'UFOs Are Not Only Real -
They Are Already Here'
Interview with University of New
Hampshire Professor Dr. Ted Loder
Staff Writer
Foster's Sunday Citizen
From Tony Craddock
Web Administrator, CSETI

DURHAM - An interstellar war and a covert military-industrial group that's brainwashing Earthlings - it's not a Hollywood feature, it's reality, says Professor Ted Loder of the University of New Hampshire.
Loder, a full-time professor of chemical oceanography at UNH, has spent more than a year studying UFOs and alien reports, and says he's convinced they're no joke.
Now the 57-year-old Seacoast man says he wants to "wake up" everyone else.
Loder represented the state of New Hampshire in a closed congressional briefing last summer, where those who claim to have seen UFOs requested a hearing with representatives from the White House, from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and congressmen.
Loder became interested in UFOs more than a year ago, after his cousin, who had worked under President Eisenhower, told him that he'd seen material from a UFO that allegedly crashed in Roswell, N.M., in 1947. The military has said the material was from an experimental spy balloon - and not a UFO.
Shows produced by Disney about UFOs, advertisements using aliens, crop circles, confidential military reports of UFO sightings - Loder sees all those as proof that aliens are here, and a secret covert organization is trying to condition Americans into thinking it's all a myth.
And hoaxers who build crop circles and debunk UFO sightings are actually paid off by the covert organization, he says.
Loder is a member of The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and works with its director, Dr. Steven Greer. He says he's seen UFOs, and so have astronauts and top military officials who are finally coming forward.
Loder realizes that much of what he believes sounds "out there" to casual observers, but believes he's playing the role of Cassandra by talking about the implications of the disclosure of extra-terrestrial realities - and the possibilities from using alien technology. He'll speak about the implications on May 12 from 4:10 to 6 p.m. in James Hall, room 303, on the UNH campus.
Professor Ted Loder: Our planet is being visited by alien craft and it's about time that people know this. This is the most important thing there is. ... I think the aliens who are visiting this planet are fed up with our monkey business. I mean, look at this planet. Look at this place. We're polluting ourselves to death....But I think the pressure is being put on by extra-terrestrials because there are more and more sightings going on.
Foster's Sunday Citizen: Except, here's the other side. The Mutual UFO Network says of all the sightings they get, 90 percent are false.
Loder: There is some of Venus and swamp gas; it's so laughable it's ridiculous. But if you see a large metallic disk hovering over your house with lights shining down on you, totally silent, it's not going to be Venus, it's not going to be swamp gas. It's a real thing.
FSC: The standard line from the military is we do not investigate UFOs; we do not believe in UFOs. And in a way, you can also hear they are probably sick to death of these reports. ... And, come on, the military is not that good at covering stuff up.
Loder: That's why we know it's out there. They're trying to pull it over on us. Most people believe that.
FSC: Why bother covering something up? This is a capitalist society. If there's a great (alien technology) energy out there, we'd jump on it and make some money.
Loder: That's where we get into a diabolical nature of things. ... There's a cadre of military, covert military and industrial groups that have been working on this technology for 50 years. ... What happens when this stuff really comes out, not just you writing an article, but it finally makes people's consciousness? They leave their football game, their beer bottles and say, `Holy cow. This stuff is really, really real.' ... (But) the message is, This is not real. ... That is the message the media has been putting out for 50 years. And you guys have been orchestrated by the people who are jerking your chains.
FSC: So you think the media is being controlled?
Loder: Absolutely.
FSC: Who are they being controlled by?
Loder: I don't know who's pulling your chains. Look at the history of this whole thing. Back in the '50s, there was a very tight group put together by President Truman and some others. I don't know the historical details ... but there's a group called the Majestic 12. ... Those were the initial cover-up people who were appointed to look into this thing and come up with strategies for keeping it undercover because we were at war with Russia at the time.
FSC: There's a lot of talk about that, and you're going to have other people say, "what cover-up?"
