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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #44-1998
Dr. Edgar Mitchell is quoted as saying, "Make no mistake, Roswell happened! I've seen secret files which show the government knew about it -- but decided not to tell the public." Edgar Mitchell the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon is making new statements concerning our Earth being visited extraterrestrial beings. He claims that he has interviewed people who have been in the military and are willing to testify to their UFO experiences, if congress grants immunity. He is saying that from his interviews with these people and the checking of their stories as far as was possible, that he is personally convinced that there have been crashed saucers and alien bodies retrieved. (I am one of those who talked to Edgar during briefings of Congressional personnel in Washington, DC.) He is further convinced that although the initial presidents were aware of the situation, subsequent elected officials were not. His major concern is that black budget money funds the research of people in control of alien technology with no accountability to either the elected government or its citizens.
The Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) has been updating some of its findings regarding the message held in General Roger Rameyís hand in July of 1947. On the top left hand corner of the letter is a small logo. From what we can make out from the logo a small parachute can be seen in the top left of the logo, next to this is what we think to be a plane and under the plane, you can see five dots, in a cross like formation (maybe stars).
Editors Note: I spent several hours going over the message myself. The logo could be from an airlift wing involved in moving the bodies. The 1st Air Transport Unit was at Roswell. The word Magdalena also seems readable. This information infers that a second crash occurred near Magdelena some 200 miles from Roswell. The message also appears to indicate four victims were being brought to Fort Worth, Texas. This seems like an unusual decision if this was a normal aircraft crash. We need other neutral experts to confirm what the RPIT team is deciphering. We are moving towards irrefutable evidence that some type of aircraft or multiple aircraft crashed in New Mexico in 1947. The message does seem to rule out the Air Forces explanation of the crash as being a Mogul balloon. However before we all jump to conclusions, the message does not thus far prove the crash of an alien craft. The witnesses we have talked with describe a large crash site with the wreckage of what appears to be a B-29 without engines. The case is becoming more complicated. The greatly enlarged message can be viewed at
WANAQUE RESERVOIR: Vinny reports, he has been photographing new images of stranger then usual orbs. Here is a single orb that I have been tossing and turning over. The original photo is an orb that looks like a Christmas ball. Red on the top and bottom, but the more you peer deeper into it, the ball appears allot different. The more you look, it seems to have some structure or shape inside. Thanks to Vinny. UFO Contat.
Investigator John Thompson has been investigating some daylight UFO sightings that could be explained as satellites. He contacted several astronomers who assured him that satellites could not be seen in the daylight. Although a new type of Iridium satellites can be seen under certain conditions, when the sun reflects off their shiny surface none would have been visible for the this sighting outlined below. On September 25, 1998, a 38 year-old University of Alabama graduate called to say he had seen a UFO in Lee County, Alabama between 1:30 to 1:40 PM EDT. The high flying UFO flew directly over him three miles west of Auburn. The UFO was "shiny white" and of oval or cylinder shaped. Speed--very, very fast! Its altitude was over 14 miles high--possibly 30-70 miles high. Witness said the silvery UFO went from directly overhead, 12 o'clock position, to 2 o'clock position in a couple seconds." Incredibly, the UFO had an apparent size of an 1/8 of an inch. This suggests a real size of approximately 400 feet long at 14 miles and more likely--as the UFO, according to the witness, was flying where the atmosphere turns its darkest at extreme elevation--as much as 2000 feet long, at 70 miles high. No sound or electrical interference (he had his radio on) was noted. There were a few "wispy" clouds, and unlimited visibility at 87 degrees F. A call was placed to the FAA in Columbus, and Auburn Airport but nothing unusual was reported. According to Mr. Burdette, their "central radar" would have picked up any transponder equipped object to "60,000 feet." Since this UFO was above 60,000 feet it would not have registered whether transponder equipped or not! He saw a solid craft of enormous size moving at extraordinary speed moving from east to west. The La Grange, Georgia witness is well-educated and has an excellent reputation. It's obvious with the Iridium satellites we are going to have to be more vigilant with reports of unknowns that move faster than planes and are acutely high. The fact is that the new Iridium highly polished satellites do cause flares for short periods of time. has developed an Iridium flare predicting site that may helpful. Robert indicates no Iridium satellite would have been visible.
LA GRANGE: We have a daylight September 27, 1998, sighting of a dull black triangle UFO, the size of a small plane size at 12:45 PM. The craft was flying at an estimated 1500 to 2000 feet high going northeast. No sound was heard and witness said it looked like a stealth fighter more than anything. Checked with La Grange Airport and they showed no gliders flying nor dark triangle aircraft operating. The possibility of a stealth fighter or drone flying that low over La Grange and making no sound is remote. Misidentification by witness is possible. Thanks to John Thompson.
