MUFON Skywatch
Investigations August 1997
From George A. Filer: MUFON Eastern Director
In July, UFO air crews were on vacation, but August activity has suddenly increased.
(Case 97/8/6) David Stein, a computer expert was driving home late from work on the Garden State Parkway, when he saw blue circular lights low over the highway. At approximately 10:00 p.m., his and other cars started slowing near the Hazlet exit about twenty miles south of New York City. The bright blue lights were not blinking, but seemed to contract and expand in intensity causing traffic to stop and look at the amazing sight. The UFO moved up and down and to the left and the right of the roadway. David believes other drivers must have seen the low flying craft, because so many cars stopped on the heavily traveled highway. The craft appeared as a disc about three inches in diameter at arms length. David estimated its actual size was much larger than an automobile. After the traffic stopped, the bright blue lights suddenly flew off to the west between some trees at high speed and then traffic resumed. David Stein was very shaken by the sighting. He said, "He had always been a skeptic about UFOs, but not any more. I feel no helicopter or other craft could perform those maneuvers." Further investigation is continuing.
(Case 97/2/20) John Thompson, GA State Director has finished the investigation of a sighting over La Grange. The witness, a mechanic, saw four bright white lights in the Northeast sky. Each light was larger than Venus and formed a rectangle that stood 45 degrees above the horizon. He slowed his vehicle to obtain a better look and his truck lights angled up on a hill. The four separate lights suddenly merged at instantaneous speed, and then flew almost straight up. The lights were like spotlights, brighter and larger than anything the witness had ever seen in the sky, except for the sun or moon. Total viewing time was over a minute. The exact date of the sighting is unknown, but occurred in the second half of February of this year.
(Case 97/6/17) Jean and Eugene Brown MUFON State Section Directors, field investigators Carol Hammond, and Polly Bryer have finished the investigation of a Tampa daylight sighting. Olga Booker, the primary witness was driving home at 11:20 a.m. when she spotted what she at first thought was a blimp with red and white lights. She then realized it was not blimp and started to follow in her car. The object was moving slowly from the south to north low over some trees and buildings looking like a heavy iron pot. The object was pyramid shaped with one side slightly curved with three pulsating orange to red colored lights on each corner. There were also a series of white twinkling lights on the UFO. About thirty lights were on the rear curved portion of the car sized object. It was flat like a pancake and had no wings, tail, or windows. It was a dark green/grey/brown color. It had scratch or grain like lines running left to right that reflected a copper or gold like color on its surface. Two male witnesses also saw the object. One looked at the UFO and said, "What is it?" It flew off to the east at high speed.
The object was sighted just a few miles north of MacDill Air Force Base and coming from that direction. The Air Force said, "It was not theirs." Olga appeared on local TV showing a drawing she made of the craft.
(Case 97/08/11) In Key West, Shayna Szmiot reports seeing a hazy ring around the moon. She stated then, "There were flashing lights similar to a police car that zipped around the moon and passed over my house within 20 seconds. It then showed a strobe light then disappeared within 30 seconds with a similar flash of bright lights!!!! Their phone number is: 305 295 1356 Shayna address is: 1411 Truman Ave. Key West, FL 33041. Thanks to John Thompson, GA State Director and ISUR.
