Chupacabras Attacks
in Southern Cal

The following letters are courtesy of Joyce Murphy, President and founder of the Beyond Boundaries UFO Research Organization.

Chupacabra and UFO Activity In Southern California

Coyotes and Rabbits Said Disappearing

Letter #1 From Hesperia

Hello. We just received your e-mail address from the Pyramid Book Shop in Hesperia, California. We were discussing a lot of the strange goings on in Phelan (near Hesperia where the box shaped craft was first reported to us), and the people at the bookstore suggested that we contact you. We have lived in this current home for two and a half years and have had several interesting sightings. Some have been simply military vehicles. My father was a weight and balance specialist for military planes and so I learned a lot about the planes what they were. Many of the ones I see aren't familiar types, but they are definitely military. Some however are not. These cannot be explained away by normal means.

The most recent problem we have noticed is a very rapid decrease in the coyote population. Until recently the coyotes were getting so bold they were eating dogfood off our porch. Suddenly they are just all gone. We don't see them, we don't even hear them. Last month, my pig was going nuts outside. I looked out and didn't see anything but she was going crazy squealing. As a reenactment educator I am handy with a sword and so I went outside with it. I encountered something trying to get to my pig that was unbelieveable. When I came around the corner it stopped and looked up at me. My dogs were barking under my house and when they realized I was out there they came out and moved toward this thing. They seemed to be afraid of it until I was there to back them up. The thing looked at them and then at me and seemed to be afraid of the sword that I was carrying. I had the sword in a striking position, the dogs charged the creature, and it took off behind the house jumping our three foot fence that sags in the middle. It then disappeared into the bushes. The dogs chased it to the fence, stopped, and came back. I think they were too afraid to go after it. Now I am getting a little worried for my dogs if this creature or creatures that have exhausted the coyote population will go after them next. This isthe first time I have ever seen these creatures. I will answer any other questions you might have. As we are very near the foothills with few neighbors I will also keep a close watch and record dates and times for the future. Thanks - signed (name withheld by Beyond Boundaries)

ANSWER to ABOVE LETTER (a few days later)

Hello - You wrote a nice informative letter to Beyond Boundaries on 6 December about what was happening with the coyote population and your experience with this strange creature. I appreciate very much your taking the time to do this and I would like to use your information - anonymously of course - in our next newsletter.

Beyond Boundaries has expeditions traveling to Puerto Rico quite often and we always spend some time investigating the ongoing chupacabras sitution there - quite scary! Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was, could this be the same type creature? Please give me more of a description and possibly answer my questions about what you saw:

Time of day? Physical description: - four legs? type of feet? fur? color? eyes? shape of head? Degree of intelligence expressed? Did you feel communication of any type with it? Any unusual movements? What did the front arms or legs look like? What about the area where they joined the body? Did you see anything unusual about its back? Size? Weight? Height? Teeth? Any other mouth features? Smell? Dry or wet appearance?

And the big question I almost dread to ask, what has happened since December 6th and are your dogs and pig okay? We live in a rural area of Texas where there are increasing numbers of coyotes. Now there is a problem with them feasting on our barn cats. In fact, the nearest city is reporting a problem with coyotes eating person's cats on the edges of the city! And, we have seemingly plenty of their more natural food - cottontail rabbits. So if the population of coyotes is decreasing in your area there is something very unnatural going on there.

Are there any sightings of UFOs that happen at the same time people see these creatures? Have you spoken with anyone else who has seen such a creature? Maybe there is someway I can help you with this problem by finding out what people in Puerto Rico may now be doing to solve their situation if we have the same type scenario and creature in your area - Joyce

LETTER #2 From Hesperia

Hello - We have been seriously debating sending more to you as we really didn't want to be seen as nuts. This is so unusual for us that at first when my family was seeing strange things, we all teased each other and thought we were seeing things.

Now, we aren't so sure. The drop in coyote population has been so sudden and ususual. Since then we also aren't seeing any rabbits. There are just a few. This time last year they were everywhere which I think is why the coyote population was so high. Before Thanksgiving, the coyotes were brave enough to come onto our porch for dog food. Now, they are gone. Just starvation would not account for this decrease. It would have taken much longer to reach this level of no coyotes.

As to what we have seen, it usually appears after dark, and recently not as often. This creature stands on two legs and is a dark smokey grey. It seems to be covered by a sort of peach type fuzz in the same grey color. The eyes are enormous almond shaped. My husband saw this thing first and in the dark the eyes appeared to be black. A few days ago I had an amazing encounter with one and the eyes appeared much lighter, almost fasceted to me. They were light as well as reflecting the nearby lights in their depths. The head is an oval shape that is much wider on the top. The arms have three digets that have very long claws on the ends they connect at the shoulders. The arms themselves are very thin and give the appearance of limited power, and yet we watched in fascination as it tore open the chainlink of the pigpen almost effortlessly.

From some angles it resembled a mini person about three to four feet tall approximately 75 to 80 pounds. When it walks it has a slumped over gait. The one time my husband went after it at the pigpen he noticed these spikey things on its back like porcupine quills that seemed to move independently. When he got close they began to twitch and he was thoroughly convinced that this thing could launch them if he chose to.

Recently, I had a very close encounter with it. I heard the dogs barking late at night around nine or nine thirty. I looked out the sliding glass window and saw something so I stepped onto the porch and where the dogs were barking and at the end of the car was one of these things just standing there staring at me. I just stopped and stared back. I could feel something going on, but I wasn't sure what. I just stood there staring at this thing until my husband came a few minutes later and called me and startled us both. The thing ran up the driveway and by the time my son and husband decided to go outside we were watching it jump the four foot fence on that side of the yard like it was nothing. I was still standing on the porch in a kind of daze. It was funny, but I wasn't afraid of it. I didn't think it wanted to hurt me at all.

We have also made two amazing discoveries in the past few days. First, after a party, as is our usual fashion, we give our pig the left over soda and beer from the cans. She really loves the beer. That night, this thing came after her, only when it got close it raised its head in the air, spun around and took off. It clearly didn't like the smell of the alcohol. We have been feeding the pig a beer a night since then, and it has been left alone.

The other discovery happened after a heavy freeze. We put out some rock salt to melt the ice and to prevent further icing. The next morning we found the three clawed tracks of this thing all around the salt, but it never came inside the salt. We have also created a safety zone around the house in rock salt now as well. The incident when I stared it down happened after the rock salt was placed around the grounds. It never once stepped inside of the perimeter, merely stood there watching. I can't tell you why these things worked, only that they do. I would highly recommend the techniques to others trying to protect their livestock.

We will continue to keep watch. As to UFOs, there has been considerable activity in the past six months. However, MacDonald Douglas has it's "skunk works" in the area and we are never certain what is a military test and what is a true UFO. My husband says there is also increased military activity during the day searching for something, particularly transport helicopters, the ones with the double blades. They are definitely flying patterns in the area. There has also been increased jet traffic. What is going on, we can't say. The UFOs seen have four lights and are incredibly silent. (P)Please let us know if we can help in any way. - signed (name withheld by Beyond Boundaries)


1. We have forwarded all information received from this source to Jorge Martin in Puerto Rico for his expert comment and suggestions. 2. We have just learned from a reliable source that there are certain research groups within the U.S. that know the answer to the chupacabras enigma - that some chupacabras have procreated in captivity, birth of their babies has been witnessed, they are definitely not indigenous to earth, they are not interdimensional creatures. The hair samples brought back from Puerto Rico by a Beyond Boundaries research group produced statements of "from no known animal on earth" from analyses and test results and we are now awaiting a DNA result from another well known and respected lab source.

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