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CAUS Commentary - "December 7th, 1998"
Dear CAUS Subscribers:
A CAUS member writes what many of you are still wondering:
<Peter...who, how or where did the whole deal about an event on December 7th come about? I know Richard Hoagland said something about it on Art Bell. What's his source or why does he believe this will happen and what are your personal feelings on this and what do you think will or will not happen and if it does would it most probably be AM or PM?
Richard Hoagland was the first person to connect the EQ Pegasi Signal to an event that he was told, by several unrelated reliable sources, would occur on December 7th, north of Phoenix. It can be assumed that if Richard had not made this statement on Art Bell on several consecutive nights in early November, the Signal if a hoax, would have quietly disappeared by now. Even if authentic, it still would have disappeared, beCAUS it was presented as a hoax. Richard, through Art, kept the Signal alive. CAUS became involved, bringing more attention to the Signal...arguing that it was irrelevant whether the Signal was real or a hoax. The Act, whether real or what is important.
For the purpose of this commentary, I will only digress to July 1947 when the modern age of the UFO phenomenon began. CAUS maintains that there is a long term strategy to slowly, but steadily, convince the People of, what had been up to that point only science fiction...the Belief in the reality of ETs.
In July 1947 a seed was planted. A Roswell, New Mexico newspaper ran a headline that a flying saucer had been found. It was subsequently explained as a weather balloon. But once something is said or done, it is very difficult to erase that perception. Whether what crashed at Roswell was extraterrestrial or not is irrelevant. The fact that we were initially told it was a flying saucer is what is important. It is the inference and possibility that it is true, that is important..
In the 1950s....the seed started to sprout. Frank Scully informed us for the first time in Behind The Flying Saucers, that ET Bodies were recovered from crashed UFOs by this government.
In the 1970s...the sprout became a sapling. Books about the Roswell Incident involving the Crash of an ET craft and the finding of Bodies would slowly validate the Belief. To corroborate the Crash, 'official' government documents referred to as Project Aquarius/MJ-12 Papers, were 'leaked' to two UFO researchers. In the 70s we saw a trend developing...tainted messengers. In almost every case, the messenger was attacked as being a hoax, thereby diminishing the value of the message.
Presently, our fully grown tree of Belief in ETs has many entwined roots. From the Roswell Crash itself, through the various witnesses to the Crash, through the information about Hanger 18 and the MJ-12 documents featuring Bill Moore and Richard Doty, through the likes of Billy Meier, through the Alien Autopsy film, through the Face on Mars, through the Mexico City video, through the Alien Interview, through the Hale-Bopp companion, through the Russian KGB Secret UFO Files and now including the EQ Pegasi Signal and new Alien Captured & Killed photos...our tree has been carefully pruned. In each instance, a Message was, and still is, deluded by the unbelievability of the messenger, be it person, video, photo, document or signal.
The above examples are only the most noticeable acts of what has been 'produced' for us over the past 50 least. As you can see, the programming is preparing us for the eventualization of First 'official' Contact. These orchestrated events have been bringing us gradually closer to the first officially recognized and accepted meeting.
There seems, in my opinion, to be only two possibilities. That we are being prepared for what actually is occurring all around us or we are being setup for something. I tend to believe it is the latter. There has been an overall theme of dishonesty, disinformation and manipulation associated with the UFO phenomenon. I believe this is inconsistent with a benevolent First Contact scenario. Another theory has us either at war with the ETs or in treaties with them, both involving the subplot of alien abductions and release of ET technology. If this is truly the scenario, which I do not believe for various reasons, then the Powers that be have decided to keep us in the dark about an ongoing war, something that has never occurred before and has no logical justification...other than setting us up for something.
We are a society that communicates through letters that form words that form sentences. We value credibility where the 'truth' is what's real. Anything else is false or a hoax...and its value is negated. But if we are subtly being setup for a future event...First 'official' Contact...then whether the events are 'true' is irrelevant. It is what we are programmed to believe that is important.
CAUS is interested in any evidence that fits into this scenario, whether it is 'true' or not. Whether ETs actually exist is not what is important. What is important is that certain events are leading up to First Contact? Our movies, books, and TV programs and commercials help facilitate this Belief.
