left by his last expedition. We have collected samples of stones and ground. Our magnetic devices have not shown any anomaly. Emil was very much surprised, he precisely identified the place, but in no way could understand where the UFO had gone.
We then lifted off and began a control survey of area. Only from height, I could see and photograph with video a strange linear trace on the next slope. It reminded of a landing platform as in an air station. At the end of a linear trace there was a round platform with a diameter approximately 20-25 meters. This structure very much resembled a platform for a helicopter. Probably, it was used by the military for evacuation of fragments of the UFO.
We returned to camp upset and disappointed. The results have not proved to be good. We can not prove that a crash has taken place. Where the object had gone?
We collected our things and we prepared for the trip home. I report exactly as things happened. Half of members of expedition think that Emil simply has invented the whole history, but the facts convince otherwise. A witness was found who observed a similar object: Igor Vislobokov (Igor Vislobokov < >)
In 1991, while being in the army, in a battalion in which I served (it there was a special part 5041 of Odessa), I was in Karabah, in territory of Azerbaijan in Agdam. And here, on one evening, as I sat with two comrades, we have heard his disturbed shouts.. By running outside we have seen in the sky something, which looked precisely like that cigar mentioned in the Tian-Shan history. At once we were struck by the sizes. In spite of the fact that the altitude could not be defined by looking, it was clear that the size of objects flying in the sky that humans had not yet created.
The cigar for some time hung motionlessly and silently in place, almost in zenith above us. Then without seeing it accelerate or showing the beginnings sudden movement, it completely silently and suddenly disappeared. It strongly has struck, since. There was clear and cloudless weather, was not cloud. Thoughts of hallucination or optical deceit disappear, since the cigar was observed from the different and very spread out locations by our battle comrades which were taking place on various K in Askerans, on a road to Lachin. (object was seen by the 65-70 our colleagues. Then on day 3 after, only conversations about it was). Now many of them live close, and they can confirm the fact. Just this concurrence to the Bachurin cigar UFO force me to believe in truthfulness of a his story.
As a result of discussion there were some versions:
1) Objects were there, but they were removed by the military. It is possible to trust this version. We saw unwillingness of the militaries to admit us in territory of a UFO crash. 2) Emil Bachurin was consciously deceiving Svechkov. Such option is excluded also because his reasons for doing so are unintelligible. 3) It is possible, the case, known in a ufology, that a holographic display of a UFO took place. In such instances there does not remain any traces of an object, but the various anomalies which were observed in this case, for example, burns on a body (such burns I saw on hands of Bachurin).
It is possible to make the following conclusions by results of expedition:
I. FACTS 1. It was not possible to confirm presence of the UFO at the site, which Emil Bachurin has identified as the correct location. It was not possible to confirm the seen anomalies, such as trace of sliding, traces of cave-in (it should remain, as the surface of area consists of soft clay), traces of explosion. It was not possible to find out magnetic anomaly - compass, and devices on the helicopter worked correctly, except for single jump in the altimeter, which is explained by sharp differences of heights. 2. By watching the psychological condition of Emil Bachurin at the site of the alleged UFO crash, he really witnessed something unusual. Because upon landing he showed shock by not finding the UFO at the place. During the time in the air before landing back at air station he looked very suppressed and thoughtful. 3. The presence of th place Shaitan Mazar (name confirmed is not geographical). The settlement of cowherds (Shaitan Mazar) is approximately 10 kms from the crash site. Periodically, local clergyman go there to heal the people, because nearby there is a sacred source. About this place to us in detail has told a cowherd, whom we met on the way to the airport. 4. It was possible to find an alternative route of the original Svechkov expedition, which without special handicaps permits you to approach by vehicle directly from Shaitan Mazar, and there to go on foot into the mountains. 5. We did find the German Svechkov son, Igor, who spoke for about 15 minutes with Emil Bachurin and Alexey Kostenko. Svechkov son confirmed the fact of similar original expedition and even has told about the participants of expedition, after which expedition was slightly touched in the mind. Svechkov refused to give coordinates, by explaining that he lives behind the city, and remembers only "on an eye". He left impression of the person slightly frightened and very much alert. Unfortunately, despite of the persevering request Emil Bachurin to organize a meeting about German Svechkov, Anton Bogatov (the sales manager of expedition) has rejected this decision. Nevertheless, Svechkov's son has hinted that his father in that season has carried out TWO expeditions to different sites, which does not exclude the presence of one more "anomaly." 6. From conversations with the pilots and border guards, it was not possible to confirm presence of object and anomaly in that area neither now, nor earlier.
II. CONJECTURES 1. Expedition had a number of strange events, which not only slowed down, but also complicated the success of the expedition and any possible better results. 2. At the location of the alleged UFO crash, we (I and Oleg Murashev) photographed, recorded on video, and observed the strange trace reminding us of a paw with three claws imposed on perimeter stones - it should be noticed (my assumption). Complete unmagnetizing of my credit cards - Cirrus Maestro is completely spoiled, Visa is read out from 10-15 of time (influence on magnetic cards metal by detector at the airport?). The linear track on the ground at the prospective site of the UFO crash seen only from the helicopter (the assumption - an old track is found out? Washing away of mountain stones by erosion?), the track leaves the impression that it is 100% artificial, it is too linear. The breaking of the camera at the UFO crash site and failure of photo flash (assumption - coincidence? everything breaks that can break). 3. The efforts of law enforcement bodies to counteract our group. 4. Expedition did not have a choice there was only one helicopter on which we could depart. The group was accompanied by the assistant of the chief of group border guards, and any video the operator in bare including in the helicopter and not wanted to leave, even after our requests. There was still option, completely wild to take, to rent an AN-28, but then chance something to find was reduced to a minimum. The expedition was put before the fact - or this helicopter, or - anything! 5. Really have felt counteraction on the part of law enforcement bodies (though again our bad preparation for expedition) could have an effect.
III. SUMMARY 1. To confirm the fact of presence of the object it was not possible. 2. The role German Svechkov requires thorough check, and mainest - daughter of Emil Bachurin, in this history. 3. At the given stage the theme with accident a UFO in Tian-Shan can be closed, before our conversation about Svechkov. 4. The accurate check of the brought samples is necessary.
In all this story there is one more character, about which up to the present I have not said anything. This history should be begun from it. Recently, Emil Bachurin's daughter (Ingrid Lefftov) was found. He had not seen her for more than 30 years! During visit to her in April 1998, she told him that together with German Svechkov participated in expedition to a place of another crash of a UFO. It turned out, that Emil and Ingrid were able to take a helicopter and to fly on this place. Emil told about me about this after returning home. But most interesting - his daughter has an extra sense...having strong gift of suggestion! Maybe, we deal with an action planned against main Russian ufologists. I till now am not sure that the woman who presents herself as a daughter of Emil Bachurin really is his daughter. It is possible that Emil has been subjected to hypnosis.
We came back home by different ways. On the way home, Emil went to visit the daughter. He returned one week after me and said that in Kazakhstan an attack on him occurred...he was not lost! Who needed to make an attack on a 63 year person???
My photographic films to me and were returned by the Moscow colleagues on expedition. Unique that there was at me - a videorecording of flight on a place of failure a UFO. My credit cards have appeared completely unmagnetic. There were some witnesses, which have accused us of lying. Many strangenesses around this case.
On September 22 the journalist Oleg Murashev has called me from Ekaterinburg. He said he wants to continue investigation and find a daughter of Emil Bachurin.
The story continues.

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