Heseman: The Meier Case -
UFO Contactee Revealed?
MAGAZIN 2000plus (Germany) examines the background
to the UFO Controversy of the Year
By Michael Hesemann

As far back as one year ago, the divorced wife of Swiss UFO contactee "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier initiated a fierce controversy that is keeping ufological magazines abuzz. MAGAZIN 2000plus delved into the background of this case and is utilizing it to cast another glance upon one of the most controversial, and simultaneously most impressive, UFO contact cases. In contrast to those journalists who have blindly reprinted the scathing attacks of Meier's ex-wife, Michael Hesemann has taken it upon himself to personally interview Meier, his son Methusalem, and 20 of his eyewitnesses-something none of Meier's foes has done up to this point...
The background of the controversy: A tragic "War of the Roses" destabilizes the UFO Scene
One of the most tragic chapters life can ever write is about the divorce from a previously beloved partner. Not only has the couple grown apart but what was once a passionate love affair has now grown cold. Both parties realize they will have to continue the remainder of their lives on separate paths, without the other-and more often than not the divorce also signifies disillusionment. Suddenly one partner views the other, to whom he or she previously offered love and understanding for so long, in a different light, from a negative angle. Or else, one partner wishes to see only the negative side of the other . . .
More often than not, divorce is also a time when "dirty linens" are aired. And the more passionate the love once was, the fiercer the ensuing "War of the Roses" becomes. The divorced individual loses all objectivity, all respect for the partner, and frequently even self-respect. The divorced partner embarks on levels from where he or she accuses the ex-partner of everything under the sun and, at the same time, pitches lightning, stones, and often rubbish. All of this is paired with a hefty amount of self-righteousness, for every divorced person wants to present to others an image of being the pathetic, innocent victim of a brute. And with every possible means the individual secretly attempts to destroy the former partner on the grounds of feeling profoundly disappointed and abandoned by the partner. The motto is: 'If he won't be happy with me, I'll see to it that he won't be happy with anyone else either.'
It is unfair and the lowest of shoddy tabloid journalism to judge a man based on statements made by his divorced wife or, by the same token, judge a woman by her ex-husband's accounts. Were one to do so, the entire world of divorced partners would almost exclusively consist of "criminals" and "tramps." Would you trust Mia Farrow to write a somewhat unbiased biography of Woody Allen? My point precisely!
But tactfulness and restraint do not count in the dark world of UFO agitation, which some people believe is "research." Yet, this is how a Swiss couple's divorce battle entered the UFO gazettes, and some "naivelings" do exist who actually take the word of the ex-wife about her ex-husband as the gospel truth. Quo vadis, ufology? Until now we only expected such things from Bildzeitung [a German blood-and-guts tabloid]...
The couple to whom we refer bears the name Meier. He, Eduard "Billy" Meier, is a well-known contactee, i.e., he claims having had contacts since his childhood with inhabitants from the Pleiades. And there is much evidence for this claim. In 1975 and 1976 Meier took more than one thousand excellent color UFO photographs whose authenticity was examined and validated by top experts from NASA and the US Air Force. He recorded UFO whirring sounds and produced effects whose duplication would have required an entire recording studio, so say Hollywood sound engineers. He brought back metal fragments which, according to an IBM chemistry expert, were produced through a "cold fusion" process unknown on Earth. As well, more than 40 eyewitnesses accompanied him to his contacts, where they observed the arrivals and departures of the glowing, flying objects.
