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Filer's Files #46-1998
General Kanshi Ishikawa, Chief of Staff of Japan's Air Self Defense Force stated in 1967.
"Much evidence tells us UFOs have been tracked by radar; so, UFOs are real and they may come from outer space. UFO photographs and various materials show scientifically that there are more advanced people piloting the saucers and motherships." UFO News: Vol. 6, 1974
AUBURN - Jonathan reports he had a sighting on November 14, 1998, at 9:02 AM. He and five other witnesses saw a small pink ball circling the morning sky. It was unlike anything we have ever seen. It started circling slow, then faster until it shot away into the distance. We heard a low humming noise, then a sharp screech. It left a blue streak that quickly disappeared. We took numerous photos, but have not developed them. Thanks to Larry Clark,,, and Jonathan, 832-8577.
ATLANTA - Tom Sheets our MUFON State Director reports activity has increased. A local resident contacted the Atlanta Journal inquiring to whom they could report a UFO. The witness claims he and his wife saw a gray isosceles triangle shaped craft on October 15, 1998, near Kennesaw Mountain. At 12:30 PM the craft quickly flew to the north and changed it's shape to that of a disc before vanishing. Mike Hitt found the article. Upon speaking to the witness' husband, Mike stated that they were still undecided about cooperating with the investigation. Initial findings were that the two are professionals with good reputations in government service.
DALTON - Assistant State Director Mark Ausmus developed information on a video taped light in the southwestern sky on November 4, 1998. He traveled to Dalton and interviewed the witness and saw his videotape. The video indicated a large glowing orb about 1/4 the size of the full moon hovering in the southwest sky shortly after midnight. It appeared to be slightly elongated, giving off varying colors and appeared highly unusual to both Ausmus and Tom Sheets. Mark is currently analyzing the data gathered from the witness and the video against astronomical charts, celestial bodies and any possible artifacts or defects in the video camera. This is the most spectacular aberrant footage in this investigator's experience.
DAHLONEGA - On November 8, 1998, a college degreed medical specialist was commuting to his place of employment on the North side of Atlanta. As he drove south on Highway 400 near the Dawson/Forsythe County line, he noticed a group of cylinder shaped objects fly down in front of his truck. They began a series of darting movements directly over the roadway. He was shaken by this event and slowed his speed. He was able to observe the activity closely at about 6:00 AM despite some rainy weather and fog. He stated he saw 30 to 40 dark colored objects, cylinder shaped and 16" X 6" in size. They continued this activity for ten minutes in front of his truck, getting as close as twenty feet away and as low to the pavement as six to twelve feet. He also noticed six or seven round white lights in the overcast sky performing similar maneuvers described as 'like bees swarming.' He stated that the lights were about as bright as vehicle headlights and about the size of 1 1/2 inches in diameter held at arm's length. He continued on south until the objects were no longer visible.
SMYRNA - On November 12, 1998, the witness was working with his computer located in front of a window at 3:30 to 4:00 AM. His view was to the north across the airstrip of Dobbins Air Force Base about 1 1/2 miles away. He observed a bright light that seemed to be hovering several hundred feet over the runway. He went outside and found it did not appear to be an aircraft. He indicated it was a brilliant glowing light, hard to describe its shape due to the unusual glow, but that it appeared to be larger at the bottom and brilliant white. It moved up in altitude to about 1,500 feet, came back down, bounced, and changed to a dull red glow. It bounced for an estimated twelve to fifteen minutes. The witness estimated it was the size of an aspirin held at arm's length. He also compared it's brilliant phases to that of a child's fireworks sparkler. He knocked on his neighbor's window to awaken them, and it was later determined they also witnessed the event from their window. The light finally rose up higher, began to dim and moved to the east slowly until it disappeared. The base PIO officer advised that the whole base was closed the night of the event due to the holiday. Mark Ausmus is handling this investigation. Thanks to Tom Sheets GA MUFON State Director.
