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Filer's Files #39-1998
Debbie Stock writes concerning the fifty years old message held in General Rameyís hand now being greatly enhanced and read in part for the first time since July 8, 1947. Several photographs were taken of General Ramey and alleged flying saucer wreckage by James Bond Johnson. These photos are under going detailed scrutiny in an attempt to read this critical message apparently sent to the General at 8th Air Force Headquarters. Debbie Stock has found a correction to the interpretation of Rameyís Message. The portion "THE CRASH STORY"... THE WORD "CRASH" IS DISK,,,(IT'S AN "I" INSTEAD OF AN "A") also after "SAFE TALK OF MEANING AND STORY" I DETECT THE WORDS.......SHOW "STUFF"........OF WEATHER BALLOONS. While there is some consensus on some words, the words we all agree on are the words "VICTIMS" "FORT WORTH, TEX." AND "WEATHER BALLOONS" CREWS AND TEMPLE. Temple is the name of the sender of the message. Much more examination needs to be done. I am looking forward to input from others. Thanks to Debbie Stock:
MUFON investigator Sandra Black reports that on September 25, 1998, between 1930 hours and 2000 hours an non-human entity was sighted about a half hour north of Brattleboro. Two women driving north on Interstate 91 noticed several bright headlights approaching from the rear. Three or four cars sped by the witnesses, who were doing approximately 70 mph. As these cars who appeared to be traveling together went by, the headlights of one illuminated the car directly in front. The witnesses saw in the backseat of the front car a lone entity sitting erect. It looked tall with a huge head on a spindly neck. The color was pasty and it looked like a lot of veins covered the head. These cars drove at such a high rate of speed that the witnesses could not catch them. Thanks to Sandra Black, MUFON Section Director, Coos County, NH Vermont State Director Tom McFarland is investigating.
PORTSMOUTH: On Tuesday, September 22, 1998, a 22-year-old sailor in the U.S. Navy, was driving north on Burma Road a mile from the Melville shipyard, when he spied a UFO at 4:18 PM. "It started above the tree line, about 10 degrees above the horizon, and disappeared into the clouds. The departure angle was close to 45 degrees towards the west. "I'm a reliable judge of speed. This thing was smoking and accelerating! Speed 400 to 500 knots, with a behind- the-trees dash at Mach 1 (600 knots), easy." "It was the brilliance that brought my eye to it. If I had done a slow blink, I would have missed it completely. This was truly an amazing sight." He described the UFO as "oval, like if you put your thumb and index finger together to make the OK sign. No blinking lights. Glowed like the filtered amber/gold sun." Portsmouth is on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay, about 25 miles southeast of Providencel. (Thanks to Joe Trainor #39, 9,27/98, UFO Roundup.
PENNS GROVE: Evelyn Galson reports that on August 13, 1998, a sixteen year old girl saw an egg shaped, metallic flying object. It was low in the sky and a beam of light was coming out of the front of it. She called her friend to see it, but it disappeared. Later that evening while driving home with her brother and younger sister, they saw a light low in the sky. The three were traveling down Auburn Road at 9:00 PM in WOODSTOWN and believe they saw the same object with a beam of light coming out from the front. They didn't stop, but kept driving and eventually lost sight of it. Thanks to Evelyn Galson and her husband Roger who recently passed their Field Investigators exam. ( Congratulations.
WANAQUE RESERVOIR: Mike reports he and his friend Ryan visited the reservoir on September 27, 1998, from 10:30 to 1:00 PM and saw six objects. We then drove to a nearby field, turned around and a huge triangle was just sitting there. It was about the size of a quarter in the sky. The object hovered for three minutes then slowly started moving from north to south towards the car. At first was silent, but overhead we could hear an airplane sound, which was distinctly quieter than normal aircraft. It had two very bright almost tan lights in the front and a green light on the left and a red one on the right. The lights were strobing, but unlike normal aircraft lights. I estimate it was 700 feet above us. It was incredible to watch. If people want to skywatch with Mike, e-mail him at MATHrk101.