In 1966, Meier married a young Greek girl, Kalliope Zafiriou, whom he had met and fallen in love with on one of his world travels. The young woman found it difficult to feel at home in her unfamiliar Swiss surroundings. In 1975, when Meier revealed to the public that he was having contacts, her ordeal began that was to last 20 years: The ridicule by her neighbors in this rural region who had already been suspiciously eyeing this "exotic" female, the onslaught of curious visitors who, when they could not gain access to Meier himself, then expected answers to all mysteries of the universe at least from this totally overtaxed Greek woman-and all the while she was simply playing "second fiddle," a mere shadow figure beside her suddenly world famous husband who had captured everyone's interest. Against her will she was thrown into the public limelight, and yet she remained a mere appendage of her husband, about whose experiences everyone wanted to hear. And Meier was like a man possessed. He worked day and night in order to transcribe, with his one intact arm, his reports about the contact conversations and the extraterrestrial revelations. During the night he would attend his contacts from which he returned early in the morning, completely exhausted and then unable to work; some supporters invited him to settle into a rural community, where he has lived now since 1978/79 in a form of countryside commune called the "Semjase-Silver-Star-Center." Family life, privacy, and the "very normal marriage" she had hoped for no longer existed for Kalliope Meier.
Everyone who was introduced to Mrs. Meier at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, myself included, could sense that this woman was profoundly unhappy in her role. Her facial features hardened and her love grew cold. Mrs. Meier left the rural community in March '94, but when her jump-start into independence proved unsuccessful, she returned to the Center in November '94. With the help of friends, Billy freed her from her debts by paying off CHF 30,000 she owed.
However, her return was short-lived. Within 6 months Kalliope Meier moved out for good and launched divorce proceedings in the spring of 1995. The marriage has now ended in divorce. But the controversy, the Meiers' "War of the Roses," rages on.
Harsh attacks and weak evidence.
Not even in the midst of the divorce proceedings did Mrs. Meier hesitate to arm herself for a tremendous campaign of vengeance against her husband. She found her battle companion in a young Swiss UFO journalist who was inexpert about the Meier case. Under a headline worthy of tabloid journalism-Kalliope Meier Breaks Her Silence-Mrs. Meier hypocritically claimed: "I have absolutely nothing against the person Billy Meier. I am not stating that he is a bad human being . . . I don't want to destroy him." But a few lines later she declares in a fierce attack against him, "His contact experiences are lies and deceit from start to finish."
Her proof is proportionately weaker: She alleges having "rescued photo negatives from the fire on which, beyond any doubt, (UFO) models are depicted."
No one denies this fact. However, the photographs were taken under the direction of UFO researcher Lt. Col. W.C. Stevens, to serve as comparisons that would determine whether or not Meier's photos could be successfully duplicated with the aid of a model UFO. She is puzzled that "Billy's contact experiences usually took place at night, at least those when eyewitnesses were present, and during the contact he was never with the rest of us."
Well, would it not be rather impossible for Meier to be with his wife while he was having a contact at the same time? The lid of a barrel from the Community's paraphernalia allegedly has "a startlingly close resemblance to several of the saucers Billy has photographed."
This (actually quite remote) resemblance is said to exist between the lid and the "wedding cake ship," which was photographed in 1981. A coincidence? Meier and his witnesses swear that the lid of the barrel was not available to the marketplace until several years later. And it is conceivable that its designer was, consciously or unconsciously, himself inspired by the Meier photographs published in the Swiss press. However: We have previously discussed the possibility that the Meier case was "contaminated" (Geheimsache UFO, Neuwied 1995). But in no way does this alter the authenticity of the contact experiences from 1975 and 1976. "Several of the motherships Billy photographed are obviously pictures of the lantern on our house taken with the lens wide open."
With "motherships" Mrs. Meier obviously refers to the "energy ships" photographed in 1979 whose diameter was approximately 3-4 meters/yards. Mrs. Meier was not the originator of the "house-lantern-hypothesis," but Rolf-Dieter Klein was, a dubious computer freak from Munich, Germany, whose alleged retrocalculation applies only to a single photo, just one of the entire series of pictures-thus making this accusation completely worthless. The "extraterrestrial female" photographed by Meier in 1977 is allegedly an acquaintance of Meier, wrapped in tanning foil.
