UFO BLITZ Confounds
Northern Kentucky Area
From Kenny Young <>
On Sunday and Monday, December 13 and 14, there have been FOUR UFO reports documented from areas of Dry Ridge, Fort Mitchell and Florence, Kentucky, as well as Batavia, Ohio. These reports were made interesting by additional information concerning such varied topics as power outages, earth tremors and black helicopter sightings.
A series of events taking place in Northern Kentucky Sunday December 13 and Monday December 14 began to unfold through comments made by various sources in the hours after each respective sighting.
BATAVIA, OHIO (Clermont County) Sunday Evening: December 13 - 10:35 p.m. A caller to the Bill Boshears radio program 'Sci-Zone,' on A.M. Radio 700 WLW, reported visually observing a 'blue-colored' object descending from the sky in an area near the Eastgate Mall, located off of Interstate 275 in Clermont County. The caller questioned if the object he observed could have been a meteor. While Pennsylvania researcher Stan Gordon, the guest for the program, listened intently, the caller reported the blue-colored object around 10:35 p.m. on the radio program.
FLORENCE, KENTUCKY (Boone County) Sunday Evening: December 13 - 11:15 p.m. A separate, independent report of a blue-colored object seen near Hopeful-Church Road in Boone County, Kentucky was received at 12:30 p.m. by telephone from a resident of Florence, KY. This person, whose name will be withheld to honor privacy concerns, left her place of employment near Burlington, KY at 11:00 p.m. and was driving home. She had not heard the radio program on 700 WLW (this eliminates any 'witness contamination' possibilities). While traveling south-bound on Hopeful-Church Road at 11:15 p.m., she reported spotting a large triangular object that seemed to be hovering. The object was comprised of very prominent blue lights which blinked or traced in a vertical pattern. This vertical arrangement struck the witness as very unusual. She said that she almost hit a curb while looking at the object. With her car running, she could not discern any noise. She was impressed of a triangular structure behind the lights by discernable against the 'skyglow' caused by light pollution in the Florence area, and by a partial luminence of the body due to the blue lights reflecting from its surface. She thought white lights may have also been present, and is most confident that this object was not a helicopter. Further, she claims to readily recognize all commercial air traffic, living under a north-south runway for Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport in Erlanger. She speculated that this object could have been a military airplane, but doesn't know why it would seem to hover with blue lights. She added that the object departed at a low elevation to the south-east, in proximity to the airport, but not along a flight-path to approach the runway. This witness is regarded as extremely sober, stable and highly reliable.
DRY RIDGE, KENTUCKY (Grant County) Monday Morning: December 14 - 6:00 a.m. Through discussions of this sighting with some friends of the Florence witness the following afternoon, information surfaced regarding a situation happening early Monday morning, involving persons residing in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. This person, possibly 14-years old, informed of a 'Blue-Colored Object with flames' which descended near homes in Dry Ridge, Kentucky (Grant County). The witnesses were contacted first-hand on Tuesday, December 15, and agreed to discuss the unusual happening, describing the object as being circular with blue-FLAMES, and thought to be 'going down' or landing. This was not thought to be a meteor. There is a reluctance to list the exact area where this was reported, and for privacy concerns, it has been requested that exacting detail be withheld. The specific location is on-file. The object, seen around 6:00 a.m., was said to be round, composed of blue flames with red behind it. It was said to be 'going down' and looked like it disappeared behind some houses. They added that it was hard to get an approximate idea because it was somewhat foggy early that morning.
FORT MITCHELL, KENTUCKY (Kenton County) Monday evening: December 14 - 11:50 p.m. A UFO sighting was reported to Tim Hagemeister, Director of NACOMM ( The report, which included a phone number for follow-up contact, states:
Subject: sighting Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 23:15:02 -0600 (CST)
Experience: ufo sighted over North Eastern skies of Cincinnati,OH./N. KY. On the night of 12/15/98 at 11:50 pm watched it until 2:00am. Did any one else see this "thing"???? Red lights on left side and blue on the right??? Please post anyone else who saw the same or any information on this ufo.. Thank U Bobtail.......
After receipt of this note from Mr. Hagemeister, telephone contact was made with the person.
The witness is 27 yrs. old, he sounds astute and rational. He said that on Monday evening, December 14, he was outdoors at his residence near Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky from 11:50 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. when he 'noticed' a star-like object in the sky. From his vantage point, he was looking to the east in general, and was able to view a star-like object at a distance, seemingly at a high elevation to the northeast of Cincinnati.
The object would dim and come back on again real bright. He said that the object resembled a flame that would be flickering. It would dim and rekindle as if it were a candle struggling to stay lit.
The object was much brighter than any other star when it would become radiant. As the object flickered, the witness said it would move. The alleged object seemed to move from left to right, up and down, as if it were 'shaking,' the witness said. He emphasized that he could clearly discern the movement, and that it was most unlike a star.
He is aware of two additional witnesses, these would be his mother and younger brother.
"Wasn't and airplane, wasn't a helicopter," stated the witness.
The witness finally got tired and went to bed, but recounted that his mother continued to observe the object for some time afterward. He is not aware of how it eventually departed from view.