I was drawn to the Signal for both personal and professional reasons. For those not familiar with my background and opinions, I found all of the previously mentioned examples hoaxes and thus discounted the message....until the EQ Pegasi Signal. For reasons I do not understand, on November 11th (11:11) everything became clear and I realized that the EQ Pegasi was a Signal to me and, at least for me, very real. Professionally, I found it was another piece of the puzzle.
This Signal could possibly 'signal' the beginning of the final phase of this programming. First there was a Crash, then the Bodies, then the Group in charge, then the Autopsy of a dead ET by the gov't, then the Interview with a live ET by the gov't and now a live one Captured by a civilian. Mix in Meier, the Face on Mars, the Mexico City sighting and the Hale-Bopp companion as well as all the other events and the next message becomes obvious...First Contact.
And then Hoagland connected the Signal to an ET landing...Bingo! I do not believe that November 11th accidentally or coincidentally occurred during the Signal scenario. No matter how unbelievable it might appear to others, I believe I was 'activated' by the Signal on that day.
Richard has acted consistently with a person who believes something will land in Arizona on December 7th. I have no reason not to believe Richard. Even if he has been wrong in the past, and I am not convinced he has, whether he is wrong or not now, whether he is being used or not, whether he is knowingly a part of this strategy or irrelevant at this time. Richard has stated that an event involving an ET landing, referred to as Project Samson, will occur on December 7th north of Phoenix. David Oates, using reverse speech on the Secretary of Defense, detected December, 7 & Samson. Whether Hoagland is using Oates' work or whether Hoagland has independent sources...are not what is important. What is important is that two leading researchers are giving us Messages. Hoagland is also decoding the Paul Dore posting about the NSA meeting. More messages...whether true or not. Hoagland has stated he will tell us the exact time and place of the Landing no later than December 1st.
Whether anything actually occurs on that date is important whether it occurs or not. The only difference between the two scenarios is the timing. I believe the Landing is inevitable. It will take place when we are, or about to become, most vulnerable...either a War, natural disaster, terrorist attacks, y2k, or something similar. I believe that December 7th was selected for a symbolic reason. I also believe that something profound will occur on that day, whether we are aware of it at that time or not.
December 7th is 16 days away...not a far off prediction for the future. We will learn soon if there will be a Landing on that day. If there is...then that will be the subject of another CAUS Commentary. If there is none...then it simply becomes another day. Our vigil continues...looking for other Messages.
Hopefully this Commentary answers most of your questions. If not...I will continue to explain the Reality of a UFOLawyer.
Have a serendipitous weekend and of the skies!
Peter A. Gersten
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Note - We received the following from Mr. Gersten on Friday, 11-13-98:
From: Message-ID: < Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 15:15:54 EST To: Subject: [CAUS updates] - CAUS Commentary--The Final Conflict
Dear CAUS Subscribers:
We have read about it in the Bible. We have seen it portrayed in movies and TV. It has been written about in books and song in songs. It has been prophesied and foretold. Messages transmitted to us from a time long ago...warnings of an event yet to come. It is referred to as the Final Conflict or Final Battle. The conflict that we refer to as Good versus Evil. That time is now here.
There comes a time when a sentient life form in a three dimensional reality reaches a crossroads. It is referred to as the Final Conflict. This conflict is a metaphor. It involves the sentient life form's right of self- determination. The right of Sovereignty....the right to freely make the decisions that effect its own existence rather than having any other intelligence make them. That right has to be deserved. The life form must prove that it has earned that right. Earning that right is referred to as the Final Conflict. In victory we attain defeat we are 'destroyed' as being unworthy. The battle is conducted both externally on the surface of the planet and internally within each of the same time. We must first win the conflict within ourselves before we can win the conflict on the surface. The external conflict is a projection of our internal conflict.
This battle can take many forms...but we need only be concerned with our Final Conflict. There are messages, most coded or symbolic that tell us what we can expect. They are guides for our Journey. We need to understand and translate these messages. There are certain rules to the Final Conflict. One rule is that the life form has the right to know there will be this Final Conflict. We have the right to be informed and it cannot be withheld from us. But there is a caveat...a catch. The information can be disseminated in any form.