Absolutely no evidence whatsoever supports this claim. One photo from the "time travel to San Francisco's destruction" purportedly was photographed from the newspaper Blick and supposedly depicts a fictitious scenario.
In contrast to these claims are the 36 photographs Meier brought back with him from his alleged time travel, of which only one picture remotely resembles the Blick drawing. And even this is somewhat understandable, considering the photograph depicts the same city. Ignore not the fact, however, that the Meier series of photographs was deliberately "contaminated" by external sources. More about this later. This is it. Pretty meager for the mind of a neutral observer. Not a single piece of evidence from the years 1975/76 was questioned, nor was even one conclusion discredited from the investigation held in 1978-80, under the direction of Lt. Col. W.C. Stevens. Keep in mind that only one of Mrs. Meier's listed points represents genuine "insider knowledge." It seems that she read the remainder of her contentions in the written material of the Meier foes.
"Much ado about nothing," one is tempted to conclude, or in Latin: Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus [The mountain labors and a ridiculous mouse is born]. Does this mean that the Meier case has been disproven, unmasked, revealed? Certainly not. Instead, Mrs. Meier's "revelations" raise questions about the integrity of those lurid authors who puff up her banal "disclosures" and hypocritical protestations into a grand "revelation," in an obvious attempt to apologize for never having found it necessary to examine the case on location and with a completely unbiased perspective. It is true that evidence in the Meier case was contaminated. Photographs were indeed falsified and pictures were manipulated-but not by Meier. Additionally: 40 eyewitnesses can attest to Meier's encounters. Nobody has ever been able to question their experiences...
We, however, are forced to reopen the case once again. If Meier were a fraud he would not have one genuine photograph, not one genuine experience, and his witnesses would be victims of manipulations and sleight-of-hand-trickery. Even if he had only had one genuine contact it would make him the instrument of extraterrestrial intelligences, regardless of their modus operandi. How easy it always is to generalize-and how superficial. MAGAZIN 2000plus is resolved to having a "hearing of the evidence." In issue No. 100 we previously reported about the analyses of the photos, metal samples, landing tracks, and the whirring sound recordings. You may also read about the case in Hesemann's reference book Geheimsache UFO, where we deal with the testimony of the eyewitnesses, the "defendant's" confrontation with the accusations of his foes, and an examination of the "prosecution's" arguments. Furthermore, we must now investigate the possible motives behind the anti-Meier-campaign. The verdict in the Meier case is still out...
MAGAZIN 2000plus, which has repeatedly reported on the Meier case, decided to again get to the bottom of the "Meier Case" because the UFO press was massively belaboring the renewed controversy in the past few months. Together with Jaime Maussan from Televisa, a Mexican Broadcasting station, the 2000plus editor-in-chief Michael Hesemann has repeatedly visited the controversial contactee in February and again in March 1998 and has spent several days taping an interview with 16 of Meier's over 40 eyewitnesses in front of a running camera. This alone signified a small sensation since Meier, who lives an extremely withdrawn lifestyle, has not given a TV interview for the past 15 years. At this time Meier also agreed to permit Hesemann access to evidence never before shown in public. Among the items was Meier's sensational 1980 video film of a "beamship," which he published in the series UFOs: The Movie Footage, and which, according to the opinion of an entire string of international experts, definitively shows a large object.
MAGAZIN 2000plus provides the following exclusive interview with "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, who comments here also for the first time about the recent attacks directed at him. Furthermore, since Meier, due to a sense of decorum, did not wish to discuss his wife's personal attacks against him, we also offer an interview with their son, Methusalem Meier, and 16 of Billy's eyewitness reports.
In an interview with MAGAZIN 2000plus, "Billy" Eduard A. Meier responds for the first time to the latest attacks:
When and how did your contacts with the extraterrestrials begin?
My contacts with extraterrestrial human entities began in the 1940s when I was still a very young boy. My first contact person was an old man named Sfath, who spoke in the somewhat broad Swiss-German Bülach dialect of my village.
