The Devil's Grave...
Almost Fantastic Story
(continuing the "Russian Roswell" Story)

By Nikolay Subbotin
Director RUFORS (Russian UFO Research Station),
Emil Bachurin
Pioneer of Perm's Abnormal Zone, Veteran UFO Researcher
From Anatoly Kutovoy <kutovoj@MAIL.IAE.LT>
Shaitan Mazar (The Devil's Grave), Kazakhstan - The Real story
From UFO UpDates-Toronto <>

Artwork by James Neff, ©1998

Note - I have clarified and focused some of the text in Anatoly's translation to make it more understandable and easier to read. -JR
April, 1998
A military helicopter made a wide cautious circle above the canyon and slowly, turning to the right side, went down. Breaking low cumulus clouds with its blades, the machine went lower and lower, trying to find a flat place on snowbound stones. Its three-colour camouflage paint made it more discernible in this black-and-white world of snow and rugged mountains.
A pilot set right a headphone and turned back to passengers. A Major in the frontier guard nodded and waved his hand: "Here!" His companion with his nose buried in a porthole, broke off from looking at the ground, pulled out a creased paper from a pocket, verified something with a map, and also nodded.
The canyon was covered in morning mist. The pilot unexpectedly turned the helicopter and below, on a flat area like an asphalted platform, an object laid. It looked like a GIGANTIC "DIRIGIBLE" and was more than half-kilometer in length. It had been split nearly into two equal by a powerful explosion.
The Major looked at his companions: "Is this it?". The person with note in a hand noded again: "Yes! This is our UFO!.."
* * *
I had not seen Emil for almost two months and his visit to me at home on the beginning of May was absolutely unexpected. Almost from the doorstep he dazed me by the news: "Nikolay, I have visited a place of the UFO's accident!" More than detective history foregoing of this expedition deserves a special large article. Nevertheless, Emil was possible getting the AF helicopter for some hours and to see about that he heretofore only had heard from G. G. Svechkov, Director of Kazakh Branch of SAKKUFON .
"Photographs? Where are the photos?!" I cried. Emil only woebegonely held up his arms up: "They failed, all film came back completely overexposed." This amazing effect, bringing delight to UFO skeptics, is well known to ufologists. Nevertheless, there are no proofs, only Emil's sketch, on which he hastily has outlined an appearance of the device and these strange burns on his hands...
I switch on a dictophone:
* * *
August 28, 1991, at 04:42 (local time). The tracking radar station on Mangyshlak peninsula flashed on the screens a very large object which appeared from no where almost in centre of screens. The screens showed an object with a length of 600 meters and diameter about 110 meters.
The object moved to the northwest of the radar station, above the Caspian Sea, from west on east at a level of 6600 meters at even cruise speed of 960 kms/hours. It did not answer on IFF (Identification - Friend or Foe) requests . Experienced operators have suspected immediately that they were dealing with an unidentified radar target, i.e. probably a UFO.
After four minutes, at 04:46, all of them called the cosmodrome (spaceport) at Kapustin Yar and asked whether an unscheduled special launch of something was made there. From Kapustin Yar at once came the answer: "No, but our radar, too, observes this object."
As it is necessary this information was sent immediately to Caspian Staff of antiaircraft zone and to the mystery object there were directed two MIG-29 fighters which were on a patrol flight to the south of Shevchenko town and another two patrol MIGs was sent from aerodrome K.
The battle task was put to the pilots: to identify the object and, if it is obviously technology under intelligent control - to make it land at the spare aerodrome in K.; and in case of disobedience, to open fire on it and to destroy it. They settled on a point of interception over the western coast of the Aral Sea.
The interception occurred at exactly calculated time, 05:12. The pilots observed the object visually and on screens of radars. A new series of identification "Friend or Foe" requests were issued, and a command to fall in and to go behind a leading fighter was given. The object did not react in any way to either.
It looked like a huge dirigible balloon without any outstanding details, dimly shining in the sunlight. The surface, not covered by the sun, looked like grey stainless steel. In a top part on each side of the object two round "portholes" were set at diameter of 1/6 height of the object
The object did not undertake of any hostile actions. A group commander requested a staff meeting and suggested that the two fighters on each side of the object move as it is possible closer to give precautionary shots from guns parallel to its course to try to begin to make it to go down. The plan was approved and at 05:14 the fighter crews carried out this manoeuvre going to the object at 800 meters from two sides. From such distance both pilots had time to sight some green symbols in a tail part of the vessel.
Interceptions operations of the "Dirigible" was finished very quickly. All fighters experienced failure of complete fire control panel at attempt to open shoot, whilst approach to the object at distance of 600-500 meters the engines' faults begun, all devices have begun stricken. The object itself, making a few short zigzag manoeuvres in horizon and vertical, begun rush moving to increase speed up to 32, then 54 and 6800 kms/ hours for 2-3 minutes. The data of radar definitions of several stations of tracking (Baikonur, Alma-Ata, Bishkek etc.) coincide.
