Secret Underground NATO
Base Discovered? - UFO Dives
Through Lake Ice?
Joseph Trainor - Editor
Vol. 4 No. 2

On Wednesday, January 6, 1999, British TV viewers watching a segment on Nick McCamley's new book, SECRET UNDERGROUND CITIES, were startled when host Peter Morgan and journalist Douglas Campbell showed up on the doorstep of a secret NATO underground base in Wiltshire, eight miles (13 kilometers) east of Bath. Morgan and Campbell discovered the top-secret facility at Corsham, Wilts. The huge underground base, known as the Corsham Computer Centre (CCC), costs billions of pounds sterling and was reportedly constructed as a "black project" by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) without the knowledge and approval of Parliament. The facility is located at the end of Peel Circus, described as "an area of clipped lawns and landscaping designed to look like a patch of suburbia." According to Gerry Lovell of Far Shores, Morgan and Campbell "attempted to make contact with a security building" at the bottom of a stairwell that had been built right into the hill. "Almost stunned silence greeted their opening question...namely that CCC was in fact the UK Government's nuclear command center... The men at the other end replied only that the location was a (Royal) Navy administration site and declined further comment." During the Nineteenth Century, Corsham was the site of a stone quarry, and there are said to be extensive tunnels in that section of Wiltshire. One tunnel, Lovell added, links Corsham with the nearby village of Hawthorn, also the site of RAF base at Rudloe Manor. (Editor's Note: Until recently, Rudloe Manor was the headquarters of the RAF's Provost and Security Services, claimed by some to be the kingdom's central UFO monitoring unit. Provost and Security Services is now located at RAF Henlow.) The TV program also revealed that NATO had built an underground facility similar to Corsham on Mount Penteli in Greece, 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Athens. (Many thanks to Gerry Lovell of Far Shores for this report.) (Editor's Comment: Corsham may be the UK's command center for Operation Abacus and the Y2K computer crisis.)
"Something plunged into Lake Parsippany on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24, 1998) breaking a hole in the ice 75 feet across and blowing vegetation into the air." "Gifts were delivered by morning, so it wasn't St. Nick and the reindeer buying the farm. Nor were any meteor sightings reported, according to ION Weather meteorologist Bill Cotter." "The hole in the ice caught the attention of Joe Strobel, who lives 150 feet away on a small island in the lake. He told a friend about it on Christmas morning." "'They were all ready to have me committed to Greystone (a local mental health facility--J.T.),' said Strobel, a nine-year resident. "Then they came over and they couldn't explain it. One guy lived here for 35 years and said he's never seen anything like that.'" "The green vegetation was blown into the air and fell in a circle on the surrounding ice, drawing a flock of hungry Canada geese. A thin sheet of ice has since formed on the lake." Parsippany, N.J. is located about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of New York City." (See the Daily Record of Morris County, N.J. for December 29, 1998, "75-foot hole appears in Lake Parsippany" by Erik Engquist. Many thanks to "Aiwass" for forwarding the newspaper article.)
On Wednesday, January 6, 1999, at 3:10 p.m., Warren A. and his wife were driving on Tudor Avenue in Anchorage, Alaska (population 226,338), heading towards the Chugiach Mountains, when they spotted something very unusual 15 miles down the road. "My wife and I saw what appeared to be a large 'plane' head straight up and then level off at a high rate of speed," Warren reported, adding that they "could make out its general shape (larger than a commercial airliner at approximately the same distance), which was a silver reflective triangle. It appeared that the (condensation) trail went from two streams to four at an indeterminable altitude. We watch the fighters out of Elmendorf (air force base--J.T.) all the time. This was like nothing we've ever seen before." "This was no small aircraft. This was almost shuttle-sized. And since we were heading straight towards it, we were able to make out details more clearly," he added. Several other Anchorage residents also witnessed the strange launch. A woman and her two daughters saw the enigmatic craft from Aurora Village. "We watched the large smoke trail in the sky and stared at the object until it was out of sight." Two men driving on Minnesota Avenue saw it from the intersection at Huffman. "We saw a large smoke trail and a shiny object. We thought it was an ICBM." An elderly woman living on Muldoon Road happened to look out her window at 3:10 p.m. "I saw it leave the ground," she reported. Two teenagers walking home from Service High School on Abbott Road said they saw "two shiny objects" which they described as "saucer-shaped." (Email Interview)
