Forged Reuters Dispatch
Smears UFO Luminaries
Rense, Lindemann, & Campbell
By Keith Woodard <>
Early this morning, Phoenix-based UFO journalist Doc Barry posted this message to the I_UFO Internet mailing list -
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From: Doc Barry < Subject: IUFO: Bogus Reuters News Story Date: Sunday, August 23, 1998 12:28 AM IUFO Mailing List
A false story, supposedly a Reuters release is being circulated on the internet. This story originated on the ACC Images bulletin board, posted by someone named "Kitty".
The story is a smear against Glenn Campbell, Jeff Rense, and Michael Lindemann, accusing them of being contractors for government agencies.
A thorough search of Reuters dispatches will show that there is no such Reuters story. It is a false item.
This deliberate plant of false information, showing a bogus wire service heading, is a glaring example of disinformation and libel on the internet.
The three people libeled are among the most truthful reporters of UFO and government cover-up information found on the internet and radio dial.
Anyone who circulates such lies about people known for their integrity should be punished.
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As it happens, Steven L. Wilson, Sr., head director of UFO Sky Searchers International, had, only minutes before, posted that very article (exactly as it appeared on the ACC bulletin board) to I_UFO:
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From: To: Subject: IUFO: [paranormal-l] Reuters News Date: Saturday, August 22, 1998 11:59 PM IUFO Mailing List
Air Force ADMITs that 'Area 51' Glen Campbell, Mike Linderman and Show Host Jeff Rense are 'Government Contractors'
Posted by Kitty on Friday, 21 August 1998, at 11:55 p.m. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE (L O N D O N) 8:30 GMT August 21, 1998
In a brief interview with paranormal reporter Pierre Stahl of Germany's STERN MAGAZINE, Captain Paul Scott Lewis, US Navy, and head of Intelligence Operations for the United States Space Command, headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado, admitted that the US Air Force has been 'deliberately' misleading the public for some time about the existence and intelligent control of so-called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Captain Lewis, among other startling admissions, identified that the Air Force had maintained a 'Duty Cover' operation for Nellis Air Force base, where special flying craft of the United States Military were 'hidden' behind intelligence operations intended to make these advanced so-called 'Warfighter Aircraft' look like Flying Saucers. Among those named in the deception: Glen Campbell, operator of the 'Area 51 Information Center', and one Michael Linderman, who writes a popular alternative newsletter about UFOS called 'CNI News'. Lewis also identified Radio Show Host Jeff Rense, who he indicated was employed by a small National Security group assigned to Peterson Air Force Base, which operates the 'Orbit 7 Network', a phony Radio Network which was organized to plant stories into the Civilian Broadcast Channels. When asked why he had decided to publicize these obviously sensitive matters, Captain Lewis cited recent disagreements between himself and General Howell Estes, head of the United States Space Command, over Public Policy Captain Lewis believes these Covert Operations appear to violate, leading to his decision to leave the United States Space Command and return to the United States Navy. Lewis also indicated that the Air Force and the United Space Command were 'failing to disclose' the true nature of actual Flying Disk Spacecraft which have visited Earth during the modern era, and while refusing to admit or deny the existence, indicated that President Clinton may not have been telling the whole truth, when he denied that the United States Department of Defense had captured an alien spacecraft. Captain Lewis's credentials and curriculum vitae are remarkably impressive for so outspoken a critic of the Air Force's policies. After a lengthy career at Fleet Intelligence Center in the US Navy ADP Section, From January 1978 until June 1983 CAPT Lewis served two consecutive Norfolk, VA tours: first, at Fleet Intelligence Center Europe and Atlantic where he served as Chief of the ADP section supporting production of the Naval Intelligence Processing System; then at United States Commander in Chief Atlantic where he stood up the mission planning center for the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile. Next CAPT Lewis served as Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for intelligence on the Commander Sixth Fleet staff and supported multiple operations in the Mediterranean littoral. In 1985 he attended the Naval Command and Staff College in Newport, RI, where he earned a master of arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies and another MA in International Relations from Salve Regina College also in Newport, RI. He entered defense attache training in June 1986 followed by an assignment as an Assistant Naval Attache from January 1987 until January 1990 at USDAO Rome, Italy. From January 1990 until March 1992, CAPT Lewis served as Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence and as Space and Electronic Warfare Coordinator for the Commander, Carrier Group Six, embarked in USS Forrestal (CV 59). This operational tour was followed by four years of duty at two Washington, DC area commands; the first being with Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command as acting program manager for the Navy Tactical Command System/Afloat; then at Defense Information Systems Agency as Chief, C4I Engineering Management supporting initial deployment of the Global Command and Control System. From there, CAPT Lewis assumed his present duty assignment in August 1997 and currently serves as the Director of Intelligence for NORAD and USSPACECO. CAPT Lewis is married to the former Tonya Lanham, from Owensboro, KY, and they have four children.
(c) Copyright 1998 Reuters News Service. All Rights Reserved.
