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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #23-1998

Some very strange things are happening in Mullica Hill, NJ ten miles south of the Philadelphia Airport. Many people are frightened by UFOs hovering a few feet above their large homes. Three members of this family claim to have observed alien beings and their craft at close range. MUFON Investigator Evelyn Gaulson reports that several members of a local family, that may be abductees were shopping at the local mall. One store uses blacklites for a soft purple glow to display a room full of posters. When they walked into the room they were startled to see they had silver fluorescence blotches on their arms and faces. The blotches were so noticeable that others in the room remarked about them. They were rather embarrassed and left the room. We can speculate the fluorescence is caused by inter-action with the aliens. This is a normal middle class college educated family that has not been hypnotized and appears mentally alert. The silver fluorescence has been removed with Scotch tape and is being tested. There is no known reason for this silver powder like substance to be on the faces, arms and backs of the family members. Blacklite bulbs can be bought for $3.00 and should be in the investigators tool kit. Investigators may desire to spend some time in similar places and look for fluorescence blotches on other people. A careful and casual discussion may lead to further abduction revelations. My suggestion is not to use UFOs or aliens in the discussion unless brought up by others. I have found that being friendly and a little small talk helps before asking. "Have you had any strange things happen lately? I saw some funny lights." Sometimes this will get people talking.
On June 8, 1998, Lauren Carissa DeMichiei from Cherry Tree, PA reports sighting two objects in the northern sky at approximately 11:00 PM. They were larger than first magnitude stars and traveled at the same slow speed. There was no blinking lights or exhaust coming from the lights. This tends to rule out jets or airplanes. The size was too large for satellites. After about 40 seconds of flying in a direct straight path, the first object shot up into the atmosphere and disappeared. The second UFO followed and rose in the same place. Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR. Lauren DeMichiei at 814-743-5406; RD2 Box 271 F Cherry Tree, PA 15724
Chief Walter Sheets, the Georgia MUFON Director, reports on June 4, 1998, that an object with triangular light configuration was reported. The lights were red, white, and blue about size of full moon, moving back and forth very swiftly in the north and east of Albany last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. No other details at this time. The witness is a 43 year old retiree. An investigation will follow. Thanks to Walter Sheets.
Skywatch's Jim Hickman reported on June 10, 1998. "Last week, I had wanted to have seen my wife's sighting, well last night I saw it. And I'll never wish for things like that again! I was providing security for a medic-flight helicopter that had arrived at the hospital that I work at in Elk City. I had a few minutes to starwatch, so I checked out the sky. At about 10:40 p.m., central time, I observed a small, not very bright object that appeared to be very high. Its angle from the ground was about 70 degrees. It was moving west at a very fast speed and turned extremely bright, brighter than the landing lights on the helicopter that had just arrived. The object was white, star size, and much brighter than the full moon. It appeared several orders of magnitude brighter than any other stars. The object made a 120 degree turn to the southwest, but done not display typical ballistic movement. It was a very sharp course change. The object continued with the bright light through the turn. Two seconds after the turn it the light started dimming and turned off and faded to black. Total time of sighting was 10 to 15 seconds. I have been skywatching for over 35 years, and I have previously observed satellites. When I was seven, I was shown the first Sputnik satellite, Iíve been following them ever since. This was definitely not a satellite, but I have no idea what this object was. Thanks to Jim Hickman, VP Skywatch International Inc.
On Sunday, May 31, 1998, at 11:30 p.m., Texan Ufologist Mike Harman and his brother-in-law were on a skywatch near Andrews, Texas (population 10,678) when they spotted a strange flash in the sky. Andrews is on Highway 385 approximately 350 miles (560 kilometers) west of Dallas. "The cloud cover had finally lifted, and we were able to view the heavens again," Mike reported. After about 15 minutes of skywatching, I noticed what I perceived as a flash in the western sky. Then, there it was again. I grabbed my binoculars and started searching the sky for what had caused this. I could not seem to get the binoculars up to my eyes fast enough. So I watched and again I saw another flash. Once I spotted the object, I noticed through my binoculars that the object was glowing orange in color. It would gradually brighten until it was as bright as the brightest stars in the sky, then return to its orange glow. When it peaked at its brightest, it seemed almost to flash." Mike estimated that the average time cycle between normal glow and "brightest flash" was two seconds. The entire sighting "lasted about four minutes." Thanks to Mike Hartman and UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #23, 6/7/98 Editor: Joseph Trainor for this report. Editor' s Note: New Iridium satellites are causing mirror like reflections off the sun.