BERGEN COUNTY: Impressive photographs of orbs or plasmas were shot in New Jersey over the last few weeks. The photos show orbs that seem to be bouncing across the tree line. They usually are not seen with the naked eye but show up clearly on film. These are some of the best pictures taken so far in New Jersey. The orbs appear to move through the trees and around a yard. A single orb about the size of a basketball seems to start moving close to the ground and then comes up and right over the head of the photographer. One orb seems to have arms, legs, or tentacles. You might try to do some of your own photography to obtain similar pictures. Many people are getting surprising results. E-mail See the orbs at, or at Paranormal at
BROWNSVILLE: Stan Gordon reports mysterious booms in Western Pennsylvania at 8:30 PM on September 27, 1998. A loud boom was heard in Fayette and Washington Counties covering a 15 mile area. No source of the sound has been determined. A family in California Boro said their glass curio cabinet "was rocked with glassware inside fell and broke" A source in West Brownsville, said the blast jolted her out of bed. A Brownsville Police officer heard the boom and describes it as a concussion. He said, "It definitely was not thunder, but more like an explosion." Stan also received information of a huge explosion at 2:00 PM on September 25, near Saltsburg, in Indiana County. It was a low pitched explosion followed by a long rumble of a higher pitch. Thanks to Stan Gordon UFO Hotline 724-838-7768
LA GRANGE: MUFON/ISUR John Thompson reports that a witness in La Grange has come forward about a highly unusual observation that occurred in early August of 1998. She was on the porch of her home and saw what she initially thought was a tornado forming. In a few moments, it turned a brilliant white and took on the shape of a saucer. The size was described as that of a tornado, but it just remained stationary over the trees about a mile away. There was another witness, and while watching, a lightning strike occurred above it, then it disappeared. No tornado sound was heard. It rained lightly about 30 minutes later. A traveling businessman reported seeing a UFO in this same area about two weeks after the described tornado UFO event and a similar report occurred in England recently.
LA GRANGE: John Thompson also reports on a daylight sighting of a dull black triangle UFO of small plane size flying at 1500 to 2000 feet going northeast on September 27, 1998, at 12:45 PM. No sound was heard and the witness said it looked like a stealth fighter more than anything. Checked with LaGrange Airport at around 2:15 PM and they showed no gliders flying and no dark triangle aircraft operating in LaGrange area. The remote possibility of small military delta shaped drone should be considered. The possibility of a stealth fighter flying that low over LaGrange and making no sound is remote. A misidentification by the witness is possible, and no other witnesses have been found.
ATLANTA: The National UFO Reporting Center received a call on Friday from a Marietta resident concerning UFOs. Later she called MUFONís State Director Tom Sheets and said that on September 21, 1998, she and her husband were driving north on 92 Highway and observed a triangle with rounded edges. It was a large dark triangular shaped object with steady green lights. and was larger than a baseball held at arms length. It appeared to follow them for five minutes until they got to their home in Hiram at 10:00 PM. They examined the sky more closely and observed numerous unusual lights, some low enough to reveal a round shape. These lights were darting around and hovering. One in particular seemed to spin on an axis displaying a configuration of green lights on one side, and white on the other, almost strobe like in intensity. They noticed a slight humming sound during their observances. At one point a light she described as basketball size appeared to fall straight down toward the horizon. On the next two nights, similar displays were noticed and they saw at least one aircraft that used a spotlight. The Paulding County Sheriff's operator advised they had received no UFO reports. Other witnesses are also reporting similar triangles and fire balls in the area. Americaís most advanced F-22 fighters are being built at nearby Marietta. One has been test flown.
LEE COUNTY: John Thompson reports that a married 38 year-old University of Alabama graduate called me to say that he had seen a UFO on September 25, 1998. EDT. While working on a house off Highway 14, three miles west of Auburn, he saw a high-flying UFO directly overhead at 1:35 PM. The UFO was "shiny white" and of roundish, oval or cylinder shaped. Speed was very fast! Altitude was over 14 miles high--possibly 30-70 miles high. Witness said the silvery UFO went from directly overhead to his 2 o'clock position in "2-3 seconds." It covered a third of the horizon, at extremely high altitude, in a very brief interval. Incredibly, the UFO had an apparent size of an 1/8 of an inch. This suggests a real size of approximately 400 feet long and more likely--as the UFO was flying where the atmosphere turns its darkest at extreme elevation--as much as 2,000 feet long, at 70 miles high. No sound or electrical interference (he had his radio on) was noted..
He does not believe in UFOs, but knows what he saw was not a plane and why he called me. Falling space junk has to be considered although it appears the UFO was flying with the contour of the earth. No vapor trail was seen. A call was placed to the FAA in Columbus and Marvin Burdette said their logs showed nothing unusual for last Friday. They only monitor aircraft that use a transponder. Since this UFO was above 60,000 feet it would not have registered whether transponder equipped or not! A call was also placed to Auburn's airport. "Patsy" said she was working then and no pilots flying into Auburn reported seeing a UFO. NORAD is being copied on this incident due to the high estimated altitude. A MUFON general case one form was completed and signed by the witness today and his testimony videoed. Witness says he is certain that what he saw was NOT an aircraft. This field investigator is inclined to agree. A bright rare daytime meteorite or space junk are possibilities but doubtful as the witness says he saw a solid craft of enormous size moving at extraordinary speed. The UFO flew from east to west. The LaGrange, Georgia witness is well educated and has an excellent reputation.
CLEVELAND: Walter Sheets reports that multiple UFOs/lights were observed on September 26, 1998, at about 1:00 AM. Luckily, a witness was located and told me that he is a student at the local community college. He observed numerous bright yellow/white star-like lights quickly darting back and forth in the sky. They would come close together to form a very bright 'collective,' then spread out. At times, they formed hovering geometric shapes such as a triangle, rectangle, and a straight line with square at the end. The lights would occasionally flicker, and hint at different colors, moving very quickly. There were at least 10 performing in this display. He watched for an hour, and called his girlfriend to come out watch.
