Dan Sherman Alleges
Genetic Alterations
Allowed Him ET Contact
By Glenn Campbell
From 1992 through 1994, Dan ("D.L") Sherman claims to have worked with a secret military program to communicate with aliens. He was a government specialist who received communications from alien beings and typed them on a computer terminal. His job was analogous to a communications officer on a ship receiving morse code but with more depth and greater exchange between the parties. He never saw any aliens, only communicated with them "intuitively".
Sherman says he was prepared for this role by the aliens before his birth. Apparently during an abduction of his mother in 1963, his genetic structure was slightly altered to allow him to receive alien communications. He was unaware of this ability until, years later, he was briefed about it while in the Air Force. He was assigned to a program called "Project Preserve Destiny" (PPD). He was told that the purpose of the program was to provide a network of communications in the future when electromagnetic communications would not work.
He calls the ability "intuitive communications" (IC). His abilities were "activated" during an 8-10 week course at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade in early 1992. It was a sort of "night school" after his daytime training in another secret but conventional field.
After training, Sherman's PPD duties were veiled by conventional top secret duties at two Air Force bases. While at work he would receive notification (apparently psychic), that a communication was about to begin. He would then open a special blank window on the computer terminal where he was working and would type the communication into it. He would then close the window, and the information would be sent to an unknown destination.
The content of the communications ("comms") were numbers mostly. It was mainly things he did not understand, but some of the numbers he recognized as the coordinates of locations on earth. He says he received longer comms right after major space launches such as Arianne and the Shuttle.
Sherman says: "During my last few months I started to receive what I thought to be abduction data. This is when I started having questions and I began to want out of the whole thing. This led to the sequence of events resulting in my discharge. I think they were testing my resolve as well because all of a sudden the comms were not totally in code anymore. I thought that was quite odd. I'm not sure what was going on but I didn't like the comms. I would be told locations, resistance levels, residual pain levels, potentiality for recall and each case that I reported would be given a code. I had no idea what the codes were but I didn't like it... bottom line. I felt like I was reporting the lab results of a bunch of mice experiments."
Sherman says he left the PPD program in Dec. 1994 and obtained release from the military in April 1995 because of his discomfort with what he was learning.
Sherman says he shows no evidence of psychic ability apart from communication with these aliens. Since leaving the military, he has received no further comms and has had no further contact with his previous government contacts in the program. No government agents have threatened him to keep quiet, but he fears that any improper disclosures of his "conventional" top secret work could get him in trouble. He has been working on a book, but that project has been slowed by his own concern about "legal issues."
Sherman says that his communication with the aliens was two-way. He calls them complex creatures. He says that although he cannot describe them visually, "mentally, they are rigid, disciplined and mostly unemotional." He did sense compassion from them, however. "It was almost like this was their nature but they overrode this characteristic because they perhaps felt it was a weakness."
An alien told him that they had been visiting earth "since the beginning."
"They had made there presence known at some time in the past to our ancestors and that the whole thing went haywire somehow, so they have chosen to remain selective in their revelations since. They impacted three historical cultures in the past. Which ones they didn't say, but I have extrapolated since based on other information. I also learned that there are other alien 'species' besides the ones I commed with. The whole reason for PPD is to train a certain number of humans to be able to communicate with the aliens so as to provide a network of communications in the future when electromagnetic communications will not work. I was never told what 'event' this would be, but I have my own ideas based on other information I've learned over the years."
If anyone would like to ask Mr. Sherman about his experiences, he has agreed to answer questions by email. His replies will be saved and added to a new web document, so they are available to everyone and he does not have to answer the same questions repeatedly.
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