STONE MOUNTAIN FREEWAY: MUFON Director Walter Sheets reports a female witness was driving east on Hwy 78 at about 12 noon on August 21, 1998. As she approached Bethney Church Road, she saw an unusual object almost overhead. She leaned forward to get a closer look and saw a dull silver gray craft shaped like a pharmaceutical capsule. The UFO was traveling south somewhat faster than a passenger jet. The craft was the same length as a dime held at armís length. She estimated that it was several thousand feet in altitude. She had a good look for about six seconds, and saw a clear outline with no protuberances, wings, markings or other structures on the craft. This witness completed a sketch of the object, and a diagram of the sighting area. She is a retired school teacher with a Master's degree in Education from a large university, and taught the general sciences.
COLUMBUS Jim Steen a MUFON investigator developed information on an October 24, 1998, citing. A businessman and his wife were driving NW toward Columbus on Route 520 when suddenly a bright thin spear like light was seen to transit from horizon to horizon at 10:00 PM. The appeared similar to a seven foot fluorescent light tube shooting through the sky at incredible speed. Thanks to Walter Sheets.
LONG BEACH, LONG ISLAND: On October 30, 1998, John P. Cox and two other witnesses noticed a UFO as the sun was just about to set around 5:00 PM. The sky was crystal clear with the wind out of the northwest, so planes were coming in from the southeast over the ocean. At least six planes "passed" this object while preparing to land at either Kennedy or LaGuardia Airports. The object was moving from north to south over Long Beach. The UFO continued south out over the ocean until it became too small to see. It appeared red in color and was shaped like a long rectangular box. Then it started to "bend down" on both ends. At that point it looked like a hang-glider or ultra-lite. However, it kept on bending until it came together. So, now it appeared to be a tall box shape. Later it returned back into the rectangular shape, but not by bending back out. This time the "wings" appeared to extend out from the body. The wings appeared to sweep forward until, again it became a compact tall box shape. By now it was moving out over the ocean traveling at a steady speed and altitude the whole time. The UFO was relatively close to the ground (a few hundred to a thousand feet, maybe). Some other people must have seen the craft. Larry Clark reports that Sal Giammusso of Long Island MUFON is investigating. Thanks to Larry at
KETTERING: Ken Young reports two witnesses, a mother and son saw a UFO from their home on October 26, 1998. They live only a ten minute drive from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Stephen had walked outside when he witnessed an unidentified flying object at 7:30 PM. He then called the police, who advised him to report the sighting to the base. The telephone operator at Wright-Pat advised him that the Air Force does not conduct UFO investigations. The UFO was first thought to be star until the object reportedly became brighter, gaining in intensity to appear as a very bright light in the sky. No blinking was reported. The object then made a sudden departure to the south at a rapid rate of speed. "The object just took off, extremely fast," the witness said. Thanks to Kenny Young, UFO Research
SAN LUIS VALLEY: After two years of relative quiet, Chris OíBrien reports that unusual activity has increased in recent weeks. On October 8, 1998, 4 miles west of Blanca, while headed east on Highway 160), a witness observed an amber colored "hemispherical-shaped" light hovering over the Blanca Massif. She estimated the lights size as around Venus-sized. After a few seconds, the object appeared to jump approximately 20 degrees upward. She pulled off the road and parked with her engine running to carefully observe the light at 10:30 PM. The witness is confused and could not completely remember how long she watched, but she guessed "several minutes." The next thing she clearly recalled was the craft flying at a high rate of speed above her car; headed NE to SW. She described a "triangle-shaped array of white and amber lights" blinking in sequentially in "patterns" on the underneath side.
CRESTONE On October 14, 1998, at the Los Cumbres Golf Course a golfer on the fourth hole fairway, observed a "silver-colored disc hovering over Mt Adams at 11:30 AM.. The 13,000 ft. mountain is eight miles north of his location. The object seemed to wobble, but did not appear to be headed anywhere. Golfer made his second shot and could still see the craft. He headed toward the green watching it. After making his third shot the object had disappeared. He estimated the object was visible for at least five minutes.
MINERAL HOT SPRINGS Just before sunset, Sat October 24, 1998, in Saguache County a motorist observed "two large glowing white objects" that fell at a high rate of speed toward the ground. The witness at first thought the objects were meteors, but realized the sun was still up and it was still light out, and the objects did not resemble normal meteors.
