Croatian Media Carries
Bizarre UFO Story
From Armen Victorian
The following is the exact duplication of a document, filed to NSA in 1993, released by the State Department in July 1997. The initial information was provided by a source, requesting its pursuit through US Government channels - which I did.
"The Russian Ministry of Defense publication of its "UFO Dossier" made news in Zagreb Feb. 23, 1993. According to press reports, the Soviets claimed that a special unit of 200 of their soldiers stationed near Hanoi in the summer of 1965 fired at a UFO which appeared in front of their headquarters. The UFO returned fire with a laser-like weapon and the Russians were "completely dematerialized". The Ministry of Defense also reportedly claimed that it had arranged a meeting with extra-terrestrials which was to have taken place in Tashkent June 28, 1991. The Russians arrived but nobody came from the other side".
Copy of this transmission from the Ambassador in the US Embassy in Zagreb, was sent to:
Secretary of State, Washington
US Mission Geneva
Secretary of Defense, Washington
US European Command
Commander Sixth Fleet
CINC US Air Force Europe - Ramstein
CINC US Air Force Heidelberg GE
CINC US Navy Europe, London
US Embassy, Vienna
US Mission US-UN New York
White House
US Mission US-Vienna
Joint Staff, Washington

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