Loder: That's fine. They can just go their way. (Loder quotes from an e-mail sent by a UFO watcher to Greer, saying a "Home Improvement" episode with an alien-bent was evidence that Disney was selected as part of the government's plan for "conditioning a nd subsequent disclosure")... I'm just going to make a point that this stuff is getting more and more into the media. See the Volkswagen ad for the Volkswagen Bug. The Bug comes flying in like a UFO, and it comes flying across the screen and they say, "reverse engineered from alien technology."
FSC: Don't you think the media is just having fun and making fun of it? It's just a big, fat spoof.
Loder: Of course it is. That's part of the point, isn't it? Semi-diabolical, people are being conditioned by this, whether the media is doing it consciously or unconsciously. ...
FSC: How do you personally decide what's real and what's too way out there?
Loder: (Holds up "The Day After Roswell" book by retired Col. Philip J. Corso). ... His job in the '60s behind the scenes was to plant the material and technology from the Roswell crash, the UFO crash, to take the technology ... into industry within the United States so they could take this stuff and then they could develop stuff we could use. ... It's people like that with solid military credentials who are coming out and saying this stuff. You've got to pay attention. This is not some guy who's trying to make a quick buck.
FSC: Except what's very conflicting is you'll believe this military person, but you won't believe that military person. What are the standards that you're using to measure evidence so you know that you can back it up?
LODER: That's a very solid question. When I first started looking into this, I had the knowledge from my cousin, who I trusted, who gave me solid references and stuff. I couldn't believe everything he was telling me either. ... However, I'm not going to throw it out because you get more into this thing and there's a lot of stuff that you initially didn't believe, that's real. ...One of the things that's going on, hard to believe it, is that we're basically at war with E.T. craft. STAR WARS was developed to shoot down UFOs; there's a lot of evidence about that if you start digging. STAR WARS was developed to shoot down Russian (missiles) - that's the line we were given - but the side venue was to be able to shoot down UFOs, using this advanced technology. ... And you talk to other people, whom I trust, and they talk to people in the military who have told them, yes, we have shot down UFOs. We are fundamentally at war with these guys, and you and I don't know about that. We're just going along, buying our groceries, drinking a beer and watching TV. And the country, and the world, is at war with a bunch of intelligence that are so far ahead of us, it's just ridiculous. ... All kinds of people have seen them (UFOs), and nobody talks about it, unless they get into an environment where they can talk, because of the giggle factor. Because we have been programmed through the media and everything else. Watch the things on TV.
FSC: They have these Jerry Springer guests on talking about their alien abductions...
Loder: Yeah. They get the weirdest guys, and they say, "man, I was outside and this thing came down." And you look at these guys and say, Oh yeah, there's another one. Whether it's true or not, you don't believe them. And it's purposely done that way to put a spin on it so you don't truly believe it. We're being - I don't want to appear diabolical - but we're being slowly conditioned. ...It's going to take more and more of our tax money to keep this under cover.
FSC: But this isn't appearing in any budget anywhere. If I pick up the federal budget, where am I going to find the cover-up line?
Loder: The National Security Agency ... last year admitted that they couldn't find $2 billion in the budget. So you ask about the $150 toilet seats. Cost them $10. What did they do with the other $140? You can figure it out. Yeah, it doesn't show up in the budget or it shows up in some budgets 10 layers down ... I don't know how it works. But it works. ...
FSC: The reaction I've heard is it's not possible. There's probably life, but that spaceships are swinging over trailer parks and abducting people for experiments - No. I know you've heard that.
Loder: That's some of the wacko stuff and it's put out there. Some of that's probably happening. A lot of the abductions are done by the military.
FSC: No, come on...
Loder: I can't even guess why the military does what it does. To put fear into people, perhaps. ...
FSC: But that people have been abducted by aliens - you can't confuse that with the military.
Loder: This is the military projecting things in your mind, so you think it's aliens. These technologies that they have, that are reverse engineered - I'm not going to say any more because I'll just blow you away. I'll just leave at there are technologies that are purely magic to what you and I know. ... There's still a lot of information available at the CIA. (Holds up a thick book of 200-plus pages of federal documents). If you go through there, it's pretty bloody obvious that the military has known about this stuff and has been covering up this stuff for 50 years.