On Tuesday, December 29, 1998, Sami C. was driving through Casper, Wyoming (population 46,742) when she saw a strange light in the sky. The UFO, Sami reported, "approached from the northwest. I would have to say it was 45 degrees" above the horizon. "I could not see the shape. The light was too bright. It was totally quiet. There was no sound at all around us." As Sami watched, the luminous UFO "went up and down, then left and right, very fast-like. I had it in sight for around 10 minutes. It departed to the southwest, I think. All I can say is, it moved pretty fast." Sami added that a woman in the car immediately behind hers also saw the light. Casper, Wyo. is located 180 miles (300 kilometers) northwest of Cheyenne, the state capital. (Email Interview)
On Thursday, December 31, 1998, at 7:30 p.m., a woman decided to take her dog for a walk in a residential neighborhood in Mt. Healthy, Ohio (population 7,580), a suburb located 13 miles (21 kilometers) north of Cincinnati. As she strolled along, the witness "reported seeing a large stationary object with a 'very bright' steady white light in what she said looked to be a circular pattern. As she watched, the small white light detached itself and flew away" through a partly cloudy sky. The following evening, Friday, January 1, 1999, at 5:45 p.m., "after exiting (Interstate Highway) I-275 onto Hamilton Avenue, Mr. H. and his mother witnessed another unusual object in the sky near their home. Mr. H described the object as three steady bright white lights in a triangular formation with another light at the center. It appeared to be stationary and about 500 feet in altitude." "'It was larger than a plane,' Mr. H asserted. As they watched, the center light detached itself and flew a short distance before the object disappeared behind some trees. A small plane with a blinking red light had also been observed above the object before they were all lost to view. Mr. H said that he had the impression that the object was shaped somewhat like a B-1 bomber, but he was unable to explain the light he saw 'drop off.'" (Many thanks to Charles Stuart and Kenneth Young of Cincinnati UFO Research for this news story.)
On Thursday, December 31, 1998, at 11:30 p.m., residents of Narooma, a port city in New South Wales, Australia approximately 300 kilometers (180 miles) south of Sydney, watched a dazzling UFO display in the night sky. Witnesses described "three yellow/orange very large lights in triangular formation" moving through the sky south of Narooma. "They appeared to be travelling slowly from west to east, or left to right as they witnesses were looking south." "After five minutes in formation, the middle light moved to the right and" between the other two "so that they were all travelling in a horizontal line. A minute or so later, the middle light dropped sharply and then radically moved upward and downward. The left light slowly dropped and seemed gradually to disappear...The lights seemed too large and close together to be an aeroplane." On Saturday, January 2, 1999, at 8 p.m., "a bright orange square or plug-shaped object with a shape tapering at each end" was seen by residents of Portsea, Victoria, 80 kilometers (50 miles) southeast of Melbourne. "It was seen almost standing still in the sky for a while. It appeared to be heading toward Port Phillip Bay." (Many thanks to Ross Dowe of Australasian National Space Information Hotline for these reports.)
From the UFO Files...
Thirty-four years ago, on January 12, 1965, a DC-3 transport plane took off from Whenuapai, New Zealand for a flight to Kaitaia. As the twin-engined propellor plane flew over Kaipara Harbour, a broad estuary 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of Auckland, the pilot, Captain Kirkpatrick, spotted an unusual gleam in the water below--an unidentified submerged object or USO. "He was about one-third of the way across Kaipara Harbour when he saw what he at first believed to be a stranded gray-white whale in an estuary." "As he veered his DC-3 for a closer look at the object, it became evident to him that he was observing a metallic structure of some sort." Captain Kirkpatrick "noted that the thing was perfectly streamlined and symmetrical in shape... had no external control surfaces or protrusions... appeared metallic with the suggestion of a hatch on top...was resting on the bottom of the estuary and headed toward the south as suggested by the streamlined shape...was harbored in no more than 30 feet of water...was not shaped like a normal submarine but approximately 100 feet in length with a diameter of 15 feet at its widest part." After he filed his flight report, the Royal New Zealand Navy told Captain Kirkpatrick "that it would have been impossible for any known model of submarine to have been in that particular area, due to the configuration of harbour and coastline." (See the New Zealand magazine Spaceview, issue number 43 for 1965. See also ATLANTIS RISING by Brad Steiger, Dell Books, New York, N.Y., 1973, page 99.)
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