HOOPER Fabian Sauvo reports an anomalous unblinking bright red light that at times appeared to hover, but seemed to be traveling slowly SW-to-NE on October 27, 1998. Fabian called Chris at 9:30 PM and stated, "I can see the he object from my roof." Chris went to the window and observed the light for several seconds before it disappeared into a cloud bank. The light seemed to be about 4,500 feet above the ground and over the Sand Piles on Highway 17; between Hooper and Moffat, CO. It is rare to get a call and be able to simultaneously see an UFO, while on the phone with another witness!
RIO GRANDE/SAGUACHE On September 14, 1998, a "V-shaped craft hovering over the tops of the mountains was observed west of Highway 285-north of Monte Vista. The sun was above the horizon and seemed to reflect off the object at 6:15 AM. The object's structure was plainly visible despite the reflection. The witness described the object as looking like "two big rectangular pillars put together in a V-shape. It was the size of three commercial airliners. The witness observed the craft for over ten minutes before driving out of site while it was still hovering over the mountains. Thanks to Chris OíBrien. Chris has a regular radio program in Colorado.
RONAN: Since October 16, 1998, UFOs have been reported by several hundred witnesses and two local papers over the Mission Valley in western Montana. The sightings have continued at various intervals and various duration's since, up to this report filing of 10-31-1998. They have occurred somewhere between the hours of 2 AM and 5 AM on non pattern evenings. The UFO is roughly located above the immense Mission Mountain Range hovering in place at approximately 20,000 feet above sea level and 9,000 feet above the top of the Mission Range. It is reported, as of this writing, by more than 500 witnesses including professional, police personnel who have gone on record, night shift workers, travelers, and locals as well as others in witnessing these unknown- origin craft. The UFO is reported to be quite large with one continuous red light, a flickering (not blinking) green light and a flickering blue glow that appears under the craft. Outline and shape have been undetermined at this time for the UFO. The primary locale for observation of the craft has been in and around areas of Polson Montana, a town of 6,000 that is located ten miles north of the town of Ronan. At Ronan a large manufacturing facility is located two miles south of the town off highway 93. At this manufacturing facility many of the night shift have been observing the UFOs in the same location and time for the last week or more. Scott Johnson, night shift foreman for the manufacturing company, has brought his entire night shift outside on the east side of the facility to observe the craft during breaks on various evenings. Mr. Johnson has stated when interviewed, "this is not a vehicle of known origin. Its behavior, its ability to hover as it does, its soundless in that it is strictly visual, all make for something that is not ënaturalí by our standards of known air vehicles." On the latest night of observation, 10-30-1998, there were two of the UFOs roughly at the same altitude but approximately 9 miles apart. No one has seen the vehicles appear or have noted when they leave. They are just there when they are noticed and after several hours they are gone. Conditions in the area have been cloudless, clear, and cold temperatures. There has been no other air craft in the area at the time of the UFOs presence over the entire 700 square mile area of the Mission Valley where the observations have been reported from. Reported by: Robert A.M. Stephens STILLWATER MILLS Contractor, NASA Shuttle Documentation Program St. Ignatius, Montana Thanks to Nancy L. Houser-Young, Newcastle.
In response to recent comments about the real flying discs -- those designed, built and flown by the US Navy and USAF from 1946, UK aviation, astronomy and photographic expert Bill Rose had this to say: "Judging by the e-mail you sent me, there seems to be a fair bit of confusion about supersonic flight prior to Chuck Yeager. I've personally never suggested that discs with supersonic performance were operational prior to 1947 -- but who knows? The Germans flew the first winged vehicle beyond Mach One in 1945, which was an unmanned A-4b rocket. They were going to fly these second generation V-2s with pilots had the war lasted longer. As I recall, the design wasn't right and the wings came off the second prototype!! Arnold said, the craft he sighted were boomerang shaped, which strongly suggests a top secret development of Horten or Lippisch work -- maybe by Jack Northrop. The F-6 Douglas 'Skyray' (followed the XF5-U1 Flying Pancake) was heavily Lippisch and featured transonic performance with reheat. As a low aspect ratio design, it looked very saucerish with its manta-ray shape and reflects 1940s thinking. The key element to pre-Yeager supersonics is undoubtedly afterburner design (rather than rocket power) and the British and Germans knew all about this long before the Americans. After all, they built their postwar aerospace industry on a lot of UK and Nazi technology. I doubt if Arnold was that accurate on his estimates of performance, but I think it is quite possible that a few US high performance prototypes were flown in secret which fell between the Horten lX and the Skyray. Because of Yeager's flight, they will never be revealed. But who knows?" I might add that I spoke to a man who wishes to remain anonymous who conducted the first tests on the Horten lX in 1947 and who strongly suggested that these and similar advanced aircraft were up and flying at the time. What is more, the Americans were testing all sorts of stuff back then and were starting to use their German assets. Thanks to Bill Rose.
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