Mike Rogalski reports that on April 9, 1998, (?) two UFOs were involved in a near miss of an Air Western Airliner over the San Bernardino Mountains. To confirm this story Mike contacted Joshua Control (Edwards AFB ATC) concerning the close encounter. Mike writes, "To reiterate, I was surprised that the Quality Control Officer for Joshua Control would tell me that the UFOs were picked up by radar, tracked as almost colliding with an Air Western airliner. The UFOs were being chased by an F-15 out of Edwards Air Force Base, which was only left in the cosmic dust, when he approached the craft. It just accelerated out of sight. There were no log entries at Joshua Control. He just provided a frank verbal acknowledgement of the incident. Apparently, the government puts pressure on their air traffic controllers not to call any of these incidents "UFOs" or their credibility suffers." Thanks to Mike at
On May 29, 1998, Sally Svenningson who lives on River Road, Bancroft, Ontario writes. ëI was sitting in my living room at 22:30 PM, and saw bright lights flashing across the sky.' I ran outside and a V shaped object with bright lights flew by our house and up the lake. My car lights and outside spot light went on and stayed on. I have had sightings here before, but never at such a low altitude or with lights being turned on. Thanks to ISUR and Sally Svenningson, 613 332 0278, at R.R.#2 Bancroft Ontario K0L 1C0
On Monday, June 1, 1998, at 9:30 p.m., Christian K., his friends Daniel and Lisa, and five other youths were hanging out at a beach on the Traunsee Lake in Gmunden, Austria. They "observed a bright red-orange object across the lake near Grinberg." Gmunden is just off the B-1 in the Oberosterreich region of Austria, approximately 264 kilometers west of Vienna. "My friends Daniel and Lisa saw it first," Christian reported. "Strangely, nobody saw it before or noticed how it got there. We were looking north- northeast from the small port of Gmunden to the top of the Grinberg Mountain. It was a half-hour after sundown, and the mountain was not illuminated by the sun." "We first thought it was a helicopter. This seems impossible due to its climb rate," which he estimated to be "six meters (20 feet) per second. "You can hear a helicopter at that distance, especially if the engine noise is reflected by a mountain." "Then, when it started climbing faster and faster, and was higher than the mountain, you could see that it was not just one big light. It was about one meter wide at arm's length. It "was almost round, just flattened a bit at the top and the bottom, so that to us it was an oval just a little bit wider than taller." Christian went home and arrived at 10 p.m., my little brother was watching TV, and it was blank," with no signal. The television had been malfunctioning for twenty minutes or a few minutes after the phenomenon was first seen. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #23, 6/7/98 Editor: Joseph Trainor.
South America's latest UFO encounter took place Saturday afternoon, May 24, 1998, in the small nation of Paraguay, just north of the capital city, Asuncion. Miguel Bustamente Saavedra was spending his day off boating with several friends on the wide Rio Paraguay. Suddenly, they saw a metallic gleam in the sky to the north, over the town of Aceval. "I noticed something brilliant in the sky," Miguel reported. "It was like a big mirror seen in the air. I thought it was an airplane, but it wasn't because" the next moment "I saw a metal-colored object in the air like an egg." "The object was going gently up and down and from right to left. When it suddenly made a move to the left and accelerated out of sight. Thanks to Tim Hagemeister of NACOMM and UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #23, 6/7/98 Editor: Joseph Trainor.
