Phoenix Sightings Update
By Tom King
A wave of sighting in Arizona has started up again and continue almost daily.
November 14, 1997 a report of a Hockey Puck was taped for 15 minutes by Jeff Willis. Local MUFON investigators are looking into the footage. I haven't had time to see a copy yet.
November 16, 1997. Rob King reported while hiking up Camelback Mts he saw a strange white object over Phoenix. He took three 35 mm of the high altitude object with a 1500 mm telephoto lens.
November 17, 1997. Again Rob King reported at 11:30 during his lunch break in Scottsdale, AZ he saw two large silver objects traveling together near the clouds. One object suddenly stopped and hovered while the other silver object kept going. After many miles of traveling it reversed course and came back and parked next to the other object. Rob went inside and brought out two construction workers to see this. They watched these objects and saw a large comercial jet approaching. They thought the objects were about hald the size of the jet. When the jet approached the two objects with in half a mile, they both shot upwards rapidly. Rob said they "shot off like bullets".
I placed a call with Sky Habor Airport and talked to someone who was in the tower. They said the object was two high to register on their 5 mile radar limit. So I called Alburque Center and they state they had no usual reports and transferred me to Military operations and I spoke with a Mr. Meyers. Mr. Meyers stated he knew heard nothing about anything usual. He added nothing would happen unless the pilot reported the sighting.
I will follow up on this one and try to find the person watching the radar in this area.
Also one other recent sighting was reported by Chris Williams who videotaped a pulsing object flying just under the clouds.
If anyone reading this has any additional information please forward it to me.
Arizona Boomerang Update.
by Tom King

At the first Annual Skywatch International conference held in Phoenix Arizona, held last November 15, 16. Bill Hamilton presented a very interesting videotape of apparently two "Boomerang" style objects sighted north of Phoenix.
Bill recieved a phone call just before he left for Italy last week. A man was reporting he had videotaped two boomerangs back in 1992. He also stated he had a copy of local news coverage to verify his sighting. Bill had the man contact Village Labs and he brought his tape down to be studied.
The witness and his wife were out videotaping the moon on November 27, 1992. They noticed a strange set of lights and focused their camera on it. As they zoomed in a V-shaped formation of lights is seen. With a large flashing object following it.
This videotape is remarkably simular to Terry McLehran videotape of the boomerang on March 13. Although this video has more details to look at in regard to these boomerang sightings.
During the video you can see many of the lights are moving and some merge together. For a couple of seconds it becomes a very bright formation of lights. Some people wonder if this part could reveal some detail about if its one object.
One of the things that came to mind was. Could this be a formation of jets? Or a refueling operation?
I called Luke Air Force base and talked to Public Affairs Officier Bill McKenzy. I explained to him where and what happened, and told Bill I have this on tape, and a old newscast.
Bill stated that they don't fly or train in the CaveCreek area, nor would the AirForce EVER refuel over a populated area. Jet fuel might hit houses and people would sue the AirForce. He went on to say, they refuel over mountains in northern Arizona between 30,000 to 40,000 ft.
I asked how I could get documentation for that night as to all military aircraft in the state or in the sky.
Bill thought it would be very hard almost impossible.
Bill was very open and friendly and didn't seem to hold back on any of the questions I asked.
So from a preliminary inquiry, the spokesman at Air Force Base says the event on that night is not consistent with any of their operations.
Notice the spacing is similar to the 10:00 March event. Here is a image attached file from the video.
Tom King,
Skywatcher Arizona
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