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On behalf of Luc Buergin, Switzerland, and in cooperation with Germany's UFO magazine, the "UFO-KURIER", we would like to present something which might be of interest.
Another One Bites The Dust Billy Meier: The End!
The Swiss ufo contactee Billy Meier is exposed definitely as swindler. This is the conclusion of an American TV-Special which was produced under participation of the Meier critic Kal Korff. The program shall be broadcast worldwide in July 1998.
Korff had traveled to Switzerland in March of this year where he interviewed Billy's ex-wife Kalliope together with the Swiss UFO researcher and non-fiction book author Luc Buergin. The basis for this were Kalliope's statements in the German "UFO-KURIER" of April of last year (which was translated by Joachim Koch and presented here). There she had exposed to Buergin the contactee stories of her ex-husband as "lies and deception peeks".
Kalliope Meier: "The FIGU obviously has cult-like characteristics. I would like to advise all members to judge Billy's statements critically and not simply to believe him blindly".
The highlight of the TV program are excerpts from the legendary Dean Martin show which in the seventies shall have served Billy as the model for his fake photos.
Buergin: "Korffs team shows, that 'Asket' - an extraterrestrial allegedly photographed by Meier - is in truth the singer of an American dance formation. Obviously Billy took a photograph of the questionable scenes from the TV screen".
On the occasion of Korff's visit to Europe, Buergin has got to know Korff as a really relevant researcher. Says the Swiss: "Korff isn't a sceptic in the classic sense as he is accused occasionally. It is not his intention to explain away all UFOs. He rather wants to divide the truth from the falseness. He contributes with that to the serious investigation of the phenomenon".
In March of this year Korffs appearance in the Art-bell-Show caused excitement among Meier's supporters where he was in a debate with Meier-fan Jim Dilettoso. At this he managed to wring the confession from Dilettoso to have peddled with a wrong doctorate for years.
Buergin, too, had to cope already with heavy critics for his research by Meier's supporters. Why does he work together with Korff? "One cannot explain away the existence of the UFO phenomenon. I personally favor the extraterrestrial hypothesis for some sightings. Unfortunately, definite proofs of this acceptance are missing yet. Therefore it is most important to throw a spanner into the works of so unscrupulous swindlers like Meier. Only in such a way we can get the science to deal with the ufo phenomenon seriously", says Buergin.
*Excerpts from the interview between Kal Korff/Luc Buergin* *and Kalliope Meier in Turbenthal, Switzerland (March 1998)*
Kal Korff/Luc Buergin: In your opinion, is the FIGU a sect?
Kalliope Meier: After all I have seen, --near the end, before I went away -- I would I say: Yes. My experiences are very mixed. There is a kind of hierarchy. One must go along with that. Otherwise one is excluded.
Korff/Buergin: May Billy be doubted about within the FIGU?
Meier: Billy isn't criticized in the center. Billy is the best there. This also will remain so. For people there, probably this is all right. You live there. But they should not adore him as an idol and not admire him as God either.
Korff/Buergin: Are you religious?
Meier: I have grown up strictly religiously. Greek orthodox. I partly have lived in the cloister. I am atheist today. I am a free human. But I accept everybody who has a religion. Everybody shall believe if he finds this good. I want to change nobody. Everybody is responsible for himself.
Korff/Buergin: You live in Turbenthal today. You feel better than before?
Meier: I have to be content. When I went away I felt very bad. I had lost the floor under the feet, lost reality. I have tried to organize my life newly. I had to say to myself: I must begin a new life after 30 years. Today, I really feel good. I am content. I have somehow found the way ...
(end of excerpt)
Joachim Koch, Hans-Juergen Kyborg
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