CINCINNATI - A suspected UFO was sighted, November 11, between Dayton and Cincinnati by a motorist traveling southbound on Interstate-75. Mrs. Jackson, enroute to Franklin, Tennessee, was accompanied by a friend when an odd aerial object was spotted in the late-afternoon 4:30 PM. Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center was contacted. The object looked like a fireball or comet but suddenly stopped. The tail of the comet disappeared and the object then emerged as silver/gray disc rounded at the top and sides. Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC and Kenny Young
LITTLE ROCK - RMR Jones reports she had two daylight UFO sightings over Arkansas recently. The first took place on October 28, 1998, about twenty miles outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas at 4:30 PM. The second took place on Wednesday, November 11, 1998, a few minutes before noon while driving west out of Little Rock near Alexander. She said, "They were beautiful and both looked like a silver dish flying in the sky. They kind of were waning in and out of view. Although, they were both discs they did not look the same. The first was larger, whiter and more stationary and lasted longer. The second was a white cigar looking thing, sort of shimmering. They were larger than any star or planet. She observed each craft for several minutes. Jones watches the sky on a regular basis, so she is able to pick UFOs out quickly when compared to an aircraft. They moved with a subtle and slow silvery movement. Thanks to R.
SAN LUIS VALLEY - On November 12, 1998, Christopher O'Brien reports that my brother and I witnessed an unusual aerial object in Chaffee/Custer/Huerfano County. We were driving north in the Baca Development at 6:15 PM. Directly in front of us framed in the windshield, we watched an extremely bright steady light rise quickly from behind the mountains around the Salida/Howard area. The light which was initially brighter and slightly larger than Venus and visible for about two minutes shot up and out, SW to NE, at a 25 degree angle. It never varied its speed, which appeared to be twice as fast as a cruising commercial jetliner, or around 1000 to 1200 mph. As it climbed higher, it became smaller and disappeared. The UFO was just inside the La Veta Military Operations area.
MESITA - Also the same night at 9:45 PM, in Alamosa, Conejos Counties two witnesses were returning home when they spotted two bright, unblinking lights. They rose up 100 miles away to the NW around the Treasure Mt./Wolf Creek Pass area. The lights moved in tandem-about 1 degree apart. One witness observed the 30 second sighting with binoculars. The lights appeared to head SE at around an altitude of 4,000 feet, before slowly turning and heading south at the San Luis Hills. At its closest point, the object blocked out the background stars. The witness estimated the distance between the two lights as "about 600 feet." He described the sighting (one of a dozen he has had in the last two years) as being "by far the most spectacular night sighting" he has experienced. The sighting took place 50 miles west of the La Veta MOA. Thanks to Christopher O'Brien CAUS/Skywatch I enjoyed being on Chris,s radio program last week.
ST IGNATIUS - Robert A.M. Stephens reports that a UFO has been observed almost nightly during the last several weeks. The ongoing UFO sightings have continued as of November 13th except during inclement weather. Cloud cover broke and the UFO, alone, was there as it had been only lower in altitude and slightly further south toward the town of St. Ignatius, ten miles south of Ronan along the southern edge of the sprawling Mission Valley. Due to nearly 100% cloud cover with snow and storm over the last several nights viewing has been null since the 6th of November. Observation was made by local law enforcement as well as workers at a local manufacturing facility. Total of witnesses as of this writing has exceeded 600. The viewing time and conditions for this latest sighting was from 1:27 AM to 3:34 AM. The UFO is described as being a 600 foot triangle. The only remotely close related vehicle that could exhibit anything related to this anomaly is the Aurora high propulsion VTOL capable aircraft. However, size and performance of this vehicle seems to rule it out. Rumors claim it has been grounded for further structural tests at Area 51, Edwards Air Force Base, and at parent contractors test facilities at Palmdale, California.