It all began on a beautiful, sunny, summer morning when I was standing with my father next to a large walnut tree behind our house. Suddenly an inner urge beckoned me to turn my eyes toward Mount Eschenmoser, and in the azure sky above it I saw a silver flash shooting in the direction of the church steeple . . .
After a split second the silver flash shot past us above our heads and disappeared above the forest, approximately 5 km [3 miles] from us. I saw that the object was a huge, round, metallic disk. When I asked my father what he thought this thing was, he replied that it was probably Hitler,s latest secret weapon. Somehow I couldn't believe him and from this moment onward I constantly scoured the sky, where I observed at night 'moving stars' traveling high in the firmament-they were not airplanes.
"It was my task to trigger a worldwide UFO controversy"
One day I felt an inner impulse and I heard some type of a voice which, from that point onward, began to speak to me. One day the voice summoned me to walk to Langenzinggen in the Höragen forest and told me to wait there for things to happen, namely, that a pearshaped flying object would be visiting me. I did as I was told and went to the designated location. Shortly after my arrival a silver, pearshaped flying object descended and landed on the ground before me. A very old man disembarked and addressed me in a friendly voice. He said his name was Sfath and explained he came from an alien planet and had many things to discuss with me and to teach me. This was my initial contact with an extraterrestrial human being which was followed by many others with Sfath. The contacts ended in 1953, only to be continued again until 1964 by a woman called Asket. When Sfath visited me, his point of origin was the Pleiades/Plejares; Asket, on the other hand, came from the DAL Universe, a parallel universe to ours-a twin universe. No further contacts took place until their resumption on January 28, 1975, by a young woman from Erra in the Pleiades/Plejares system which, by the way, is not identical to the Pleiades constellation we are familiar with. This new contact person was Semjase, and contacts with her continued into the early 1980s. Additionally, I was visited by Semjase's sister, Pleja, their father Ptaah, and commander Quetzal. Since then two young women, Talida and Menara, among others, have also become my contact partners.
The official contacts with me ended in the early morning hours of February 3, 1995. But this didn't signify the end of the contacts; only the official contacts ceased, since the Pleiadians/Plejarans had by this time completed their task on Earth. Private and unofficial interpersonal contacts are continuing without interruption and will do so until I expire and pass from this life.
Where do the extraterrestrial intelligences come from and why do they visit us?
The extraterrestrials with whom I maintain contact come from the Pleiades/Plejares constellation. However, this constellation, as I have mentioned, is not identical to the Pleiades we observe from Earth in our own space-and-time-configuration at a distance of 420 light years. They are only approximately 62 million years old and as hot, blue suns, the Pleiades are absolutely incapable of supporting any form of life, either purely spiritual or material forms...
The Pleiadians/Plejarans are visiting us on Earth because they are directly associated with a particular terrestrial group who originally came to Earth from the Lyra-Vega systems-which also exists in another space-and-time-configuration shift from the Lyra-Vega constellations we know.
While on Earth, these original Lyrians-Vegans invoked a great deal of havoc among the terrestrial population in those early days, and because of them the Earth's human population lost their spiritual teachings and a life in accord with Creation. Other factors came into play during this period but they cannot be attributed to the Lyrians-Vegans. Instead, they result from other extraterrestrials who genetically manipulated human entities. These humans later came to Earth and interbred with other terrestrial inhabitants to the point where the entire terrestrial human population was ultimately affected genetically by this repeated process of heredity. In order to remedy this damage and misguidance, the Pleiadians/Plejarans felt an obligation to, once again, transmit the necessary teachings and essential information to the current terrestrial humans, so as to remedy the damage caused by both their direct ancestors and the damage generated by other intelligences.
Could you describe to us what transpires during one of your contacts? During my early contact years I frequently had to drive around on my moped for many miles before I would be telepathically led to an extremely remote site or to a lonely forest clearing, where the contact person normally was either waiting for me in the landed beamship, or else, was arriving within a few minutes. Occasionally several hours would elapse before an actual contact did take place because people were milling around the site or because I was being pursued-in the daytime as well as at night.