The chasing was stopped since the object continued to go in a general direction of east with small decrease to height of 4500 meters, through the airzone of Alma-Ata town. The dispatchers transferred a warning to all civilian aviation and Air Force authorities about danger of collision with a huge UFO but no collision occurred.
At 05:27 the object has disappeared from a view of all radars' sight at height 4400 in area of Isyk-Kul lake.
However, the story was not finished. On end of September, 1991, in board of SAKKUFON (Bishkek town) the information leaked in, that in mountains, to the east of Przhevalsk town (nowadays Karakol) a large UFO has crashed. Our colleagues operatively organized an investigating group and it set off into region of the accident, at source of Sary Dzhaz River, to Shaitan Mazar (Devil's Grave). Readers, pay attention to this name! This coincidence is unlikely casual! This district long before has had very bad reputation among local inhabitants.
The first investigating group spent more than 15 days in mountains, but could not go to the place of crash. Even though the group had enough experienced searchers, including climbers, there was too much snow to make their way in this area through one final mountain pass it was not possible. Trying to pass through the Sary Dzhaz valley was not possible because of avalanche danger. On October 21 they returned in Bishkek; some persons had small traumas and frostbite. SAKKUFON's Director M. S. Eltsin led the group.
Simultaneously in SAKKUFON, and in its Kazakh branch, the secret officialinformation has arrived: that there was in an attempt to removal and transport the object from this region a Air Force transport helicopter crashed, with fatalities.
SAKKUFON's members begun carefully to prepare widescale expedition, which was begun in June, 1992. In the expedition, there were three groups, which should vary in two weeks after work in mountains. The participants knew about large danger of a being in immediate proximity to the object. All of them had gotten a special training and instructions, and have given their understanding that they (each) work absolutely voluntary. All participants had good physical and moral-psyhological preparation, owned skills of mountain climbing, were experts in various fields of knowledge, have passed psi-teh testings of compatibility, adequacy to reaction in extra extreme situations, etc. The expedition was equipped by devices, photo and video equipment, and had good climbing outfits.
The G. G. Svechkov, Director of SAKKUFON's Kazakh branch and a retired Major, headed the expedition. The first group arrived to the place on 06.12.1992. Have begun from breakdown of base camp on an flat site in 2.5 kms N-N-W from the crash's place at northern slope edge, closing the base from a point of the UFOs influence.
Already, the first reconnaissance around this edge has provided very much. The object was on the ground, was obviously in the emergency condition, had been broken off in the middle, on a ratherly flat site back from other side of the unnamed edge. A most powerfully shocking object's action was recorded at once. From a distance of 800 meters and closer, a feeling of fear captured the team members, ,and depression, lethargy, weariness; the body hair was risen up and electrometers fixed an insignificant "surpluses" of static electricity. Magnetometers and all other magnetic devices were even more strange acting.
A path from the base camp overlooks on mountain range at 1500m from the object. From this point it was very well seen, and from here began to have an effect of its shock influence. Already first attempts to take an azimuth guidance from this point on object has given a variety of gaugings by different designing compasses. Two precision theodolites were taken with the purpose to define object's sizes by a fixing method, but also this invention was worthless. So only devices were used when in direct visibility of the object on the edge's crest or on its southern flank from a distance of 1500, 1200, 800 m. Their magnetic arrows instantly took up a position pointing along the object, showing the direction "north - south", though the true setup of object was "west - east". It was the same, too, for most compasses' arrows of all types opposite to object (at same distance). Also, it was strange that the arrows pointed in these directions straight, without continued swingings.
Magnetometers were acting even more strange. In an output point of the waypath at mountain range (base "A" point of sightings) they began to show an almost total missing of magnetic intensity with very weak value of a vertical component (10-12 %) from background value vertical component of object's "visibility" and from that value in region of expedition's camp (base "B" point of sightings).
The gradual magnetometric shooting analysis revealed a form and character of anomaly created by the object. From a distance of 800-820 m from it the magnetic field completely was absent! There were neither horizontal nor vertical components. Even rock samples selected on distance of 800-600-400 m from the object (nobody closer to it did not go, such was the agreement of members) were absolutely demagnetized there.