TUCSON: On Thursday, September 24, 1998, three iridescent basket ball size green balls were observed by two people traveling in the southwest side of Tucson at 10:06 PM The balls traveled side by side near Valencia road, traveling East, between "Cardinal and Midvale." The "center-one" dropped first and then the "Left- one" dropped, then finally the "right-one" dropped. They were then on the same level then. They shot southwest toward the San Xavier Mission and disappeared. This was reported to Skywatchís June Scherrer, Arizona State Skywatch director who took the phone call from Officer Murphy of the police. Thanks to Roger Scherrer: and Skywatch International Inc.
Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle reports that on September 23, 1998, at 2125 hours (PDT) unusual blue/green fireballs were seen at a rate that we rarely have experienced in the past. The "blitz" of sighting reports has abated somewhat, but continues to some degree, and is being accompanied by other reports of disc, spheres, and other anomalous objects." The reports appear to be grossly inconsistent with meteoritic events, with re-entering space "junk," with aircraft, aurora borealis, or any other more mundane explanations." Thanks to Peter Davenport,
ISLA DE MAIPO: Carlos Covarrubias writes that on September 28, 1998, all my family saw a halo, that looked like a cloud moving from the west to the east. It disappeared towards the north east at 22:15 PM. I have always been skeptical about UFOs. I consulted with European Southern Observatory and they said that no cosmics phenomenonís were expected for the night, they had not observed anything. Today I heard in the radio that this halo had been seen in different places in Chile from Santiago to Punta Arenas to the South. Thanks to Carlos: (562)8192744, address: Santa Rosa 2408 Isla de Maipo Region, Metropolitana, Chile
GRAFTON N.S.W.: Researcher Barry Taylor reports that a formation of twelve to fifteen UFOs were observed on July 11, 1998, at 6:11 PM. The white illuminated objects were at very high altitude (40,000+ ft.) and were moving fast in a "V" formation surrounded by a white haze. They were plainly visible against the stars moving south at 10,000 klm / hr. I video taped the "V" formation for three seconds in the clip. Unfortunately, they are only seen faintly on the original tape. Five minutes later, while observing the northern sky, 200 white illuminated objects surrounded by a fairly bright white haze was seen moving east at 40,000 feet altitude. Bryan Dickeson of U.F.O.R. calculated their speed at 6500 to 6900 mph. This current "Armada" of UFO's arrived at Earth on April 6, and departed on July 11, 1998. No similar sightings have been seen since then. Thanks to Barry Taylor.
MUFON's Maryland State Director comments on Filer's Files #38 Air Force Engineer's Secret Disc Aircraft. A Wright Patterson engineer's stated, Today, many of the futuristic vehicles of terrestrial origin carry advanced directed energy weapon technologies such as sonic, laser, and rf capabilities for biological system disruption and target hard kill. Bruce comments: "The main subject here concerns objects which fly around. There is only one such object carrying a powerful laser.... That is a research aircraft known as the AirBorne Laser (ABL) of the Air Force research laboratory at Kirtland, AFB. It is a powerful laser on a 747 aircraft.
Why people persist in suggesting that there are many aircraft carrying equipped with weapon level lasers such as this is a mystery to me. (There are numerous low power laser systems used for missile guidance that have been in operational use for more than 20 years.) I have been following and working with the forefront of powerful laser weapon technology directed toward shooting down ballistic missiles for the last 13 years, so I have an idea of the "leading edge" of the technology. We simply have not gotten to the point where there are operational systems flying around, only test systems.
Only recently has the Air Force announced that the ABL system tests have been sufficiently successful that they will build several prototype operational systems in the next few years. As for RF capabilities, there have been systems designed to disrupt enemy electronic systems for a long time. But high power microwave beams capable of major damage comparable to what a laser could do are still a long way off, if ever (in large part because the longer wavelengths of microwave beams, as compared to lasers, cannot be focused as easily to small spots on a target.). They also have stealth characteristics using broad band holographic technology to easily "cloak" or conceal and/or present false targets. Holographic? This refers to a specific sort of image reconstruction using coherent wavefronts or radiation (laser, RF, acoustic).
Holography tends to be monochromatic because it requires wavefront interference that is constructive in some places and destructive in other places. Broad band radiation, however, is too incoherent to have well defined regions of constructive and destructive interference. In other words, broad band radiation obliterates the interference patterns necessary to make a hologram. There are methods for concealing targets, but I don't see the connection with holography. False targets in radar systems can be created by electronic transmitters carried by the objects (e.g., aircraft) being detected. Receivers on board the object to be detected are designed to analyze incoming radar signals and then to transmit signals that overwhelm any natural echoes from the object. The signals that are sent back can be phase delayed to make it appear as if the object being detected is moving at a different speed and/or is in a different location from where it actually is. This does not require holography. Thanks to Bruce Maccabee.
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