There appears to be a correlation between heavy solar wind activity and the reduction in UFO activity. UFO activity is down this year compared to 1997, '96 or '95. On my site at page: I show a chart that details the Sun's solar activity. Major UFO activity tends to avoid periods of heavy solar wind activity. Because we are headed into the Solar Maximum, we can expect to see less UFO activity in the next 2 to 3 years. For UFO groups this might be a time of lean and lean budgets. But there is always some UFO activity in each year. This monthly activity tends to follow cycles controlled by the planetary alignments and solar magnetic field. El Nino itself is also controlled by the Sun's cycles. Thanks to THC at
On August 9, 1997, after departing from Philadelphia a Swiss Air 747 flying over New York barely missed being hit by a rod like UFO. The near miss has put the spotlight on rod shaped UFOs. The objects are not like the typical "cigar" shaped UFOs that have been reported throughout history. Jim Peters, the Assistant Director of Colorado MUFON, has been part of a team that has studied this new type of UFO. The have been found on the video tape footage of many researchers such as Jose Escamilla. The first known Rod was videotaped in Midway, New Mexico on March 19, 1994. At first, it was thought they were bugs or birds flying close to the camera lens. The Rods are capable of flying at very high speeds and appear to range in length from a few inches to more than a hundred feet. They appear in shape similar to a long cigar or telephone pole. Some look like spears or missiles with fin like appendages. They are able to emerge or enter the ground without leaving a trace. They move through the air like a fish swimming in water. Satellite cameras are also starting to pick the Rods up. The most astounding facts about the Rods is that they appear to have intelligence and may actually be alive! Although, they could be a very advanced form of craft or electrical plasma life forms, their appearance suggest they are not metallic and not mechanical. Last week, a new bird species was found in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador by Dr. Robert S. Ridgely, the Director of the Center for Neotropical Orinthology in Philadelphia. It is possible that as remarkable as it sounds, another new species or gigantic bird like creature has been discovered. Some Rods have what appear to be "appendages" along their torsos resembling Centipedes. These appear to be membrane-like fins that move in an undulatory wave like motion along both sides of the fuselage or torso. Close up video indicates there appears to be definite uniform undulations or movement of the fins as the Rod moves through the air.
POSSIBLE FLIGHT PROPULSION OF THE RODS After reviewing hundreds of clips of the Centipede type Rods, MUFON's Jim Peters, came up with the Rod's possible flight characteristics. He states: "We were looking at still images of some of the Centipede Rods that Bryan Williams in New Jersey had shot, and noticed that the "appendages" appear to be "flapping" as the Rods pass by at extremely high speeds. The motion begins at the front and undulates toward the tail. Jim noticed a feather near a computer and picked it up making the point that the appendages look like a super-thin series of feather-like appendages, rather than thick protrusions or flaps as we thought previously. Perhaps these things fly much like some fish that have a series of thin fins along the torso. Looking at the atmosphere as a liquid ocean, maybe the Rods evolved from the oceans and use this type of propulsion, (which is natural to them), to glide them through the air effortlessly. In the ocean, fish travel at extremely high speeds and are capable of making right angle turns without slowing down. Nature defying gravity! Even huge sharks travel at extremely high speeds and make quick darting turns effortlessly. With this type of flapping and their serpentine or fish -- like movements of their torsos; perhaps we are seeing "Sky Fish" in a variety of species swimming through their oceans which we call the skies. In the following examples we show you some of the new Rod stills and computer composites of how they might fly. The "Ghost Knife fish present an "undulatory Fin" that resembles the "fin-like" appendages on the Rods!" Editors note: I encourage you to go to: and make your own conclusions. We have reports that if damaged, the craft can repair holes in flight. Thanks to MUFONís Jim Peters.
