Odd Ohio UFO Sightings Continue
From Kenny Young <>
Subject: UFO Sighting
Date: January 25, 1999
Time: 8:22 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.
Location: West Elkton, Ohio (Preble County)
Description: A West Elkton, Ohio resident informed of a UFO sighting from the previous week. Following two E-mail messages reporting the sighting, a phone call was placed on Wednesday evening, February 3 and an interview was conducted.
The witness was thankful to be assured confidentiality while giving her report, and her initial concern was to find out if others had also reported a UFO sighting from her area. She has never previously seen or reported a UFO sighting.
She informed that her 26-year old son had been traveling to Middletown, Ohio and began noticing unusual air traffic. He stopped his car at the Madison Food Market on Route 122 and watched 4-odd lights in the sky, and placed a phone call home to see if the lights were visible from there.
Upon taking the phone call from her son, Ms. Smith (name changed, on- file) was curious to look around the area. She drove around a short distance in the vicinity of Wayne-Trace and West Elkton Road before returning home, not having seen anything. After walking toward her house, she then noticed an object which appeared in the sky, described as 'a star-like light that appeared over the barn.'
Ms. Smith said that the light was to the south of her location, and it became very bright. The object hovered for about 10-minutes, and flashing red and green lights could be seen.
Interestingly, Ms. Smith said that two other 'lights' were seen with the bright lights, these being smaller than the first. The two separate lights would 'dance' back and forth, and would disappear and reappear from behind the treeline. The two smaller white-colored objects blinked. During the event, a faint low-pitched humming or droning sound was heard.
Ms. Smith was standing on the sidewalk outside of her kitchen porch, looking as these objects appeared at a low elevation above her five- acre field. The main object, she said, was closer and the two smaller objects seemed more distant.
The primary object, Ms. Smith said, was "bigger and brighter than any airplane. You just couldn't see an airplane and see this thing and make any mistake."
Ms. Smith retrieved a pair of binoculars and viewed the main object, adding that it looked 'hazy.'
The objects moved very smoothly and departed from view by slowly moving off, disappearing behind trees upon receding into the distance.
No animal reactions were noted. The weather conditions were clear skies with very cold temperatures. Clouds moved in the hours after the sighting.
The witness was very polite and cordial, and added that she is familiar with routine air traffic. She states that she is not familiar with anyone else in her area that has reported a UFO sighting, and is unaware of other sightings reported from the Preble County vicinity.
Ms. Smith drew a clear distinction between the objects she reportedly observed and routine air traffic. She emphasized that the main object was 'bigger and brighter' than an airplane. This does not seem to account for the two additional objects said to be 'dancing' and disappearing/reappearing behind the treeline, nor does this necessarily account for the 4-objects first reported to her by her son who was enroute to Middletown.
Serious consideration should be given to misidentification of stars, as Ms. Smith stated that sky conditions were clear and the object, when viewed through binoculars, seemed 'hazy.' Visual misinterpretation of stars and planets in the night sky could be a factor in this report, but this does not account for the 'droning noise' reported by the witness. A recent report of 'witness misperception' of stars can be viewed at:
A similar sighting report involving an odd object and humming noise was reported from the same area (near Camden/West Elkton Road) on October 22, 1998. In this case, the witness -an EMS rescue coordinator- surmised that a 'Stealth Helicopter' had overflown the region. For details of this report, see:
A separate, unrelated individual also reported a UFO near Gratis, Ohio on February 5, 1998. The details of these sightings are located at:
This same area is also the locality of a very mysterious incident happening on September 8, 1998, in which an alleged helicopter was reported down in Preble County. A truck driver reportedly overheard a plea for help from a crashed helicopter pilot who requested that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base be alerted, a farmer in the area reported hearing aircraft engine sounds, and Dayton International Airport officials detected an E.L.T. (Emergency Locator Transmission) distress signal all within the same time-frame. A search and rescue operation conducted by The Butler County Sheriff's Office did not find any trace of a crashed helicopter. For details on this incident, go to:
Enclosed: Initial E-mail report
Filed; February 4, 1998 Kenny Young
Subject: West Elkton sighting---Jan 25 8:22 p.m. Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 12:48:45 -0500 From: XXX To: <
We saw three large lights in the sky----from West Elkton, moving towards Northern Road, heading for Hamilton. My son and I both saw them. They had flashing lights (red, green and white), which seemed to pulse. Two of the lights seemed to dance with each other, and headed off. The larger of the lights left behind, stayed stationary for 10 minutes, with lights pulsing around the middle. Looking through binoculars the object was hazy. Then this light moved off in the same direction as the other two. A faint hum was noticed. Time: 8:22 p.m. Jan. 25, 1999. -- UFO Research