Contrail Mystery - Toxic
'Gel' Falling From Sky Explained?
From Ogluu <>
Dear Jeff,
I have been in the Air Force about 16 years and wanted to inform your listeners and clear up some of the controversy about the contrails as described by William Thomas on your Jan 15th show.
Addressing the "goo" that seems to be falling from the sky. It is possible that when a tanker disengages from a refueling, some fuel might spray off during the disconnection. The fuel most commonly used is called JP8. I am not a fuel specialist, but it is possible that this fuel could "gel" at the frozen temperatures of high altitude. When it warms up again it could un-gel and evaporate, which could explain some of the things William describes. Even this is extremely unlikely because the fuel would atomize to an invisible mist at the speeds the planes travel.
Now, there is an article in the January 18th issue of the Air Force Times which talks about the possible hazards of touching JP8 and making you sick. There is ongoing research to find out exactly what the hazards are, but fuel handlers are now required to wear protective gear when refueling. This could account for the virus-like symptoms of the people who touch it. I have no guesses about the so called "angel hair" that was discussed. We had some of that stuff fall all over our yard and we picked it up and touched it, and none of us got sick.
One of your callers from Arkansas mentioned that Little Rock AFB might be a culprit in spreading some of this material around to which William Thomas said he believed there is a large tanker (KC-135) unit there. This is false. There have not been any tankers here for at least the 12 years I've been here. In addition to that, we only have C-130's, none of which even have aerial refueling capabilities. Another caller from Colorado was upset that a C-130 circled near his home for hours and that there was something fishy about that. This is not a secret, and completely normal for C-130's.
There are several roles that C-130's play which could account for this. Sometimes aircraft fly in holding patterns outside the contested war area where they are safer and remain there until needed. Rescue planes are an example of this. Sometimes C-130's play the role of a communications link and act like a temporary repeater during operations. They would fly this pattern outside the combat area also. Some C-130's are gunships and fly this circular pattern to train their guns on a fixed target like an upside down cone. There are no chemical spraying operations implied here.
I cannot imagine why there would be cloud seeding operations in a state that all ready gets 40" of rain a year. My guess is that is not what is going on.
I know out government has been caught doing some questionable things in the past, which sparks everyone to question absolutely everything we do. I do not believe for a minute our government is spraying the entire population with evil goo and sinister intentions. DAVE