And that is why the messenger is always that the message will not be believed. Whether it be a story in the National Enquirer, or a grade B Armageddon flick, or a ridiculous scenario or a hoaxed video or photograph. But they are all still messages to us. On one level the truth or falsity is irrelevant. What is important is the fact that there is information...there is a message. We must learn how to interpret these messages. Everything has been orchestrated for our Final Conflict.
The most important rule of the Final Conflict is that we can only relinquish our Power...voluntarily. The rule states that it cannot be taken forcibly from us.
The metaphor for this rule can be found in a defendant's confession. The police cannot force a defendant to confess, for if they obtain it by forcible compulsion, it will not be admissible in court. But the law allows the police to trick a defendant into confessing by lying about his fingerprints being on the gun, false promises of leniency, or that his accomplice has implicated him when he hasn't.
If we voluntarily give up our Power, whether it is by lies or tricks...we will lose the battle and be 'destroyed.' We must learn from the past. We have given our Power of self determination to our government through the elective process and they have controlled us. We have been warned of the consequences of such action.
There is a group of us now on this planet who have been through this Final Conflict before at other times and on other places. We have decided to come here now for this particular reason. We have been programmed to awaken at preselected times based upon preselected events. Everything has been programmed for each of us to lead to this Final Conflict for Sovereignty. Each of us has certain information that we all need to be victorious. It is now time for this group to awaken and come together. I do not know who this group is. I suspect that it is not a coincidence that you are reading this now. I suspect that it is not a coincidence that CAUS was resurrected this January. I suspect that The Ultimate Secret is a message. I suspect that there are no coincidences...just synchronistic events of an overall plan.
Each individual must make his/her own decision. That is the essence of sovereignty and that will be the essence of the group. No decision that affects that person's life will be made by anyone other than the person him/herself. All actions are voluntarily. The can no tricks and there can by no lying. Everything should be open and honest.
Stephen King, in The Stand, has evil gathering in Las Vegas. I believe, in this Final Conflict, our group should gather in Sedona. I believe that another Rule requires that there be a safe place...a sanctuary. Sedona, I believe is such a place. The Rule requires that we have such a place for our Stand. Beginning December Ist, I will be opening my apartment in Sedona to all who wish to come. All are welcome to join me there. I will assume that anyone who comes is part of the group.
Please remember that, symbolically, Evil cannot exist without Good and vice versa. What Evil attempts to do is control good. Minimize its effectiveness by trickery and falsehood and then symbolically destroy it by destroying that particular life form.
I have been activated and I hope some of you have also. The Universe will provide us with what we need to win this Final Conflict if we allow it to by accepting what it gives us...without resistance. We might not understand it at the time it is given...but everything has a purpose. Everything is as it should be.
May the force be with us. And of the skies!
Peter A. Gersten Director


Note - Virtually the entire UFO research community has put the alleged EQ Pegasi 'signal' story to bed as a complete hoax. Even the Japanese astronomer, Jay Oka, who was alleged to have 'validated' the unknown signal, told Journalist Linda Moulton Howe that the perpetrators of the hoax fraudulently and illegally used his name. He was adamant that he had found no such signal. Since Peter Gersten has a rather large platform on the net, and has been a guest on this program, we felt we should post this message as a point of information only. Although we do NOT agree with his statement in any way, it is part of the news mix and warrants posting.
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 19:39:15 EST To: Subject: [CAUS updates] - CAUS ALERT--11-12-98 (1)
Dear CAUS Subscribers:
With this CAUSupdate, CAUS will now suspend its usual practice as to frequency and content of CAUSupdates and devote all future CAUSupdates to what presently is transpiring with EQ Pegasi/Project Samson. CAUS will follow this drama through December 7th and afterwards if warranted. Anything else would be a diversion and injustice. CAUS can only hope that others in the UFO community will realize the significance of what is happening, put aside philosophical and political differences and join together to finally set the truth free and prepare for, what appears to be the inevitable and battle. Whether you agree with it or not. Whether you accept it not. Whether you like it or not...this is the scenario we chose as the backdrop for our Journey....otherwise we wouldn't be here now. What
In one respect we are very lucky...since it appears that we will finally learn what UFOs are and even, hopefully, what the true agenda behind alien abductions is. I believe that 'their' continued need for secrecy is coming to an end. We must prepare for this eventuality. We are about to see what we only suspected...and even denied existed. But we will be one step closer to our right of self-determination. One step closer to our right to be sovereign. But we must earn it. We must prove we deserve it. It is now that time.
