July 1 UFO Crash
Reported in Brazil
From CNI News
[CNI News thanks Cynthia Newby Luce for forwarding this information from UFO researchers Bob Pratt and Paulo Andrade. The following is excerpted from several Brazilian newspapers and a report from Brazilian researcher Marcy O. Monteiro Neto.]
The paper "Correio Braziliense", which circulates in Brasilia, Brazil's federal capital, carried this story on July 9, 1997:
CUIABA', MATO GROSSO -- Brazil also has its Roswell Case (the crash of an alleged alien ship in a ranch in New Mexico, USA, in 1947). Although it happened in the night of July 1st, the report of the crash of an unidentified flying object (UFO) at Teresopolis, district of the county of Nova Brasilandia, 300 kilometers northeast of Cuiaba', came only yesterday to Cuiaba', State capital of Mato Grosso. And it became news due to the surprise it provoked in a former Mato Grosso state representative, Isaias Rezende, who is owner of a ranch close to Mr. Divino Fogoio's ranch, where the object crashed.
The former representative has been in the region and became astonished at the suspenseful atmosphere that overcame the locals. On Monday [July 7th, 1997], two journalist teams from Cuiaba', together with the Fire Department, unsuccessfully tried to enter the Divino Fogoio ranch. But the farmer told them he could allow access only to personnel authorized by Brazil's federal government.
Mr. Fogoio, however, confirms the reports from people who saw an incandescent object descending over the region, causing a "tremendous bang" that not only shook his house but also was heard at a distance of over 100 km [62 miles].
[The following additional information was provided in "Jornal do Brasil", which circulates in the city of Rio de Janeiro, on July 9]
The cowboy Gilberto Braga, who lives in Nova Brasilandia, was the only one who had courage to touch the object. "It seems an iron ball, bigger than a tractor, that released an odd smell," says the cowboy.
Residents of the region are concerned about a possible contamination of the herd or of the population who lives at the riverside, since the UFO crash site lies at the banks of Manso River.
"It was a disc-shaped object, with an intense light", said Mr. Claudio Picci, Nova Brasilandia's municipal Secretary of Industry and Commerce."
[Brazilian UFO researcher Marcy O. Monteiro Neto, Vice-President of AMPUP, the State of Mato Grosso Association for UFO and Parapsychological Research, and a group of associates visited the alleged crash site on July 8. In a letter to fellow researcher Pedro Cunha dated July 9, Mrs. Neto reported as follows.]
We arrived at the city of Nova Brasilandia July 8. We interviewed several people, who told us the facts in the same way. According to witnesses, in the night of July 1st, 1997, an object flew over the city, lighting up the sky. Soon after the sighting, a noise was heard, like an explosion, and the object crashed.
We took about 5 hours searching the farm where allegedly the object would be. The info we have been given was mistaken. Everybody knew of the happenings, but didn't reveal the crash site. After we almost lost ourselves among roads that looked like mazes, we decided to return.
Arriving back in Cuiaba, the local papers were already publishing the fact as authentic. A television crew arrived at the ranch but was not allowed inside.
The owner of the ranch denied he had witnessed the object, but the ranch's overseer stated he [overseer] saw the object, touched it but didn't stand close by very longdue to the smell of the artifact. He also said the object is black and is the size of a truck.
The issue appeared in the front page of Cuiaba's major papers.
[July 9], the president of AMPUP, Ataide Ferreira S. Neto, phoned me from Gazeta TV Network. He says the object was found and that the press was already going to the place. The Gazeta Network, which since the beginning is covering the case, is negotiating a chopper, together with Ataide, to go to the place. There are rumours that a plane hired by Globo TV Network [the major TV network in Brazil] is also flying over the site in an attempt to find some vestiges of the UFO crash.

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