Weather conditions: Cool but clear
Additional NOTE: The mother of the 14-yr. old (Dry Ridge witness) also reported something unusual the following afternoon of the Monday, December 14 early-morning UFO sighting. The 40-year old woman declared that there had been an earthquake or tremor felt in Grant County. There was some concern of an explosion in the area. The person described a 'rumbling under their feet.' The time of the suspected earthquake was thought to be around 4:00 p.m. Monday afternoon.
Also around 4:00 p.m. Monday afternoon, the Dec. 13 Florence witness informed of spotting two black-colored helicopters in the area where the blue-colored object with vertical blinking lights had been seen the previous evening near Hopeful-Church Road. The witness did not know if these were military helicopters, but suspected that they were.
UFO Researcher Charles Stuart was aware of an electrical power failure that effected regions in Florence, Kentucky during the same morning of December 14. Stuart gained knowledge of the service disruption through an 11:00 a.m. report on 700 WLW Radio. This detail was considered due to a reported correlation between UFO sightings and power failures.
WKRC-TV Channel 12 News was contacted (763-5422) to determine if they had any information about an earthquake effecting Grant County, Kentucky earlier in the afternoon. They had no knowledge of any calls or reports.
WLWT-TV Channel 5 News was contacted (352-5011) to determine if they had any information abgout an earthquake effecting Grant County, Kentucky earlier in the afternoon. A check with reporters at the 'Assignment Desk' revealed they had no knowledge of any calls or reports.
On December 15, a 1:30 p.m. phone call to the Cincinnati-Gas & Electric Trouble Reporting Line (651-4182) to inquire about an electrical power disruption in Florence, KY was handled by a female receptionist. The receptionist said that nothing was defined which would indicate an explanation for the outage, only that high-tension lines were 'burning and arcing' near Florence. When asked for a specific location of the disruption, she did not have an exacting location after conducting a search of the logs. Areas effected were Erlanger, Elsmere and Florence. The time of the service disruption was 10:52 a.m. She said that there had been "some electric problems reported in the area, but again, no known reason was available that would relate to the outage." This 10:52 a.m. time-frame does not correlate with the sighting from the previous evening, and there is no information available which connects the outage with the 6:00 a.m. oddity sighted in Dry Ridge. Further, this 10:52 a.m. disruption does not seem connected to the 4:00 p.m. 'earth tremor' reported from Dry Ridge or the black helicopters sighted near Florence without additional information.
The Greater Cincinnati Airport Control Tower was contacted by researcher Chris Coffey on December 15, and the female receptionist advised "there are no reports on it" when given fleeting details of the Florence sighting from late Sunday evening. When asked if a check could be made, she returned to the phone after a short duration to repeat her earlier contention, and added that she had checked with persons in the TRACON, or Radar Room. Although given vague details, the receptionist asked no questions about the report and strangely expressed no curiousity.
The Grant County Sheriff's Office was contacted (606-824-1111) and the female dispatcher, who was very nice and helpful, reviewed the logs for Sunday and Monday to determine if anyone else had reported a blue object or an earth tremor. The dispatcher took the call very seriously, and expressed that there are no such reports available.
The Grant County State Highway Patrol office (606-428-1212) was contacted, and the male receptionist, who was kind and helpful, added that he had been on-duty on both Sunday and Monday, and would have known if any such unusual calls were received. He knew of no such reports.
The Eastgate Mall (Clermont County, OHIO) area is 27-miles northeast of Florence, Kentucky. Dry Ridge is 21-miles south of Florence. Glencoe is 8-miles west of Dry Ridge.
These accounts follow other very strange happenings which have taken place in Northern Kentucky since September 24 when a separate, unrelated witness independently reported a sphere-shaped object in this very same area of the vicinity near Florence Mall. On November 1, this same reportee telephoned to advise of "unusual military action" seen between 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. near Gallatin County, Kentucky and U.S. 42 near Florence. Described was low flying helicopters and a "triangular light that appeared and left quickly." The witness also reported an unusual object near the airport, strangely in the vicinity of the December 13th 'blue-colored object' reported by the separate, unrelated witness from Florence, Kentucky.
The Sept. 24/Nov. 1 reportee further contacted the Gallatin County Sheriff's Department and WCPO Channel-9 News in Cincinnati, to inquire if any information was available about what he had seen. They replied that there was no information available.
The witness was cogent, and interviewed first-hand on November 2 at his place of employment in Florence, Kentucky. He provided further information about the sighting from the previous evening, and added that additional witnesses could 'probably be found in Glenco.' He offered to travel to the location of the sighting and indicate where the triangular-shaped object was visible.
Special note: With the assistance of CINERGY (Cincinnati Gas and Electric), a 1995 study of electrical service disruption reported various categories used to address power failures. These categories were listed as: Equipment Failure (old or defective equipment), Animal (squirrel chews through line), Weather Related (wind knocks tree into power lines), Automotive (car hits a pole), and UNKNOWN. A sizeable portion of documented power failures were relegated to the unknown category. During this 1995 study, two CINERGY maintenance technicians were interviewed, and interestingly added that unknown power failures 'happen mostly at night.'
Filed; Dec. 18, 1998 Kenny Young -- UFO Research