THE FENCE - The 'Fence' protocol at NORAD is a remarkable program made up of many technicians monitoring a series of interleaved grids coming from Geostationary high orbit satellites. The office tracks all 9,653 man made objects in space orbiting Earth. These include: a pair of gloves from Gemini 6 and some dozen washers dropped on a repair mission on STS-51space shuttle mission. If something untoward enters into the tracking field (the fence) it then begins. These include every other orbiting object of artificial origin along with the occasional meteorite that may remain in Earth's space for some overly long seconds. a series of tracking logarithms to track speed, location, altitude, departure angle, mass, heat, and inherent velocity. From there it runs a test for itself to confirm that whatever it is not something we have in space. From there a management program kicks in called, 'Intruder Assessment.' If a series of democratic protocols weigh out then the next step is to start a series of visual confirmations with our own air assets. High speed aircraft are dispatched to attempt intercept. From there the 'Fence' protocols go through a series of 'what is' formats until the intruding element is either confirmed to be something from us or an unknown. Unknowns are called a 'Gray.' This is because the unknown is there in space but is not ours. It is not a 'target white' (friend) nor a 'target black' (foe). Thus far the Montana UFO is a 'Gray' as listed. It is also the 117,443 unknown to be catalogued at the 'Fence' office at NORAD or SAC since 1966, globally. It is suspected they (NORAD) have moved any one of three Keyhole deep-look satellites into position in high Earth Orbit to watch this bogey when it appears since conventional ground based air assets have failed to acquire craft for confirmation due to vehicle exhibiting phasing or some other type of eluding of recon aircraft. UFOs are not referred to as such in the military/NASA parlance. They are either a 't-white' (target white) if friend, 't-black' (target black) if a foe. Unknowns are a 't-gray' or sometimes a 'tg' for an acronym if not of Earth origin. Reported by Robert A. Stephens, Contractor, NASA Shuttle Documentation Program St. Ignatius, Montana. Posted by ( on 11/13/98 Thanks to ISUR and John Thompson.
CLYDEBANK - Skywatch International,s Dave Ledger reports there has been a jump in the number of sightings in the last few months. KAREN1 reports that on September 13, 1998, around 1:00 AM a plane flying by our window looked very strange. There was a flash of white, then a second flash lighting up the sky around it as the craft moved slowly North. It then stopped and began to move back to the South and then hovered above some nearby trees for twenty minutes. It then moved down below the trees and then back up again vertically until it appeared like a bright star in the sky. The object was around airplane size and had red, blue and white lights.
LENROTHES - As I was coming out of a house near the local school on October 5, I saw something unusual in the clouds. A craft was hovering silently inside a cloud with rotating headlamps (4 sides). This lasted for about 15 seconds then it disappeared. The next night I saw it again around the same time, but only for 5 seconds on between Glenrothes and Dundee.
TAYPORT, FIFE - October 18th, 1998 The witness saw a very bright light in sky at 2:30 AM. It was static and there was no noise. It was definitely not a star or a planet. "We live near RAF Leuchars and are used to seeing various aircraft and it was not an aircraft." The night sky was very clear. I got my parents out of bed to come and look and they also witnessed it. When it was daylight I went out to have a look and see if there was anything such as a very large security light or a mast that could have caused what I saw, but there was nothing. Direction of light was southwest about-300 feet above the horizon. The object was between Tayport and Newport and was low in the sky compared to the stars. It was a very bright white light, that did not pulse and it gave off no beam. It was about the size of a large passenger aircraft. There was no noise and the object was completely lit. Thanks to Don Ledger
HELSINKI - On November 13, 1998, Eusebius Vähänläntä saw a huge lightning on the northern sky followed by strange vibrations at 7:10 PM. It lasted for about five minutes and then everything was silent, strangely silent -- no birds singing, etc. About two minutes after the sound we heard a sighing sound or some kind of hissing above us. We saw nothing, but the sound grew louder. The sound faded away and there was a slight thump. We were looking from our balcony and we saw three strange figures entering our backyard. They moved around a bit, but we could not make out, what they were doing. One of them was glowing a purple light occasionally and one was blinking, like the first one, but with faster frequency. They moved about for a while, when one of them climbed a tree. It got up about two meters, to the height of the first branches on that tree. Then the other two started making some kind of noise -- a noise like striking two metal bars. Then the blinking one moved towards the tree. The one on the tree descended and they all left. We searched without finding them. Phone 09 3456903, Teininkatu 13 00640 Helsinki, Finland.
