Report And Proposals
Made At First Area 51 Rally
From Norio Hayakawa <>

Although the first People's Rally at AREA 51 drew only about 150 citizens, the Rally was a success. Some drove all the way from New York, Indiana, Kansas and Oregon. A few even flew in from Canada.
As was promised, the Rally was a peaceful gathering of concerned citizens and the message was sent out loud and clear. It did not turn out to be a confrontational, rabble-rousing rally as some paranoid skeptics in some newsgroups had been anticipating.
We were extremely pleased that the Federal (BLM) security rangers were courteous and helpful to us. (They had to be!!) They even helped us in parking all the numerous vehicles including trucks, one semi-rig and a large bus. For the first time in history, they allowed all the vehicles to be parked on Groom Lake Road.
At the People's Rally, the following proposals were made:
1) That the government, through its most appropriate agency or channel (whichever one they may deem appropriate) and through publicly recognized media, give a brief statement, once and for all, of assurance that the former workers were or are being fully and appropriately medically treated for their illnesses.
2) That the government construct a clearly marked new fence at least several miles along the restricted boundary on both sides of Groom Lake road, instead of vague thin orange signs posted widely apart.
3) That the government construct a new Guard Shack right at the restricted boundary line (where it should be, to begin with) by Groom Lake Road, instead of the present Guard Shack which is hidden more than a third of a mile inside the restricted area.
4) That there be a Public Affairs Office built specifically regarding this base, separate from the Public Affairs office at Nellis AFB, which at present is incompetent to give proper answers regarding the base since it is not a Nellis asset.
5) that the government designate this multi-faceted base in more concrete terms and not just offer a vague designation like "an operating base by Groom Lake", which is still being used. The lack of an official name of the base could bring about more problems in the future when dealing with any rightful lawsuits that may arise from any future accidents at the base.
These are some of the proposals that were made at the Rally.
The Rally was covered by LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL as the top story of Nevada, in its Sunday newspaper of June 7. See:
We hope that the next year's Rally will be even bigger. It will be held on June 6, 1999. We definitely hope that you will participate in the event.
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