Shift in Phoenix
By Bill Hamilton
I have observed a gradual shift in the residents of Phoenix and co-workers when they see the videos of the Phoenix Lights. Now, most acknowledge that something appeared over Phoenix, that it was a mystery, that it was probably a military experiment of sorts (something they feel they can understand and comprehend without too big a ripple effect on their belief structure), but many are reluctant or resistant to the idea of extraterrestrial life and intelligence (especially if it exceeds our own).

This phenomena of rejecting evidence of something that does not fit one's education, experience, conditioning, or model of the universe is generally known as "cognitive dissonance". We sometimes experience this when we see something unusual and extraordinary that does not fit with our preconceived perception of reality and we attempt to reduce the perception so it is harmonious with our conception of reality. For instance, someone is driving along a highway and sees a large metal object sitting on a tripod landing gear across the highway and he thinks that maybe it is a turned-over truck or bus until he gets a better look at it and the truth of his perception eventually penetrates the falseness of his preconceptions. Then he usually utters an expletive realizing he is looking at something that he does not have a language for or conceptions or models about - thus there is shock and a re-evaluation of thinking.

The next big hurdle is to relay those impressions to an investigator - oh what difficulty, especially when the investigator is ready to fit the witnesses' perceptions into his own little box of reality. Thus what we get is a little bit of signal immersed in a great noise.
Bill Hamilton
Executive Director

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