I also want to thank all of you for supporting the CAUS and volunteering your time and energy in helping CAUS finally reveal the hidden agenda. In another CAUSupdate I will inform you of what still needs to be done and observed. CAUS needs Sentinels.
Due to prior commitments, my webmaster is unable to keep up with the present amount of CAUSupdates. As you know, CAUSupdates, other than CAUS Commentaries and CAUS in Court have not been archived on the CAUS website.
Due to the importance of the EQ Pegasi/Project Samson drama continuing to unfold with the possibility of a staged ET landing in Mt. Elden, Arizona, on December 7th, CAUS needs a new webmaster with the capability of posting the CAUSupdates on the CAUS website, if not within an hour, then at least that day. Please e-mail me if you have the time, expertise and capability to help the CAUS. The position might only be temporary...until December 8th if no event occurs.
CAUS believes that this present drama, unfolding on the planetary stage, is evidence of a much larger plan, probably in its final stages. A plan with an ongoing secret scenario which most people in the UFO community, let alone the general population, find it impossible to believe. I know...beCAUS until yesterday...I was one of those people.
I have always believed that there would come a time in my life when I would be told the reason that I am here at this time and space. I believed the reason would connect all the dots in my life and explain random events and synchronistic anomalies. For the past two weeks I have been seeing 11-11...more than a simple random occurrence.
Other than the messages and strange events connected to the writing and serailization of The Ultimate Secret, nothing strange had happened to me in my life. I have no recollection of having any 'contact.' I have never, that I know of, seen a true UFO. Thus, the repeated sightings of 11-11 caught my attention as being unusual. I even considered the possibility that I was being given a message that something was to happen on that day. On my way to Phoenix from Sedona yesterday, I was extra vigilant beCAUS of the thought that I might die on this day. As it turned out 11-11 was a day of transformation...of a new level of understanding and awareness. Hopefully enlightenment is not far behind.
Is our true reality nothing more than the plot of an average grade B science fiction movie combined with both the plots of a popular paranormal TV show and a grade C horror flick? Are the special effects we see in these movies...capable of being reproduced in our 3D reality. Is there actualy a secret science that could convince us that it must be extraterrestrial? Are we are fast approaching the final part of an ancient ceremony being re- enacted....for possibly the benefit of the Gods? We do not have long to find out. What I am asking you is to open your possibly believe in the unbelievable. Understand the incomprehensible. Accept the unacceptable. And look for the symbolism..the act rather than the word. The message rather than the messenger....who or which is usually intentionally tainted. And the fact that a statement is made rather than its truth or falsity...which is usually irrelevant for our limited understanding of ceremony and ritual...the language of 'them.'
Richard Hoagland will be on Art Bell's show tonight. I would suggest you listen to his matter what your opinion of him. It is time to reopen our minds and consider all possibilities...even the 'impossible' ones. I am asking for your trust and your faith. My archetypal Journey has begun. I can only trust that yours is also beginning. I have always believed in the group effort and thus assume that some, if not all, of us have come here in this time and space for a very important purpose. Nothing during the past four years since being 'directed' to Arizona has convinced me otherwise. Quite the contrary.
I also believe that Sedona is a 'safe' area and ask that you each journey here when your inner guidance tells you it is time. For some it will be sooner...for others later. It is time for strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge...and commitment. But this commitment will instinctively continue in each present moment when your passion is set free. I have been on a timed information release program. I can only hope that some of you have also. But it also seems that we have done this before in another space and time. Doesn't it?
Have an awakened Thursday and of the skies!
Peter A. Gersten Director
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Subj: [CAUS updates] - CAUS ALERT--ET Theory
Date: 11/13/98 11:05:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
Tony Matias writes:
Can you please come out in layman's terms and tell us all what you really believe the ET theory to be? Please!!!!!
Of CAUS ETs exist. What they are and where they come from is least to me. The ancient Egyptians worshipped Gods. What those Gods are and where they come from, I do not know at this time. I have received some information that they are Reptoids.
