The Vancouver-Colorado
NORAD UFO Connection

By Graham Conway
From boliver@Direct.CA (Bill Oliver)
A UFO*BC Report
On September 2nd, 1995, Mrs. Nancy Teargarden and her husband spotted a pear shaped object very high in the sky. It was travelling northwest to southeast very slowly, and remained in view from 10:10 a.m. to 10:22 a.m. The vehicle emitted neither vapour trail nor noise. A cloud free atmosphere provided the couple an unobstructed viewing of the object through their binoculars. Residents of Parksville on Vancouver Island, these witnesses are all too familiar with constant military aircraft that fly in and out of Comox Air Base. As this craft appeared to eject flame from its rear section it consequently raised the problem of rational identification.
After some lengthy analysis and no reasonable conclusions, Mrs. Teargarden decided to inform the authorities, therefore she called the Comox Air Base.
Not only were they interested in her sighting but asked her a number of questions. Then they asked her to hold on a minute. Whilst she waited she thought she heard a voice in the background say "Quebec". Shortly after, a woman came on the line and announced that Mrs. Teargarden was in contact with North American Air Defense (NORAD) in Colorado.
Once again she related her sighting details, more questions were asked and the NORAD woman seemed to be excited. Again Mrs. Teargarden was asked to wait and once more transferred, this time to a male (officer?) who listened to her story.
Although Mrs. Teargarden was very much prepared to send her excellent sketch and detailed account to NORAD, the officer(?) would neither provide her with his name or location, only stating that he was not permitted to reveal that information and should they decide they wanted the material she offered, then they would make arrangements to collect it.
In January, 1996, a young man in Delta (a suburb 30 kilometres southeast of Vancouver) also had a sighting that he reported. His call was "patched" through to Colorado. (As we lost the return number for this person, no other information is available)
On the 15th of January, 1997 around 6:10 a.m., Natalie Preston, who lives in an apartment on East 6th Avenue in Vancouver, watched a light rapidly approach her bedroom window. Coming to a halt, it hovered outside her second story window and rapidly flashing coloured lights were all she could see. Grabbing her baby, she panicked, dashed down stairs and phoned 911.
The police operator was more than a little curious and as, at that time, emergencies were at the bottom end of the scale, proceeded to ask Natalie a number of questions. After several minutes of exchange the police operator suggested she should call a number she had at hand. Ms. Preston dialed the number provided and was surprised when the Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack (1) answered. The operator asked her questions and soon afterwards requested she stay on the line. Next stop Colorado. A chat with the operator, who then announced that an officer would call her back that afternoon. Sure enough the phone rang. He said they had not been able to find anything in her area. (What were they looking for and how were they trying to locate it?).....he added that they didn't believe in UFOs,....and what she had witnessed was no doubt a meteor!!
On February 9th, 1997 Natalie once again had a close encounter and this time took the previous phone route, minus the 911 operator. On this occasion the NORAD officer (2) suggested that she call a public relations number he offered should a repeat event occur.
On January 13th, 1997 at 8:01 a.m. Ursula Lomax was driving from her home in Abbotsford to where she was employed in Chilliwack. As she headed east she saw a white cloud "burst" downwards three times, emitting white light. The "extra" clouds dissipated leaving the original (?) cloud in the sky with what appeared to be a black bar (3) below. After a few minutes, a solid stream of white light came downwards from the black bar, and then there were two! The second bar was slightly smaller and about 45 degrees below the first one. To her amazement both black bars started moving across the sky in unison, with a wave-like motion.
Ursula noted the total viewing time was 31 minutes. Later that morning, about 11 AM, two male delivery people arrived at her workplace and described seeing a strange glowing cloud that was expanding and contracting at the bottom.
On January 14th at 8:06 AM, again on her way to work, Ursula noticed a pink glowing "coffee bean" in the sky. This sighting lasted seven minutes. Once more her two delivery people excitedly arrived ready to describe what they had witnessed. It sounded identical.
The very same day on her way home driving the freeway she noticed a very bright light envelope the car. Looking out she saw a large pewter coloured disc emitting light. It appeared to be over and slightly left of her vehicle. Not daring to take her eyes off the road, she only watched it for a few seconds.
Arriving home she decided to call C.F.B. Chilliwack, and they patched her through to National Defense in Quebec! (4) She proceeded to describe the past two days events in careful detail. At one point she was transferred to a gentleman (5) with an American accent (probably Colorado again). They asked many questions. On three separate occasions Ursula was asked how she "felt" when watching the object.
On January 15th, again travelling to work in Chilliwack, at 8:05 a.m. Ursula noted two wispy clouds at a 45 degree angle with a "black bar" protruding. Suddenly a vapour trail dropped vertically, then before hitting the mountains the trail moved horizontally 90 degrees! Whatever was creating this spectacular sky writing could not be distinguished from her location. Once again she completed the reporting procedure arriving at the same destination.
On the 18th of January, Ursula's 23 year old daughter came rushing into the house excitedly claiming to have seen the "black bars" that her mother had described. Ursula suggested she call and report her sighting. She called C.F.B. Chilliwack and asked to speak to the same officer, by name, that her mother had spoken to. At first there was some confusion as the base did not seem to recognize the name, but after several minutes she was transferred to that officer. One of the questions he asked her was, "Are you related to Ursula Lomax?" Clearly, he either recalled mother phoning three days previously or had checked the computer records for sighting locations.
Far more extra detail could be provided regarding some of these events and the witnesses themselves. However, the principal purpose of this accounting is to confirm and underscore that contrary to endless official announcements, someone, somewhere, IS VERY INTERESTED in what we are seeing, at a local, national, and international level.
Interestingly enough I first heard about C.F.B. Chilliwack's connection with the UFO investigation aspect 23 years ago! I can only surmise that a great many reports have travelled through their switchboard in the intervening years. Yet another prime example of tax payers money being spent and no dividend offered on the investment. No doubt on the orders of the mendacious brigade, once again.
Addendum: the investigators involved here are Graham Conway, Gavin McLeod, and David Pengilly, all of UFO*BC. All witnesses names are pseudonyms.
1) CFB Chilliwack telephone number on file.
2) NORAD officer's name on file
3) TV's "Inside Edition" interviewed Jeff Ferris on 16th of February, 1996 about a video of "black bars" seen over Tempe, Arizona. Jim Peters of MUFON, also interviewed, said he had studied "volumes" of rod videos, pointing out that the Indiana Crawfordville's Daily Journal in 1891 (yes, you read it right) reported an object like a "rod" saying, "it swam through the air in a writhing twisting manner, similar to the glide of some serpents".
4) This could be Saint Huberts Air Force Base in Montreal. They were accepting UFO reports from Canada's Dew Line, in 1962, then forwarded to NORAD.
(NOTE: The DEW Line, or Distant Early Warning system, was established in the Arctic Circle during the "cold war" era to detect the potential arrival of Russian aircraft.)
5) The officer's name is on file.

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