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A clue to what may underlie this rather clumsy forgery can be found in the following exchange, which took place the 12th of this month on Jeff Rense's program "Sightings on the Radio."
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Michael Lindemann: ...American Computer Company was making an enormous and rather aggravating splash on the airwaves and on the Internet for a long, long time, with one outlandish claim after another. Now it turns out that American Computer Company has decided that they cannot release their transcapacitor, their allegedly amazing new device derived from alien technology...they cannot release it, they cannot release any products related to it, because to do so might be in violation of a 1967 outer space treaty which apparently...prohibits any private party from profiting from materials received from outer space....This is a truly astonishing gambit on ACC's part. It shows that whoever writes their stuff has not lost his imagination.
Jeff Rense: Oh, it's a brilliant out, as they say.
Michael Lindemann: As they say. But, it reeks of livestock exhaust....
Michael Lindemann: I think it is fair to say, now that we have some perceptive on this, Jeff, now that we can look back several months on the last major appearance of Mr. Jack on your program, I think it is fair to say, that whether by design or serendipity, you really silenced that whole operation. And, I don't know if our listeners are sad to see the circus end, but that was a master stroke, in a way, and, of course, it relied heavily on the call from the lady whose name I forget... [Edith - KW]
Jeff Rense: Well, I think we really need to be sure that our listeners understand that there was no design on my part to orchestrate, in any way shape or form, what transpired on that program. That is cast in stone. What happened there was largely spontaneous, it was certainly an elective response on the part of Mr. Shulman, it was not my desire for any of this to transpire. However, I simply set the table -- the manners of the invitees are their own
Michael Lindemann: Well, indeed, indeed. And it strikes me, frankly, as somewhat astonishing that we haven't heard, really, much at all from ACC since that very night.
Jeff Rense: Well I think it's sensible that they would take a rather low road [sic] for a bit and let the dust settle.
Michael Lindemann: Well, it seems they have. But now they've come up with something else for us to be amused by.
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What exactly did "transpire" on that fateful program? You can listen in on the fireworks by pointing your browser to:
and clicking on the May 1, 1998 program. Until then, of course, Jack Shulman had been a frequent guest on "Sightings."
Edith's call begins 29 minutes, 45 seconds into the program.
If you do listen, you'll discover that the episode is related to Glenn Campbell's dispute with ACC, which he chronicles at these URL's"
I was first tipped off to what I consider ACC's true colors by this rather insightful posting of I_UFO's Stuart Bonzdulsa.
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Subj: Re: IUFO: ACC/Bell Labs Controversy Update Date: 97-11-01 23:48:15 EST From: Sender: Reply-to: To:
- SearchNet's IUFO Mailing List
In a message dated 97-11-01 22:16:09 EST, Doc wrote:
<< American Computer Company has updated its page on the controversy as of Oct. 31, 1997. Included below if you have interest. --- Doc in Phoenix
Yeah, I did. I looked at the site, and then did what I customarily do and looked at the HTML source code. And this is what I found:
<HEAD <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="computer, pc, personal, software,hardware,web, ibm, monitor, internet, adult, entertainment, modem, disk, floppy, display, crt,microsoft, windows, nt, unix, security, cable, access, sex, supercomputer, warranty, video, audio, speakers, keyboard, mouse, lotus, sql, server, symantec,act, electronic, pad, control, download, graphic, gif, jpg, mpg, author, html,president, police, television, tv, radio, conference, chat, talk, listen, push,rub, lick, tile, floor, paint, carpet, door, desk, desktop, light, government,corporate, marketing, sales, service, website, www, domain, internic, index,database, manager, employment, job, jobs, opinion, ufo, alien, ufology, discount,trade, exchange, sexual, erotic, USA, China, Canada, Mexico, Latin, America,North, South, East, West, Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, Middle, East,Pacific ,Australia, Artic, Antartic"
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="American Computer Company, headquartered inCranford, New Jersey, the original designer of the popular PC architecture,manufactures PCs, LANS and Servers in the USA with 5 Year Standard Warranty."
Pay close attention to the META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT= statement in the HTML. This page is geared to attract folks attention to their company. Why would a computer hardware firm post keywords on their homepage that say: adult, entertainment, sex, push, rub, lick, sexual,
erotic, download ....yada yada yada (not to mention UFO ufology and alien)?
This is the poor man's way of ensuring multiple hits on his internet site when someone searches on those keywords from a search engine such as Webcrawler, Lycos, or Altavista.
Sure makes me wonder what the ulterior motive behind this page is. This page reminds me of a carnival barker hawking his goods. And this,
to me, makes the whole story suspect. The LAST thing someone that is trying to bring out the truth would do is sully it up with cheap associations such as this. If these folks are legitimate, they have made a very serious judgement error by advertising their site in this manner. Most corporations would never stoop to this puerile level of advertisement.
Sorry, but I am becoming pretty disenchanted with this story right about now.
Regards, - Stuart
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While, of course, proving nothing, Bonz's observation struck me as an indication of the ethical stuff Shulman was made of. Since then, I haven't seen anything to counter that impression.
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