The question as to what causes this demagnetizing effect remains open, but doubtless, this effect requires the object to emit enormous quantity of energy. In earthly conditions to demagnetize completely such rocks as diorit, gabbro, ???? pyroxene, containing a plenty of magnetic minerals, including magnetite, are not obviously possible. The form of "antimagnetic" anomaly created by the craft is accurate ellipse by length of 2230 m and width of (through centre of object) 1700 m. A southern part of the ellipse is opened, since in 400 m from it to the south there is a precipice gone in a rivulet valley.
A heavily chronal anomaly was fixed too in first work day of expedition, which contours are also ellipse, but sizes it are more and even passing through mountain edge to northern flank opposite to object, i.e. are covering out of pales of its visibility. The time lag of mechanical chronometers began to be marked in zone of radius 2-2.2 kms and frequency decrease of quartz generators.
All the electronic clocks, which had been in direct visibility of UFO at distance 1.5-1.2 kms, failed (reset to "0") and did not restore outside of the zone of influence. The reading differences of various chronometers in thermostatically controlled boxes averaged from minus 34 min 20 sec up to 41 min 44,3 sec for all day. A set with six mechanical clocks in a similar package gave a time lag spread from a minus 20 hours 13 min 45 sec to 21 hours 01 min 20 sec for all day. Thermostats with clocks and chronometers was set on distance approximately 450 m to the object .
The second group of researchers after one week repeated this experiment with another set of clocks and chronometers of exactly same brands in the same location, prolonging the time of experiment to 5 days with daily measurements. Comparable results for the first day were received, then a time log's decrease of all clocks and chronometers was observed, but with some "cumulative" effect expressing in a time lag's growth only 10-15 % per day from value of time log for first day of experiment. This result does not conflict with a sightings data on other time anomalies caused by UFOs in Belomorie, Podrezkovo, Zone (Molebka), and Khodyzhensk.
Attempts to get measurements by a couple "quartz generator and frequency counter" failed all attempts within a zone of direct visibility of object (distance 800-850 m). A power supply was set over edge of a mountain, all wirings was carefully checked up, installations was calibrated and thermostaticed on the place. All was made under the instruction. But as soon as a power was switched on, the generator in the zone burned up instantly, and the frequency counter at a point of the sightings jumped off the scale's minimum of oscillations and also failed. I shall bring a detailed description of object's appearance little bit below, from own data (04.20.98), what concerns the reasons of accident, so my opinion ties up with opinion of participants of the expedition on 1992.
The object had been moving at a large speed and was hit on the bottom part of its fuselage by a rocky ledge at 1700 m from the present site site. Then it slid on a quite flat, almost horizontal platform which still is covered with strong rocks. The craft exploded into two almost equal parts mostlikely after its stop or, in its moment of grounding.
The explosion occurred inside a central part of the vessel; the character of damage showed that. The hull plating and longitudinal carrying details of frames of craft are literally turned out, between pieces of the craft a funnel is distinctly visible, and on its edges the quite large pieces of rocky breeds are thrown out, as indicating the explosion of an"overhead" charge.
Dints and cracks on body in the fore part of the ship resulted on impact with outstanding almost 20 m a flat platform of pyroxenit above, in which a round deepening is now seen of width more than 20 m and height at centre of 4.5 m. Behind this point (20 m to east) the pathway of a sliding track begins of width more than 40 m on the rocky surface.
The cracks on the left side of stern fuselage part, located vertically at height approximately 1/3 heights of the ship's body, are possible to have happened on impact (hitting a rock), but it is possible, that they could be formed and by the explosion of the craft.
But most strange are the symbols of green colour located on a tail part of the object, and the rings of dark colour, surrounding a stern. Possibly the rings are a part of the engine. Decks and bearing structures are distinctly visible inside the craft. Whether the landing like an aircraft was planned by a crew, or was it by some program on board a navigator computer? This question may be mystery forever.
August, 1998
For almost three months we raised additional information, searched for money for the expedition, even ordered satellite photographs of Shaitan Mazar site. The most unbelievable hypotheses were suggested - from an accident of a dirigible with a nuclear engine to an unsuccessful scientific module's start of new international orbital station.
We pack up our knapsacks and an equipment. The way will unnearby, from Moscow by Boeng-747 in Almaty, further then to Bishkek, Przhevalsk (Karakol) and, at last, Devil's Grave (Shaitan Mazar). The meeting with Mystery waits ahead.
* * *
You can find a detailed video interview with Emil Bachurin and all illustrations at website: "UFO: Conspiracy" in Internet in a chapter "Video" (in Russian)
Also there you can also find a video speech of a Colonel who headed the Division of UFO investigations in Strategic Forces (in Russian).
Anatoly K.