Once in awhile I was permitted to bring other people to the rendezvous site, but they always had to wait at a distance of at least 500 meters/yards from the site. They were, however, often able to observe the beamships during their landing approaches or departures, and occasionally they witnessed flight or energy-burning flare demonstrations.
Later on, once we moved to the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, I was rarely summoned into the forests for a contact. Instead, I was usually simply beamed into a spaceship, which meant that at times I was actually beamed up as I stood in the midst of a group of people. Several people can attest to such an event-as well as to the fact that on various occasions some group members viewed the beamships, their flight demonstrations, and even the extraterrestrials themselves.
In 1982 I suffered a very severe breakdown which damaged my overall health. The recuperation from this adversity proved very difficult for me and it took a lot out of me. As a result, in the years between 1982 and 1989, while I was closer to death than to life, the Pleiadians/Plejarans visited me directly by beaming themselves into my office or wherever I happened to be when I was alone outdoors.
How long does it take the Pleiadians/Plejarans to travel through space from their home worlds to Earth? And how is it possible for them to span the astronomic distance of approximately 500 light years?
During their initial contact period the trip to our planet took them about 7 hours from their "shifted" space-and-time-configuration in the dimension beyond the Pleiades visible from Earth. Over time, and with their technology continually advancing, the trip was shortened to 7 minutes. Using their latest mode of transportation, which incorporates transmitters, they are able to traverse any designated distance throughout the entire universe instantly, without any loss of time whatsoever.
In the early contact years the extraterrestrials used beam, tachyon, and anti-matter propulsion systems, whereby they were able to reach multiples of the hyperspeed of light by using the latter two systems which enabled them to quickly conquer the immense distances. Though they continue to retain these technologies, they have added their latest mode of propulsion, which utilizes transmitters. The transmitters allow the Pleiadians/ Plejarans to program the coordinates of their final destination virtually to the last meter, thus allowing the travelers to reach their destination without any loss of time.
Why do the extraterrestrials not land in full view of the public, for instance in front of the United Nations Palais in Geneva, the UN Headquarter in New York, or on the White House lawn in Washington?
The rationale for this vary. But one significant reason is that the Pleiadians/Plejarans are governed by a directive, which states that they are neither allowed to reveal themselves to terrestrials nor are they authorized to interfere in any manner, shape or form with the events of any planet's human population who is not yet capable of significant space travel, and who has not achieved a state of congenial peacefulness, humaneness, and cosmic interconnectedness with all life forms in an ethical, humanistic way.
Therefore, the extraterrestrials from the Pleiades/Plejares have not been permitted to openly and freely move about or reveal themselves to terrestrials.
How was it possible for you to take such sharp photographs and movie footage of the extraterrestrial "beamships" and their flight maneuvers?
Their rationale was to designate me as the one who would produce the sharpest and best photographs and movie film footage the world has yet seen of extraterrestrial flying objects, which we terrestrials usually call UFOs. The material I produced would then serve to provoke a worldwide UFO controversy and, ultimately, as a wake-up call to Earth humans in matters pertaining to extraterrestrial life. And, as a logical consequence, the intent was to also force governmental agencies and the military into revealing their secret findings and research in UFO matters to the public, and to make the information accessible to everyone, including the facts regarding UFO crashes and their crews. The Pleiadians/Plejarans were convinced that this controversy would transpire and their objectives would be fulfilled only when I disseminated the film and photo material throughout the globe, thereby automatically triggering an equally worldwide conflict between the proponents and opponents of my material, statements, and the contact dialogues. This actually did happen, and even my opponents were unable to prevent the ever-growing number of additional proponents of my story and the contacts. Indeed, their ranks increasingly swelled the harder some antagonists tried to brand me a swindler and a fraud. Everything has unfolded as planned just as the Pleiadians/Plejarans predicted-namely, that more and more people will recognize the truth of my statements the harder the opposition insults and defames me.