In recent years large numbers of Flying Triangles have been observed in the UK and US. Tim Matthews a British Aviation expert wrote to Skywatch claiming some are ours and some our theirs. Tim states, "There is no evidence to support the claims made that the TR3A or TR3B or any remotely similar triangular aircraft are of ET-recovered alien technology. The larger platforms are lighter-than-air vehicles that use the latest composite materials in construction and which are used for; covert insertion of troops, reconnaissance, moving of classified materials and other unspecified missions. Such craft as the Aereon 340, Aereon 26, etc. were on the drawing board in the 1960s. Smaller models were test-flown before the whole thing was covered up in the late 1970s. Work undertaken by various experts was classified by the NSA in 1976. The existence of several triangular aircraft makes perfect sense only if you look at them from the point of view of their possible use: -- dart-shaped reconnaissance platform -- smaller triangular 'mini B-2'-- Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle -- larger sensor platform/transporter -- stealthy fighters and bombers. The suggestion that triangles are both alien and terrestrial in origin is a cop-out and a failure to come to terms with the fact that there is no evidence for recovered alien technology. The genesis of all these aircraft were German and American and their roots can be traced back to the 1930s. I suggest some historical study by UFO researchers to establish the actual facts of the matter - or a discreet E-mail to me. All sensible questions answered in as much detail as possible. Thanks to Tim Matthews, Lancashire UFO Society,
Mark Cashman, MUFON's Assitant State Director of Connecticut writes: "For what it's worth, the lack of solid physical evidence in a context where it should be readily available is what keeps me away from most abduction cases. However, I can offer some suggestions. To implement research, you need to have a case which happened very recently. * Undertake a search of the area looking for ground traces or traces on the treetops. * Make sure the clothes they wore that night have not been washed. If they have not, bag them and preserve them for analysis. Also obtain a control sample of their normal clothing which could not have been involved in an abduction. Look for unusual substances, dust, stains, etc. You will want to work with a scientist who knows clothing and fabrics for this. * If the witness claims that the entities entered a house, take samples of any rugs that the entities may have crossed. Take control samples from rugs in unaffected areas. Look for variations in dust composition, presence / absence of dust mites, unusual substances, microscopic changes in the fibers. An expert in carpets and their inhabitants is essential for this work. * If the witness claims that the entities passed through anything, try to obtain a sample of whatever they passed through, and a control sample of an area distant from that but of the same material. Have these samples analyzed for microscopic changes, burns, differences in density or material characteristics, surface coatings, and radiation. You will need a good materials scientist to help you with devising good tests and controls.
If the witness is willing, have blood work done. Exposure to radiation leaves traces of some kind in the blood for over a week. Also look for allergens and antigens in the blood - if the witness has been exposed to alien substances, there should be some activity in the blood. We need a good blood scientist with an open mind who can help you devise appropriate tests. If the witness claims that intercourse or genital / anal probing occurred, use of a standard rape examination as soon after the event as possible is essential. The police may be able to advise you as to the nature of such tests, and doctors which can perform them. Be prepared for some awkward questions, however, unless you have a police advisor who is familiar with the abduction literature. Make sure the doctor, however, has no such familiarity. * Don't put much credence in scars. There are too many potential sources for such things.
* If a fetal removal is claimed, insist on medical records from the witness gynecologist. All samples should be gathered with two investigators present, and should be sealed in ziploc bags. A sheet of paper should accompany each piece of evidence, with the signatures of the investigators. Each time the evidence is opened, two investigators should be present, should sign the sheet, and should note on the sheet the reason for opening the bag. Determine how long the material has been in its current location for both evidence and control samples. Handle the samples with tongs, etc. Make sure the sample handling devices are also sealed in ziplocs with their own evidence sheets. Only use the same sample handlers with the same samples to avoid cross contamination, and to ensure that any contamination from the sample handlers is kept to a minimum and is traceable. If any of these tests show unusual results, you should be prepared to submit the same evidence to a second lab / scientist, who has NO familiarity with UFOs and who is not made aware of anything except the specific tests you want performed. This comes as close as you can probably approach a double-blind examination of the evidence. Be very cautious in interpreting the results. Several similar results from several independent cases will be required before any kind of conclusions may be able to be drawn. Even differences between the primary and the control sample will have to be carefully examined to ensure they are not spurious." Thanks to Mark Cashman
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