The Russian Roswell Story
as it first appeared

Latest information.
Philippe van Putten sent us
this email he received from
Greg Jarikov in Russia

From: Greg Jarikov <>
To: Philippe Piet van Putten <>
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 1998
09:00 AM Subject: Re: Russian UFO Crash
Dear Phillipe,
PvP Hi Greg !! Nice to hear from you ! :o)
GJ Sorry for my poor English...
PvP Oh...I have the same problem ! Don't worry ! I think we are able to understand each other. Do you know the precise date and time of the crash ?
GJ Between August & September, 1991. 29 or 30 August may be. (?) We will know this soon.
PvP OK ! "Tien-Shan (Sh.Mazar)" ?! Do you already have the geographical coordinates for the location (latitude and longitude) ?
GJ Coordinates - between 42o10'-42o12' of northern latitude, and between 79o40'-79o42' of east longitude. Kirghizia, to the east of lake Isyk-Kul, 100 kms exact on east from Przhevalsk town, opposite to "peak of a Victory" ("Pik Pobedy" - on Russian). Coordinates are geological, without the amendment on magnetic declination and rapproachement of meridians.
PvP Thanks Greg. So, it has nothing to do with the chinese Tien-Shan, right? The object is quite small (6.20 x 1.20 m), right?
GJ NO !! 620x120 m ! Six hundred twenty by one hundred twenty meters!
PvP Oh! This is incredible !! Did it explode or something before the crash ?!
GJ There is an emission of ground (crater) made by explosion, in a very place where the spaceship is damaged. The explosion has taken place AFTER the crash.
PvP Are there civilian witnesses ?
GJ Yes. But nobody saw a moment of crash - neither military nor civil. Just later. Emil Bachurin saw this spaceship about 3 weeks ago. He is a very serious researcher and witness. Nobody in Russia can say, that he made up a rumour or such big mistake one time before.
PvP OK. Besides Emil, could you forward the names (emails, if possible,) of any other civilian or military researcher involved in the field investigation?
GJ And there are radar marks made by local Radio-Lacation Station. Now, if we can make a space photoshot of this location !...
PvP I understood that the military failed to photograph and film the object in proximity, but haven't they tried to obtain long distance images, with telephoto lens or something ? Have you heard of occupants ?
(no response to these questions available)
Greg Jarikov