What other material do you possess as evidence?
The Pleiadians/Plejarans gave me a sampling of various metal pieces from several stages of the production which were later analyzed in America. The metallurgist who analyzed the fragments reached the conclusion they must have been produced by a cold fusion process, which even today remains impossible to duplicate here on Earth. Such a technological advancement may not even be feasible for another 150 years. At a later date I was given some crystals, synthetic materials, and alloys made of copper, nickel, and silver, as well as pure silver which, by the way, came from our sister universe, the DAL Universe.
I have additional evidence in form of recorded whirring sounds from the beamships that could not be duplicated even by a dozen synthesizers in scientific laboratories. Furthermore, I was permitted to photograph a laser pistol with which I shot a hole through the trunk of a dying apple tree that miraculously began to bloom a short time later and bear fruit again ever since, something it had not done for years.
We must also take into account as evidence the various witnesses who frequently accompanied me and who were allowed to enter the vicinity of the contact sites. They, too, witnessed several beamship flight demonstrations; indeed, they themselves could even film or photograph them.
We should probably also include the extraterrestrials' countless predictions about political, military and human events that would take place on Earth.
With frightening accuracy and great detail they also predicted natural catastrophes and the like-all of which were recorded in my writings and have been distributed worldwide.
In spite of this evidence you continue to be accused of merely having photographed small models, creating double exposures, and taking pictures off the television set. What have you to say about such claims?
That they are beyond the absurd. There are plenty of witnesses who themselves have had the opportunity to view and photograph the beamships and even the extraterrestrials. They can verify that I never built or took along models of UFOs when together we drove, for instance, to the contact sites. And I could never have pulled off something like this secretly because my wife would never have stood for it. Therefore, I do not need to justify myself and I can only laugh about my defamers' jealous stupidity. Any further comments are superfluous.
How do you defend yourself against these attacks?
I know about the truthfulness of my contacts and that's all I need for my defense-should I elect to take this stance. Because my contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans are real and true, I see no need to defend or justify myself in any manner, shape or form.
You lead a very reclusive lifestyle. Why?
Although the opposite is often claimed, my lifestyle stems by no means from a fear of the various assassination attempts which, so far, have been made on me a total of 13 times [15 as of June 10, '98]. The reasons why I maintain my low profile vary: First, I am no guru or leader of a sect, and for this reason I need not present myself publicly to gather followers or to represent myself as some saint, which I certainly am not by any means.
Second, I do not want others to put me on a pedestal, for I am neither something special nor someone who enjoys being admired or gawked at; I am not on display like an animal in a zoo.
Furthermore, I am not inclined to have journalists interview me because, as a rule, they want only to sensationalize the material, whereby they twist and falsify the truth to the limit.
And yet your foes portray you as a guru and the leader of a sect because you founded an organization called FIGU. Just what is FIGU?
The "Free Community of Interests for Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies" (FIGU) is endeavoring to disseminate worldwide the truth about the Creational-natural laws and directives, and about a way of life that directs people toward the emergence of love, harmony, and humaneness, and a life of purposeful evolution.
The tasks associated with the teachings of the Creational-natural truth vary greatly and include campaigns against overpopulation, torture and capital punishment, the discrimination against women, and the abuse of children. We seek the protection of animals and nature, and we offer assistance to those in need, be it through food supplies, clothing, medication, household articles, tools or other items.
FIGU's portfolio of tasks also includes counseling functions related to situations arising from everyday life situations. Such advice is provided free of charge, of course, for we are a non-profit group or, to be more precise, a legally established, non-profit association/organization. Producing written material and books is another of FIGU's tasks, whereby the books are sold at cost and many brochures are even disseminated free of charge. We make no profit and, therefore, we are truly a non-profit organization.