Kal Korff Announces UFO
Document Repository Initiative
From Kal Korff

Redmond, Washington - TotalResearch announced today, that its critically-acclaimed author, President and CEO, Kal K. Korff, was the overwhelming and unanimous winner in the historic debate between he and Jim Dilettoso that was featured on the widely popular Art Bell show last night.
Kal Korff, whose breakthrough investigation of the Billy Meier case presented in his book 'Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story' (Prometheus Books, 1996), proves it is a monstrous hoax, run by the Swiss cult leader Eduard 'Billy' Meier.
"I would like to first of all, thank Mr. Art Bell for sponsoring the debate between Mr. Dilettoso and myself. Art did the American people and in part a global audience a historic favor by putting both Mr. Dilettoso and myself on the air, and as he promised, let us both go at it." stated Kal Korff in a short speech to various media.
"With Art agreeing to let us debate the issues, and ask the hard questions, the results are definitive: out of 2,673 votes cast by audience listeners, 2,178 people, or 81%, voted in favor of me and my arguments that the Meier case is a hoax and that Jim Dilettoso is a con artist, and has made numerous statements that even Jim finally admitted on the show were simply not true. These statements included everything from bogus pseudoscience to the outright fabrication by Jim of NASA/government UFO documents that are also bogus. Excerpts from these faked materials can now be found on Art Bell's website at"
These final statistics cited, were listed on Art Bell's website, after the voting poll window had closed, after 3:00PM, PST, on March 18, 1998.
"The audience survey results also showed that 285 people voted for Jim Dilettoso, or 10% of the voting audience, rounding up the numbers. The remaining 210 people, or 8%, rated us even, according to Art Bellís own web site." stated Korff
"By any reasonable criteria, the verdict was unanimous, and in the words of Art Bell himself, as stated on his show that night after the debate, Korff scored ìa knockout." This is significant, because in the past, the Meier case and its proponents have been widely touted as being real, and now the truth is finally known.
Remarked Korff, "The debate with Jim Dilettoso was brutal, talk radio. Unfortunately, it was also very necessary, and the UFO field is better off now, thanks to Art Bell and what he did, because as painful as it was, it has been demonstrated that the numerous false claims made by both Jim Dilettoso and Meier,s proponents have been exposed for what they really are -- a combination of myth and outright chicanery."
Korff stated in his closing remarks, "I want to make these two points perfectly clear: 1) Jim Dilettoso has been exposed yet again, for the second time now, in a major media forum in two weeks. As long as Jim continues to make the kinds of false claims that he has for many years now, he will continue to be exposed. 2) It is my intention, at this point in time, never to debate Jim Dilettoso ever again, if I can possibly avoid it. Whether or not I do so, is up to Jim Dilettoso.
It is my desire now, to put this matter behind me. Until Jim establishes real credibility, backed by real science, there is no point in debating him further.
Finally, I intend to focus my future efforts on trying to put pressure on the U.S. government to release UFO data that it still has classified. If we can discover what it is that our government knows about UFOs, regardless of what that might be, I believe that we will all be better off. This is a matter and issue that affects us all, regardless of whether or not one is a believer or skeptic.
I challenge the UFO community to put the Meier case behind it, as I plan to, and either expose or boycott, those Meier fanatics who refuse to focus on the truth and continue to mislead the public. The case is a fraud, Meier is a cult leader. If the UFO field does not begin to police itsí own ranks, then it cannot profess to have either integrity or honesty. Moreover, it cannot and has no right to complain, if the media does not take it seriously. For until these frauds are routed out from the UFO field, ufology will be forever tarred and featured and dismissed as a pseudoscience at best, fraud at worse, and deservedly so."
Korff concluded his statement by saying "It is my intention to deliver to the worldwide community, and especially the American people, the world's largest repository of UFO-related documents from various government agencies. I will be working with the major media to try and put pressure on our government to release still classified UFO data, and try to restore credibility back to the UFO field.
I have been on the road as part of this media effort for weeks, and now I plan to start heading home, and remain in seclusion until further notice to focus fully on this effort. I estimate that I will return in a month or so, maybe two, -- and hopefully have new, exciting information to begin this effort in earnest.
No matter what UFOs ultimately turn out to be, we must have these answers. We must also clense the UFO database of fraud, and start bringing long overdue accountability into this field. Hopefully, the recent exposes of Jim Dilettoso and the plethora of individuals who have recently come forward, is a first, significant step in this direction."
"Truth is sometimes painful, but it necessary and critical if we are to ever achieve full understanding."

Dear List:
Now that the Art Bell-sponsored debate with Jim Dilettoso is behind us, I am pleased to announce to you an ambitious new initiative that I think can and will benefit everyone -- whether they are a so-called "believer" or even (shudder!) a UFO debunker.
It is an undisputed fact that there remain UFO documents that are still classified. What these documents contain, remains unknown.
I want all of you to know, that for the next month or so, more realisitically two, it is my intention to start accumulating the necessary resources to bring a tremendous amount of pressure on the United States government to release itsí still-classified UFO information.
While I am not interested in violating national security, or jeopardizing the safety and security of the United States of America, I do believe that it is possible to learn what our own government knows about UFOs without compromising our country.
The time has come for the United States government and itsí various agencies to make it a priority to start dealing with the American public more honestly and up front, on the UFO question.
Regardless of what UFOs ultimately turn out to be, we can only benefit from this knowledge. UFOs either exist, or they donít. The issue is a binary one, it is black and white.
In order to help make this effort an earnest one, and to stay focused on this attempt, with this posting I hereby announce that I will not be in communication with many of you for anywhere from 30-60 days. I am sorry to say this, but this effort will demand of me and a very small group of extremely bright, intelligent, and most importantly -- honest individuals -- all of the considerable resources I can muster.
I must remain focused, and therefore do this.
While I am preparing the groundwork, for what may ultimately end up being a legal showdown in the courts over this issue, I will start posting as individual files for everyone to copy and download and reproduce at will, every single UFO-related government document that I can possibly acquire.
Furthermore, it is my promise to you, that I will continue to do so, until it is not logical to do this any longer.
As many of you know, the FBI and other agencies have posted on their web sites, large collections of UFO-related files. However, these files takes hours to download, and cannot be searched or referenced to any degree of usefulness.
It is my intention to rectify this problem, and to start posting to the web, via my website, the most comprehensive and searchable library and index of UFO-related files that we can possibly construct.
The time has come to make this data available to the public and to make sure that the American public can easily access it.
Please be patient during this time window, if I don;t respond to many of your emails, by the time these documents get posted, I think you will all agree that the wait has been worth it.
Sincerely yours,
Kal K. Korff
President & CEO,

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