Russian UFO Crash
Is Not 'New'
From Greg Jarikov
From UFO UpDates - Toronto

Sorry for discrepancies in the previous messages about Tien-Shan UFO crash.
The crash is NOT new, the MESSAGE about it is new.
The crash had taken place at the end of August - beginning of September, 1991.
The first group of military researchers arrived there in August, 1992.
Those people received strong burns, could not approach the object closer than 500 meters. During photographing - complete "overlight" (sorry, I don't know this word on English) of films; first videocamera has "burned down", in second - video was allways tearing (VIDEOfilm, in tape!).
Near object, are fragments of the first party of the researchers' helicopter (military Mi-8, camouflage colours). The helicopter was flown up too close and was destroyed.
Emil Bachurin doesn't exclude the fact, that the object could be hooked for a rock, because in it nose & tail parts he saw a cracks and insignificant deformations.
The path from sliding of object (approximately 800-1000 meters) is well visible, it should be well visible from space too. The object went precisely from west on east, it flew on a very flat trajectory. There are radar marks made by local RLS.
On our reasons, it would be especially effective to make spectrozonal photos from space in a green component of a spectrum. If you can ?..
Now object is there, on former without any access to it.
And, it is NOT a mistake: the sizes of object REALLY are about six hundred twenty meters on one hundred twenty meters (620x120).
Greg Jarikov,
Regional Coordinator of P. Astrabolarum,
St.-Petersburg, Russia
member of RUFORS

Note - The following email and accompanying handwritten document were
received by UFO UpDates In Toronto. Nikolay's email has been reworked some
to earnest attempt to better reveal the intent of the message.
(I received an email from Emil Bachurin in Kazakhstan today).
Bachurin today has returned from Kazakhstan an Emil.
(Emil encountered military personnel at the site of a recent UFO crash.)
On rather original confluence of circumstances, which details it (he)
me asked to not retell, it (he) has appeared with group of the
militarians on a place of recent accident a UFO.
(Details are on the enlosed document.)
A figure from a nature and his (its) brief comments you will find in an
applied figure.
(Pay special attention to the sympbols on the UFO which were copied to Andre)
The special attention is necessary is to paid on symbols by (with) a
Kosmolingva onboard UFO, which copy the information a Andre.
(The location of the crash is known but photogaphing or videotaping was not
possible.) (because of the military?)
The coordinates of a place of fall are known, however, photographing with
close distance is not obviously possible, as well as videoshooting.
(Anyone in the group coming within 500 meters of the UFO suffered strange
burns on the body. Emil's eyes became bruised or burned.)
With approach (approximation) ÕÖÅÎ on 500 meters at the participants of
expedition (dispatch) the strange burns on a body were formed, and a
Emil has received a haemorrhage in eyes.
(I have photographs of these burns on color film which I will show soon.)
I have photographed these burns on a colour film, as soon as I shall show
and I shall print photos at once I shall send them in a KS.
(Intent seems: It is believed there is a UFO base(s) in the area of the
crash which might be indentified once the area has been photographed from above)
In this connection it would be very desirable to leave on the people
engaged in photographing of ground from the space ships, there are bases to
believe, that the photographing of this place from the companion will give
positive results.
Whether there are at somebody assumptions how it can be made?
Besides, the information very closely is connected to kidnapping
(abduction) and "pendat" a Valentich, and also supervision of similar
objects (UFOs, bases) above North Pole.
Nikolay Subbotin
Director, RUFORS
Nikolay Subbotin (,
Director RUFORS (Russian UFO Research Station)
Editor Russian UFO Magazine "Dialog: Earth - Space"
PO BOX 6303, Perm, Russia 614010
Tel/fax 7-3422-450184

Translation of information on handwritten paper

From Greg Jarikov <
To: <
Subject: Re: New Russian UFO Crash
Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 00:06:43 +0400
Let me try to describe hand-written notes on the scan received from
Nikolay Subbotin, Director of RUFORS (Sat, 2 May 1998 22:22:51):
- Handwritten note -
"The Zeppelin" in Tien-Shan.
Natural boundary "Sh.-Mazar". East gorge.
It is impossible to make photos. Victims exist.
Marks are green. Size is 620x120m
The central part is broken off, probably by self-liquidator unit.
The amazing effect is caused by high-intesive negative chronal field,
up to a complete stop of all watches on distance 600 meters from object.
Besides, the almost complete absence of a magnetic field on this
distance is marked, even in samples of rocky breeds (diorites).
[Below under an arrow] "a trace of sliding".
- End Translation -
Emil Bachurin is famous Russian researcher, discoverer of "M-Zone" anomaly
No news about this new crash has made Russian press, TV, or news agencies
until now.
Best regards,
Greg Jarikov
Regional Coordinator of P. Astrabolarum
St. Petersburg, Russia
Member of RUFORS

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