FSC: How will you answer those people who say, "no way?" Are you afraid for your job?
Loder: Listen, I went to a congressional briefing. There were senators and representatives there, OK. This is from a high level. This isn't from the tabloids. ... But I'll tell you one thing here, in order to understand the whole phenomena of UFOs, you have to understand the government's role, the military role, and some of this other fringe stuff. Because without it, the picture is incomplete. And the whole story makes up one of the most incredible, diabolical, strange, weird, whatever stories you've heard. I've heard so many things that I cannot believe when I first heard them, but six months later I'm saying, This is the way it is, guys. That's why you can't handle all the stuff I'm telling you, because I'm telling you stuff that's taken me a year and a half and hundreds of hours to learn, and I'm leaving out 80 percent of it.
FSC: What scares you now?
Loder: ...What scares me is that this information is not going to get out to the people of this world who should know it. That it's going to continue to be kept under cover. I don't believe it's going to happen because I think there are more and more UFOs being sighted, and after a while, somebody's got to pay attention to this. ... I'm majorly concerned that our government will continue to be at war with the E.T.s, will continue to try to cover the thing up, spending our money to do so, keeping this knowledge from the human population. And in doing so, continue to pollute and degrade the planet. ... The alien technologies include such things as anti-gravity and other non-polluting sources of energy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know if you have anti-gravity at your disposal and it can be created using relatively clean energy, this has an impact on our transportation issues. ...You wonder why it's been kept under wraps? It's pretty obvious.
FSC: No, I don't understand why it's been kept under wraps. You can make a lot of money from anti-gravity, but no one's done that.
Loder: Well, I don't know the reasons for this. Part of it is, if they admit we have these technologies, question number one is, Gee, where did you get it. Answer: We can't tell you where we got it, but we got it. But it will become obvious real quick that we didn't develop this on planet Earth: It came from extra-terrestrials. Now the government, which has been covering this up for 50 years for their own reasons, has to admit that they've been covering the biggest secret there is from the world population. ...
FSC: What do you think about the recent proliferation of alien and UFOs in the popular media?
Loder: It's a raising of the awareness that the control group, the people who run the world behind the scenes - I don't want to get into that because it's fringey stuff.
FSC: Except that you've mentioned the control group an awful lot. Do you believe there is a control group or not?
Loder: Yes, I do. But it's very segmented, and whether it's one group or several groups, I don't really know. Dr. Greer is watched, his phones are tapped ... mine may be tapped, I don't know. ...
FSC: Are you concerned about ridicule from students or any serious problems?
Loder: I talked to a number of students in my classes. I talked about the carbon dioxide, fossil fuel burning, the greenhouse warming, and all these things are real. ... That's the bad news. The good news is we have buried away, waiting in the wings, technologies reverse engineered from alien craft that have flown in or been shot down, and these technologies are non-polluting and include anti-gravity and other stuff. And it's going to be available to all of us. And I think that's going to save our butts.
So, I try to put this in some sort of a context and furthermore, I tell them I've been to a congressional briefing. And then a lot of students came up and said, When are you going to give the talk?
FSC: So you're not concerned?
LODER: I would be concerned if I was the lone person from the planet talking about this....
The reason I decided to do something about this, is because this is probably the most important thing there is in terms of how it affects our planet, how it affects our philosophy, how it affects our religion, how it affects our environment, how it affects the people's view of themselves as a race, how it affects our political wars.
When suddenly, we as a planet are being asked to join the interstellar blah, blah, blah organization, we're going to have to get our act together. "Oh my God, things are bigger than we thought they were. We'd better clean up our act." I think this is going to change things dramatically. ... I'm trying to make people aware.
It's, "hey, guys (whistles) heads up!" There's some interesting things going on that you may want to be aware of. It's going to affect all of us down the line.
And whether it happens in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, it's going to happen in that time frame.

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