Mr. Hutch, age 24 reports sighting two UFOs at 12:20 a.m., August 12, 1997 near Buffalo, in central Kentucky. He and his wife saw two objects moving directly overhead at a high altitude but, too far away to tell the size or shape. They looked like stars, but were moving fast in random patterns. They moved too fast for normal aircraft, and too erratic for the meteors. They both seemed to be moving at same time, but not in same format or direction. It was a warm, dark night, there was a slight mist in the air and storms were forecast. The craft darted around the sky for 15 minuets The sighting took place near an urban area, where there is an air route close by. Thanks to B.U.F.O.D. Website Case R207, Ben at or
On the evening of Friday, July 25, 1997, Cliff S. and his young son were in their pickup truck going west on Farm Road 1488, in eastern Texas when they saw something unusual in the sky. In their farm county, Cliff explained, "They're used to seeing air traffic traveling between Dallas and Houston in a north-south direction. So when a strange object appeared in the western sky, he took notice. They saw two bright beams, a blinking red in between rather unusual in the way it was going. It seemed to hang in the sky and not move, so we watched it for a while. I reached back and got my binoculars (which) I'd left in the truck since the (Hale-Bopp) comet, and pulled over. I looked at it. It was about the size of an airliner, but much closer. I could see a faint gleam of a cockpit in the middle, with window panes. I was having a weird feeling, such as I remember having as a kid whenever I'd seen unusual things in the sky." Cliff's son took the binoculars and confirmed the sighting. Then Cliff watched and said, "Now that I realized that they were very close, I couldn't hear any sound. I turned off the truck engine to hear better, and we both got out. It was just overhead, but the only sound around it was like its wings cutting through the air. Directly overhead...we couldn't see the outline, but it seemed triangular. It was black or dark. No red lights visible from below. A pair of white lights close together, side by side...then another pair behind it, less bright, then another pair, bright again, at the rear. They also had two bright white spotlights at the tip of each wing. It seemed to be following our (farm) road to the east, and would slowly bank to one side, then to the other." (Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for this news story.) UFO ROUNDUP, #31 Editor Joseph Trainor,
On 5 Aug. 1997, in Ash Fork, AZ. Wheels Wegener II reports seeing two sets of very bright blue/greenish lights. There were five or so, he cannot remember exactly how many. He reports, "The lights were hovering over peak across the valley from where I live with one American made chopper with them. The chopper was in area the day before. One set of lights turns on end, and drops into the top of the mountain, or behind it, then comes back up and into horizontal formation and all three leave. A couple of days before, a bright silver ball was in the sky moving toward Phoenix. It vanishes into a bright blue circle and then the blue circle vanishes. Thanks to and Skywatch International at
Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the first Director of the CIA (1947-1950). Stated in 1950, "Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control. It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is." The source for this quote is: Bruce Maccabee, Maryland MUFON State Director
"What The Admiral Knew: UFO, MJ-12 and R.Hillenkoetter," International UFO Reporter, Nov/Dec., 1986.
Jerry Washington, Kentucky MUFON State Director provides us with several paragraphs out of chapter 13,"Enemy Attack and UFO Potential" of the "Fire Officer's Guide To Disaster Control, (2nd Edition)." The authors: William M. Kramer, Ph.D.,District Fire Chief, Cincinnati Fire Division, and the Director of Fire Science, University of Cincinnati; and Charles W. Bahme, J.D., Deputy Chief of the L.A. Fire Department (Retired), Captain, USN Reserve and Attorney at Law, have penned the vanguard publication used throughout the fire and disaster control fields as a teaching tool.
In this chapter we will now turn our attention to the very real threat posed by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)...if the apparent visits by alien beings and their space vehicles should pose any type of threat, it will, as always, be the fire service that is called upon to provide the first line of life-saving defense and disaster mitigation...
Hence, as we near the year 2000 and move beyond, any comprehensive disaster plan should address the potential for panic and other deleterious effects that might befall a populated area when unexplained phenomena occur. We will see, as we continue our discussion in this chapter, that widespread blackouts, communication disruptions, and other potentially disastrous conditions have been linked directly to UFO sightings. Hence, fire service leaders who want to ensure that their disaster planning is complete will not neglect an appendix to outline these things that could be done in preparation for an occurrence of such phenomena...
The subject of UFOs was not included in previous editions of this book. The first edition was the "Handbook of Disaster Control" which Chuck personally published in 1952 following his release from active naval duty in the Korean War. Although his services in the conflict as Security Coordinator for the Chief of Naval Operations involved the creation of a worldwide disaster control organization for the protection of the physical properties of the Navy, it must be admitted that the directives approved for this new organization did not reflect any significant concern for a flying saucer threat to its shore establishment. That was in the 1950s. Now that we are in the 1990s it is doubtful that the UFO potential would be brushed off so lightly by our military security forces. This change of attitude was evidenced as far back as December 24, 1959, when the Inspector General of the Air Force issued the following Operations and Training Order: "Unidentified Flying Objects -- sometimes treated lightly by the press and referred to as 'Flying Saucers' -- must be rapidly and accurately identified as serious Air Force business..."

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