BEIJING - November 14, 1998, (AFP) Residents in the southern Chinese city of Xiamen have sighted an apple-like UFO with a tail of red and yellow flame. The overseas edition of the People's Daily reported the story Saturday. The party organ carried a China News Agency report saying the UFO was first sighted at 3:33 PM flying in a southwest direction for about twenty minutes before disappearing. A similar craft was sighted the following day. The report said the sighting of the UFO, which was also captured on film by the local television station, had Xiamen residents craning their head skywards hoping for another appearance.
Gina Miller of the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal [Canada] of November 10, 1998, claims the truth is out there. According to a new book, Maritime UFO Files by Don Leger more than 225,000 Atlantic Canadians have seen what they consider to be an unidentified flying object -- known as UFOs. On top of that, some 54 per cent of Canadians who participated in a poll carried out by Manitoba Astronomer Chris Rutowski believe that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Some 35 per cent of those polled believe that intelligent life is visiting us now. Mr. Leger lives in Bedford, N.S. A former pilot and now a civil servant, he has been researching UFO phenomena for six years. He has culled his information from a vast and shadowy nest of military and Royal Canadian Mounted Police documents. Mr. Leger's book begins its catalogue of UFO sightings and alien abductions in the 1950s. From here he chronicles decades of first-hand accounts made by scientists, ordinary citizens, pilots and RCMP officers. Bright lights, time lapses and the people who have seen or felt the presence of UFOs are confused and cannot understand how the hour has leapt ahead or what happened during that time. Drivers report that they found themselves careening along country roads at high speeds in vain efforts to outrun gleaming saucers in the sky. Joseph Robichaud, filed a UFO report to Constable J.A. St. Pierre in Richibucto. At 3:30 AM on October 3, 1976, The red glowing disc caught up to him very quickly despite travelling at speeds of 185 km/hr on the treacherous Highway 480. Eventually, with the UFO hovering above him, Mr. Robichaud arrived at a small group of houses. He slammed on the brakes, and ran from the car to take refuge. The UFO, he reported "stopped at about 91 metres from him and hovered silently. The UFO was about the size of a house, and was red in color similar to burning coals in a fire." Despite the high number of UFO sightings in Atlantic Canada, most go unreported, writes Mr. Leger. Which explains why from 1947 to 1988 only 300 Maritime cases are on file with the National Research Council in Ottawa. People will not report due to fear of ridicule. Thanks to Gerry @ Far Shores Web Site,
In recent weeks I have communicated with Don Berliner, Stan Friedman and Kevin Randle about this important case. Some fifty people they interviewed for their books claim to have observed alien material not of this world, or at the least very strange. Lets face it, peoples memories can be faulty after fifty years. But the evidence found in photographs and documents remains fresh. Photographs taken by Dr. Bond Johnson fifty one years ago show a message held in the hand of General Ramey. Our photo interpreter,s initial computer enhancement show words such as "victims of mishap," and second site S "Magdalena." One communication that now takes on significant new meaning is a July 10, 1947, FBI office memorandum to D.M. Ladd from E. G. Fitch. The Army,s top intelligence officer General Schulgen had asked Special Agent Reynolds for help in investigating flying Disks. A top FBI leader, Clyde Tolson endorsed the memo on July 15, saying, "I think we should do this." It was passed into J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI. Who wrote:
"I would do it but before agreeing to it we must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance in the La case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination." The location of La has always been a mystery. "La" could mean Los Angles or Louisiana, or something else. It happens that just south of Socorro, and only 20 miles from Magdalena there is a small town called Laborcita. This town is on the main Highway 28 near the intersection with Highway 380 that heads east into White Sands Proving Grounds and eventually to Roswell. Keven Randle sent an E-mail, saying he doubts General Ramey would hold such an important message in his hand. But, if the interpretation is accurate this is an amazing break through in the case.
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