But it appears that those Gods are still 'here' and are still worshipped by a group of people who are in control of this planet. These people, knowingly or unwittingly, have given their power to these Gods, possibly beCAUS of their superior technology and their hopes of obtaining it. I believe that, in return, these people must perform certain ceremonies in worship of these Gods. These ceremonies are continually performed, symbolically, in our reality. The ancient Egyptian symbols are also the symbols of these people.
One ceremony involves the 'savior' scenario. This savior will either be actual 'ETs', possibly the Reptoids themselves, or something that was created to look more human. But it is irrelevant what it actually is. It is only a symbol of the Final Conflict within ourselves projected onto the external screen of the planet. It is a 3D movie...but one that we are in.
Somehow I feel that in my answer ...I have created more questions.
Peter A. Gersten
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:41:13 EST
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Subject: Re: [CAUS updates] - CAUS ALERT--ET Theory
Hi Peter,
Had to send this reply as this ET origin thing keeps popping up.
We often hear of 'Reptoids' as you stated or other humanoid looking creatures that for some reason bleed red when struck by stick wielding doctors or shotgun toting moonshine runners.
There's no telling what forms of life evolved on this planet as we can only make guesstimates. Sounds to me somebody else is on the top of the evolutionary ladder and we humans aren't the terran top-dogs we hope we are.
How these species and civilizations progressed is anybody's guess and the remnants of their civilizations may be buried under water or decayed. Not to mention the several ice ages which for some reason have the ability to drastically transform geographical areas and in cases artificial structures. Since there's no way to prove some of the odd beings reported are from other worlds we have to take someone's word or speculation. We also have to understand that just because we humans took 10,000 years to go from spears to VCRs that it doesn't mean other intelligences take so long.
Problem solving is what sets us apart from other life forms, but who's to say we're the best problem solvers or that conditions of diet, atmosphere and challenge are constants as we see these erratic leaps in technological accomplishments throughout human history. Our job is to solve the first problem, staying alive. Staying alive long enough to solve more problems not create more. Sometimes we do it in quantum leaps, sometimes we do it slower than a snail in quicksand. We now are at the point where we may be only decades away from discovering the cures for what ails us. Who knows what brilliant technologies are to be had. What if tomorrow we discover a way to live forever or at least long and vigorously? Once longevity is attained, problems don't seem so urgent. Perhaps someone or something has discovered this here on this planet and physical obstacles are no more. Speculate if you will should some of our elite discover the secret to the psychical transfer of consciousness to artifical or multiple bodies? Speculate on the vast awareness gained through increased control over our mental abilities? Consider a community of such beings. Would ethics increase or would the aberrations we all have take control? As stated in an old episode of 'Star Trek' superior intellect breeds superior ambition. Is it that one superior being could have such cause over thousands or millions? What if a community of such beings exists? What if said speculated community were not human originally but can become human as easily as we would don an evening suit? Since our physicists and anthropologists don't have all he secrets yet, it's up to our imaginations to take reign. Speculation and imagination are fine as long as we don't act on them to affect us negatively.
There is all kinds of data suggesting extraterrestrial contact. Just because we find it difficult to solve the problems of intersteller or interdimensional excursion doesn't mean another life form hasn't or can't. Arrogance borne of fear often are our greatest enemies as a species and will continue to be lest we corral and learn prevention.
We need to do the math. We need to understand that if there wasn't anything to this ET theory then why so much resistance from these three institutions: Govt., Press, and western versions of the Christian churches? I've found that orthodox Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Jews from the old countries have no problem with the ET issue. They often ask me what the heck is the problem with the U.S.! Of couse many would say that the ancient peoples believed these 'ET's to be gods or angels or demons, but I've found that not to be the majority. What I've found is that the original interpretations of these peoples met by westerners who were Christians is often innaccurate. Often these peoples originally referred to these strange visitors as ANCESTORS or CREATORS or GUIDES. It is an honest mistake but points to the fact that we all need to re-examine our collective histories, especially what did people believe BEFORE the spread of the great religions. What were their beliefs?
Well, I've said enough, but had to since my mailbox was full of CAUS letters! :)
Stop by the Grassy Knoll sometime!
Greg Boone aka PSCP Evol